Was Bob Marley Always a Rasta?

Was Bob Marley Always a Rasta?

The answer to this question is Yes, Bob Marley was always a Rasta man!  However, there is more to it than Just a simple “yes!” Rastafarian men, and Rastafarian women are born that way. They are born with this spirituality. Some might not come to be aware of this until later on in life. Some are aware of their spiritual connection, (that they are Rasta) from a very young age. As young as 10 years old in some cases. So, the answer is yes! Bob Marley was always a Rasta man, but he did not embrace it, until the time we see that he started to grow his hair in “knotty” dreadlocks.


Yes, Bob Marley was always a Rasta Because….

  • Rasta people are born Rasta
  • A Rasta cannot change his spiritual beliefs
  • Jah chose the Rasta to be a Rasta from his/her conception, not birth.


The Rastafari way of life and Bob Marley

The way of life for Rastafarians is “simplicity is more!”  This is not true for all Rasta, but using Bob Marley as an example once again, how many times did you see Bob wearing a 3 piece suit?, or Gold jewelry around his neck? Rastafari is a spirituality that believes all worth comes from within, not from without.  We also believe that dressing up in expensive clothes, or wearing expensive jewelry doesn’t bring a person closer to God (Jah). What brings a person close to God, is the desire to know God, and to share his hope that one day there will be global unity amongst all humanity.

What are some Rastafari beliefs and principles?

rastafari beliefs cover

Some of the Rastafarian principles and beliefs are…

“Rasta Meditation Handbook: How to do a Zion (High) Mediation”

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Beliefs on life after death, and Equal rights and justice

    • We believe everyone should be treated equal, regardless of his skin colour, or class, or level of education

…Many of our beliefs can be found in the Christian bible, if you would like to learn more.

Why did bob Marley smoke so much weed? 

I believe Bob Marley smoked a lot of “pot” because he liked it! lol, he probably smoked a lot of herb, because we bob marley smoking weedRastafarians don’t believe in smoking something that is unnatural and is jam-packed with additives, such as cigarettes.  Also, plenty of Rasta smoke as an “Iditation” as we call it, or a “meditation” as it is known. Smoking herb will bring out your thoughts in a much deeper, more meaningful way. I just made that up. lol. No, Really, smoking pot is not for every one. I am Rasta and I do not smoke herb. So this is certainly not a requirement in the Rastafari spirituality.

What are some things Rastas do different from others Religions? 


    • Rasta believe in natural medicine, there for most Rastafarians do not take over the counter pharmaceuticals.
  • Rasta try our best to use natural products for the home and body. Such as natural shampoos, and tea tree oil for cleaning floors and counter tops.
  • Rastas believe God is always with us so we don’t mind long periods of silence as much as most people do…


I want to become Rasta!

dreadlocks post

If you want to become Rasta there isn’t anything you really have to do. Rastafari is in the heart. You can grow your locks or not, this is a personal choice. For a Rasta man or Rasta woman, the growing of the locks is the final declaration that tells the world, this is who I am, you either accept me or “bite me” lol. No, but we do take the locking of the hair very seriously. One should never feel forced to lock their hair. Mostly Rastafari is about respecting nature and humanity as gifts and creations of God. To read more on how to become Rasta, click here.


What is the meaning behind the Rastafari lion flag?

lion of judah

The meaning of the Rastafari flag, is deeply rooted in Ethiopian history. In fact the Rastafari flag is the old style Ethiopian flag. I love that Rasta lion. The Rastafari  Flag colors represent, the blood shed of the African people, the Sunshine of the African Land, and the greenery of the African continent. The flag also represents, hope, strength, a love of all humanity, pride, a love for God, and the spiritual self. Red more about the Red Yellow and Green Flag Here.

Why do Rasta cover their Dreadlocks?

Rastafarians cover their hair in a Rasta hat to keep their hair clean. There are many pollutants in the air…hair does get quite dirty being exposed. Rastas also cover the hair to keep the locks free of “lint.” When you have dreadlocks you must take care to prevent unwanted particles from becoming lodged in the deadlock. This is the biggest reason we Rasta cover our hair.

how does a person grow Bob Marley dread locks? 

It’s very easy to get dreadlocks. I will explain how most african american people do it. I’m sure these methods will work for straight hair too. Use some bees-wax or just use nothing, and twist your strands of hair into locks. Depending on your hair texture you then probably want to hold the ends with elastic rubber bands, or bundle your “lock twists” into a pony tail, while they have the lock gel, or lock wax on them.

Another way to help your Dreadlocks to lock

Another thing you can do is wash your hair with Aloe. Real aloe! not aloe gel from the drug store. Go buy the ”aloe plant” and wash your hair with it. Be sure to section out your hair in to the sizes (strands of lock sizes) you want your hair to grow. The size of each individual parting in the scalp, is the size the dread lock will be once it is mature.

Not Washing the dreadlocks in the early stages

Different locks will mature at different times. Also it is extremely important, when you begin this process for the first month only, do not wash the hair…this helps to speed up the dreading process so that the “virgin” hair can become matted. Be sure to sleep with your hair covered in a silk scarf at night, and a Rastafarian hat in the day. This keep locks free of lint particles as stated above. Or if you really want dreadlocks exactly like bob Marley’s Rasta hair, you can free-form, and do nothing. Just let your hair “Knot up” on its own.  For more and how to make Bob Marley dreadlocks Rasta hair click here.  Jah Rastafari, One heart!



10 thoughts on “Was Bob Marley Always a Rasta?

  1. unfortunately this blog doesnt represent true rasta livity, seem like the writer is a novice and so should use his/her time to get more informed.

    1. Just the fact that you would use the word “rasta” and not Rasta, and “novice” in the same sentence, tells me you do not have a clue what you are talking about. Your comment reminds me of one of those people who like to talk / write about Rastafari…and who is not even a Rasta.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. You said that Rasta don't eat red meat. What would be the reason for not eating red meat when you eat other flesh. says:

    Why abstain from red meat only.

  3. rasta is all about appreciating the good work of Jah in nature. Livication is all that is important. Anyone who does not accept this way of life knows not hu Jah iiiis. Respect to aaall de bredren. Ras Godon

  4. I do not know if this blog is still updated but much of the information posted on here is very misinformed and seems like opinion rather then fact which is fine but when you begin preaching your opinion on what Rastafari is as truth then the problem arises. as Human beings we are all subject to error and the Almighty knows this well. while I am glad you are taking the first steps towards separating yourself from the Babylon system which plagues the mind of our young people I believe you still have much figuring out as what Rastafari is and what it and life really mean to you before you may begin teaching others. God bless.

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