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Rastafarian Language: How to speak like a Rastafari

Rastafarian Language: Rasta Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my list of Rastafarian words and their meaning. I will update it as much as I can. If you are wondering about any words you have heard Rasta’s say, just leave it in the comments. Blessed.

  • Rasta Words
  • How to speak like a Rasta
  • Rastafarian language




16 of the most commonly used words/phrases in Rastafari Culture :

  1. Ital – Clean and Natural as in “Ital food,”
  2. Blessed Love – Have a pleasant day
  3. Zion – Heaven/Ethiopia
  4. Jah – God, The Most High
  5. Bless Up – Think Positive, Whats up?
  6. Up Up – A blessing of positivity
  7. Fya Bun – Get rid of that, it is of Babylon
  8. Judgement – Gods wrath
  9. Youths – Children
  10. King – Rastaman
  11. Queen – Rastawoman
  12. I and I – Me in the Physical, Me in the spiritual
  13. Jah Rastafari – God & King Selassie I
  14. HIMHis Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I
  15. Give thanks – Give thanks to the creator for he is good
  16. Babylon – Hell/This World

Rasta Way of Life Books by Empress

Rasta Way of Life Life as a rasta woman






life as a rasta woman






White Rastafari – The Book

White_Rastafari_Cover_for_Kindle - CopyHello everyone! Welcome to my blog. I have written a book. Its called White Rastafari. I also have a book called how to become a Rasta. I think White Rastafari is a greatbook because its very informative and it is the 3 book I have written, therefor now I have more experienc knowing what peopole want to learn about Rastafari.

Table of Contents; ‘White Rastafari’ the Book

  • The Truth about Bob Marley;
  • Emperor Haile Selassie
  • The first Rastaman,
  • What is Black?
  • Can a white person be Rastafari?
  • The Rastafari Holy Sabbath,
  • 10 Facts Every Rasta Knows
  • 10 Great Black Inventions *
  • Jah,
  • 10 Principles of Rastafari, 10 commandments of Jah
  • Rastafari Websites & Books

Here is the beginning of the book;

“…Yes a white person can be a Rastafari because, it’s not so much about the color of the person’s skin, it is about the heart of the person. Jah sees and knows all things. He knows if we are good, or if we allow our selves to be instruments of Satan. White people are also chosen as Rastafari, in the same way that black Rasta are chosen. White Rasta do not have different practices than black Rasta. Everything is the same. White Rasta, praise King Selassie I, They eat Ital Rasta food, They listen to Rasta Reggae music, they burn nag Champa incents, everything is the same. Jah does not look at the person’s skin color when he chooses his messengers, he looks at the heart.

White Rastafari are special!

Did you know that to black Rastafari people, white Rastafari people are special? Here is why. White people are not expected to have dreadlocks, so when they do, black Rasta find it very appealing. We are intrigued that even though to wear dreadlocks is not the way of your people, Still you choose to wear the hair in Dreadlocks. Black Rasta may want to learn More about the way you live. As white Rastafari, you can expect that many black Rasta will approach you for conversation, and friendship…”

Here is another excerpt

“…I want to embrace this way of life, but I have questions

Many white people who wish to embrace Rastafari have questions, and rightfully so. This book was designed to answer those questions, so that you may feel informed before embracing this way of life. Lets look at some common questions concerning Rastafari.

•       Why do Rasta say that King Selassie I is God?

•       Why is it mostly black people who embrace this way of life?

•       What are the beliefs and principles of the Rastafari people?

•       How do I know Rastafari is Right for me?

White_Rastafari_Cover_for_Kindle - Copy




becoming a rasta: can a white person be rastafarian?

becoming a white Rasta


7 Reasons People become Rasta18 Jah Prayers for tough times

Empress Rasta Teachings video – 5 beliefs for Rasta children

Find out How Rasta Lock their hair

519Dcw3lXEL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

dreadlocks postMany white persons are becoming Rastafarians. This is a very positive move for society as a whole. Rastafari is a spirituality of love, togetherness, and God, (Jah Love) and truth. However for those seeking guidance on becoming a Rasta, there may be more to this way of life than you are aware of. To touch the tip of the iceberg, Rastafari is just as much about what you don’t do as much as what you do, to call your self “Rasta”

Rastaman follow a strict code of clean and unclean

white rasta

Many people don’t know this but Rastaman follow a strict code of “clean and unclean” – if he / she is serious about his faith and his beliefs. Many Jamaican Rastas do not

  • smoke cigarettes
  • drink alcohol
  • eat read meat
  • take pharmaceuticals

In Rastafari we try to keep things as pure and as clean as the day Jah created light out of darkness. This way we keep Jah as the center of all that we do.

Can a White Person be a Rasta?


So, can a white person be Rasta? For a few years I felt the clear answer to this question was “of course not!” However I have come to find out… Absolutely! A white person can be a Rasta in the same way that a black man or woman can be Rasta. Rastafari is of the heart, whats in heart, has very little to do with skin color. Rastafari is a powerful spiritual energy, he can do things that humans can’t.  Including penetrate the heart of those blue, pink purple and white. I decided this after watching the video of “Mr. Alborosie” (A white ( Italian) Rasta Reggae music Singer) called “Jah Jah Crown.” His words are the exact way I would describe my very deep and personal relationship with Jah. After listening to a few of Alborosies songs, and watching some of his videos on youtube….I am convinced!….A white person, can be Rastafari!

How do you become a Rastafarian

becoming rasta, white rastafariansNot all Rasta are born Rasta. Some Rasta are Rasta because they are born to Rastafari parents, some are Rasta because they choose this way of living as their person spirituality. Many are Rasta because they have somebody close to them following the livity, and it somehow seems like the right thing for them to do the same thing.

  • You can become a Rasta by following the Rastafari Livity
  • You can become a Rasta by locking your hair and declaring your self as Rasta
  • You can become a Rasta by spiritual Inheritance
  • You can become a Rasta by absorbing as much Rastafari information as possible

You will know the right way for you once you come upon it…Once again Rastafari is of the heart, so nobody can tell you the right or the wrong way for you. Only you can decide that.

learn how to be a Rastafarian!

dreadlocks smellThe first thing you need to know to be a Rastafarian, is… Rastafari is of the heart, so, do you feel that following this way of life is right for you whole heartedly? If yes then go for it…but if not…dont do it…cause in Rastafari your dreadlocks once implemented, are for life.

In my book I talk about…

  • how to be a Rasta
  • how to dress like a true rasta woman
  • how to submit to your Rasta king
  • how to raise your child as Rastafari
  • and much much more…

Understand what it means to be a Rasta

In my book I have included a Rastafari pledge: To be a conscious and Righteous Rasta. Why? Because too many people “become Rasta” as a form of rebellion or because their friend, boyfriend or girlfriend is Rasta, without really understanding what it means to be a rasta. To help people understand what it means I created a very simple but informative pledge, which can be read at any time and keep new Rastas on the right track. I love you all….The pledge is in the How to become a Rasta book, and the Convert to Rastafari book, which is my most complete book to convert to Rastafari. Please check back for it…still working on it.

for now keep reading those bible verses, stay conscious and righteous and absorb as much “Rasta Reggae Music” as possible. The book is available as an ebook,  Jah Bless.

Jah Rastafari, Much Love.

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