The meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life The meaning of life according to Rastafari.

You were designed by Jah Jah designed you therefore; you are actually a spiritual being have a physical human experience. You are a creation of Jah. Jah dwells in you, and he loves you.

Jah gave you Life and Free will Had it not been for the loving power of the Almighty Jah, You would not exist today. Jah gave you life; he gave you and every person life. Not only did he give you life….he also gave you free will. So you could choose to follow and keep his laws, or follow and keep the laws of something of another Master.

Jah wants you to choose him from the heart

Jah does not force you to choose him. He gently reminds you now and then, through other people, music, signs, etc. but mostly he allows the decision to be one with him to come from you. Jah want you to choose him from the heart.

This is just a test….!

I have a secret to reveal to you my Sistrens and Idrens….This is just a test and so many people are failing it.

Satan loves to tempt me…I know I have to say no every time. Jah wants clean people in Zion. Not those who give into lustful, envious, jealous, sinful desires.

When Satan Comes around I just say “no” or Ignore whatever it is he is in…be it a person, a drink, a movie, a substance, an encounter…the Rastafari response is “no.”

Jah won’t let you down.

Many People Choose Satan because they feel they have to. They think that if they put all their faith and all their trust in Jah…they will be disappointed…they they will not be prosperous..this is a myth….I know I used to believe it my Self.

Jah wants you to depend wholly and solely on him…he will be there…he will not let you down. I have been living my life in this way for the past 2 years…and Jah Jah, my best friend, my guiding light, has come through for me every time I thought he would not. But the truth is mostly I avoid doing the things Jah doesn’t like because I don’t want to disappoint him, then the bonus is that he does come through for me….I am so blessed.

If you decide to go this route, Jah wont let you down. If you yourself over to him completely and your heart is clean…he will be there…like an Angel, loving you, protecting you, and creating sponges for you wherever they are needed….I promise.

The meaning of life is….

So the meaning of life according to the Rastafari is…

#1 Avoid Satan’s temptations, and do not give in….

#2 Trust Jah…100% He will come through for you…if your living and deeds are clean.

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