Why do Rastafarians Cover Thier Hair (Dreadlocks)?

 Why  do Rasta cover thier Drea

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Female Rasta and What the bible says about Covering the hair


lock your hairI cover my hair because as a female Rasta, I feel more beautiful with my hair covered. I also like the fact that I am embracing my African heritage when I where a hair wrap, to cover my hair. Lately I have been showing my dreadlocks and that makes me feel pretty too! The bible says “a woman should not prophesy or pray without her head covered, other wise she disrespects her head.” I cover my hair every night before going to sleep. I do prophesy, but only with my family and my hair is never “open” around them. lol.

Rastas Cover their dreadlocks to Keep the hair Clean


rastafarian hat2Rastafarians cover their hair to keep their hair clean. There are many pollutants in the air…hair does get quite dirty being exposed. Rastas also cover the hair to keep the locks free of “lint.” When you have dreadlocks you must take care to prevent unwanted particles from becoming lodged in the dreadlock. This is the biggest reason we Rasta cover our hair.

Our Dreadlocks are spiritual and “Holy”

For us Rasta, our hair, (our dreadlocks) are spiritual and holy. We show spiritual respect for our hair by keeping it covered. There are many interactions we have in our day-to-day life. For a Ras, there are some things we would just not rather our hair be in contact with. Also others may not have as much respect for our hair as we do. To avoid conflict, we keep our hair covered.

Rastafari spirituality is about keeping things “pure and clean”


Rastafari is all about keeping many things pure and clean, which I talk more about in my Rastafari book. We keep just about rasta cover haireverything pure and clean. I am talking about Jamaican rasta here. That is the only type of Rastafari I know about. Keeping the hair clean is in the same bracket as not smoking cigarettes, and not drinking alcohol, and not eating meat, according to Rastafari beliefs and values.

Our hair gets very long and covering it makes it more manageable


Rasta dreadlocks get very long. We cover our hair to keep the hair neatly maintained and from preventing coming into contact with things “unclean.”

Do Rasta children have to cover their hair too?

Typically rasta children do not cover their hair. but if they want to, they can.

Our hair is very personal, therefore we cover it to keep it personal


Something is personal and spiritual when you keep it to your self. Our Spirituality is about our connection to “the Most High”. In Rastafari our hair is a very special part of that connection. We keep our hair covered to honor the most high, and to increase spiritual awareness.


Rasta Way of Life Life as a rasta woman






life as a rasta woman






Contemplation and meditation while awake

Meditation is something that is personal and usually done alone in quiet areas. Keeping our hair covered is a constant meditation, or spiritual “connectedness” for some Ras. By reserving a piece of who we are, we feel spiritual and meditative.

What is the meaning behind Rastas dreadlocks?

Rastas wear their hair in dreadlocks to honor the creator. We wear the locks to show our commitment to the most high and as ahow to tell if someone is Rasta symbol of our spiritual self. Locks have a much deeper meaning than what is written here. But I can’t really find the words to express it because it rests so deep inside me. But the above explanation should do.

How often to Rasta wash their dreads?

Rastas Wash their hair just like every body else. I wash mine once a week to 2 times a week. Some times I wash my hair every two weeks. Just because we have dreads it doesn’t mean we “don’t wash our hair”, or “can’t wash our hair”. In fact many Jamaican Rastafarians like to keep their hair exceptionally clean. Once again this is one of our spiritual values and beliefs.

How long does rasta hair take to dread?

Rasta Dreadlocks can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to dread. Most of this depends on if the hair is covered on a daily basis,what types of Shampoo is being used, and whether or not the hair is being covered at night when the person is sleeping, and also, the individual hair texture. To learn more about how to get dreadlocks, click this link.

Do Dreadlocks and Marijuana go hand in hand in Rastafari ?


No you don’t have to smoke Marijuana just because you have locks, or just because you are Rasta. Rasta smoke marijuana in the same fashion that some smoke cigarettes-for stress relief, or for relaxation. Dreadlocks and marijuana do not go hand in hand in Rastafari.

Can I be a Rasta too?

becoming rasta, white rastafariansAnybody can follow the way of life that Rastafarians do. Rastas do not smoke cigarettes, we do not drink alcohol, and we are vegetarian. If you do these things, and believe in equal rights and justice for all regardless of class, income, or education level, then you are Rasta. Read more here on how to become Rastafari.

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      • I was just reading what was posted and got curious. I seen that in the bible too, but didn’t think about it until I read this post. I never see like my pastor wife do it, but she does prophesy. So I was just wondering does it have effect on the prayer or vision? I’m not being mean or nothing I just wondered. I figure the more I can attribute through prayer the better, if it’s something missing I want to know. The bible tend to be confusing and sometimes other people get it better than others.

        • Thanks for your response. It doesnt seem to change anything for me….regarding the covering of the hair and strength of prophesy……
          I think it shows shows more respect to Jah. In Rastafari
          Culture the woman is soppose to have her hair covered most of the time anyway…..
          Thanks for the question
          Jah Rastafari

  2. Greetings, in de name Jah, Father God almighty. I love this site! I too feel beautiful covering I dreadlocks & love de respect those show toh de spirituality of InI! Continue in love. Blessings: Jah guidance and all love. Peace.

  3. So some rasta do smoke ciggaretes do they, I saw a video on you tube from the gut that said and talked about the 7 foods and stuff that cigarettes are like eating pork rasta should shun them . And not have them . I smoke but I’m trying to quit . I have bought all your books rasta girl yuajah and I’m inspired by them all . Especially in ur recent one , I liked the part where u said satan wants us to self hate and think negative about ourselfs, it uplifted me cos in my hardlife I do have moments of sad times .

    • Thank you, for your comments regarding my books. Yes smoking is not allowed as Rasta,Some say all sin is SIN. Actually I disagree. smoking a cigarette for example is not the same as taking a life, or sleeping around. There are small sins and larger sins.
      Love and Blessings,

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