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How to dress like a Rasta Woman: 10 Tips & Guidelines

How to Dress like a Rasta Woman

  1. Dress like a Rasta woman tip #1 – Skirts and dresses as Feminine Clothing : Rasta women dress to embrace their feminine qualities. As Empress being able to carry life is a gift from Jah the creator. Wearing skirts only helps to separate us as divine feminine from our Masculine counter parts. Being a woman is a Joy, Rasta women do not wear pants. We enjoy long skirts to our ankles, they may be tight or loose depending our mood and our duties for that day.
  2. Dress like a Rasta woman tip #2 –Red Yellow and Green Rasta Colors”: Red Yellow and Green are the spiritual colors of Rastafari. We Rastafari wear, “Rasta Colors” in our clothing, In our Jewelry, and Decorate our homes in Rasta Colors too. Rasta colors, mean, love, unity and togetherness. These colors are also found on the Rastafari Lion of Judah Flag. Ttypically Rasta women do not wear pink, however we do if we can match it with a head wrap, for example to give the pink ensemble a “more cultured” appearance. Dressing as a Rasta Woman is all about balance. Don’t forget to check out my “Rastafari Rules for Women” Blog Post
  3.   Dress like a Rasta woman tip #3 –  If Tight… no exposed skin: Some Rasta women wear tight clothing, however there are 2 rules that apply #1: No showing of the skin if the garment is tight. #2: The buttocks and Breast area must be clearly covered, so as not to accentuate or define these areas. Rasta women must not resemble prostitutes, or women of Babylon as we Represent Jah and his holiness at all times.
  4.  Dress like a Rasta woman tip #4 – If exposed Skin… Not Tight: There will be days when we as Rasta women will enjoy a loose off the shoulder blouse, or a nice loose skirt to the knees. We Just keep in mind that we are not trying to attract “sexual attention,” as we are not part of the heathen. Rather Rasta Women dress to demonstrate our divine feminine, in a comfortable manner. On these days, we make sure the garment is loose, so that we appear self respectful, and free-flowing and comfortable in our garments, as opposed to, sensual and seductive in tight, skin revealing garments. You understand. Check out the book life as a Rasta woman to learn more.
  5. Dress like a Rasta woman tip #5 – Make-up to a minimum: Rasta women wear makeup only if and meet rasta black womanwhen they have to. 3 Basic rules: Rule#1: Natural Tones, and colors. Rule#2: No lining of the eyes *SCRIPTURE:When Jezebel, the queen mother, heard that Jehu had come to Jezreel, she painted her eyelids and fixed her hair and sat at a window…”* We Rasta women know eye liner is to attract sexual attention from men, and is a type of make typically used by prostitutes. Just leave your eyes normal. Rule#3: Limit the amount of various makeup products. My personal limit is 3. Foundation, lipstick, Eyebrow pencil. That’s only because Rasta women are not allowed to “pluck” their eyebrows as all hair on the body is considered sacred, in Rastafari.
  6. Dress like a Rasta woman tip #6 – Rasta women Cover her Locks: Rasta women cover the dreadlocks when in Public. We know that our hair represents our faith and is a living sacrifice to Jah. We cover our dreadlocks to respect our faith and ourselves. Rasta Women are aware that in Babylon, sometimes long, loose hanging  hair on a woman attracts the wrong type of attention from men. We wrap our hair so that men and all people who meet and interact with us, see us for who we are as a person, and not our hair style, length, or our hair beauty. Rasta women share our dreadlocks glory, with our Kings, children,  and extended family, not strangers, or people we do not know. Naturally at home we allow our locks to breathe free and hang loose.
  7. Dress like a Rasta woman tip #7 – Rasta women and tights: There will be days when you don’t feel like wearing a skirt. THE MAIN things to consider are, who will I be around today? What activities will I be doing today? Will I be with my Kids? Will there be men around whom I don’t know? Wil I be with My King? When you are with your Rasta King all rules apply, but its ok to wear some tights and a long top. As long as effort is made to cover the life portal, and the back area which tend to be round and enticing to men, then you could rock some tights.
  8.  Dress like a Rasta woman tip #8 – Rasta Women’s and T_shirts: Rasta women can wear t-shirts.
    Buy this Rasta Womans t-shirt

    Rastafari t-shirts are best. THIS INCLUDES red yellow and green and a Symbol of Rastafari such as, a heart, a Lion, A Rasta Flag, A picture of Empress Menen, or King Selassie I. Tight t-shirts with a bra, and long skirt, is cute for casual days.

  9. Dress like a Rasta woman tip #9 – Rasta Woman’s  Clothing is Her Uniform: A Rasta womans clothing is her uniform, just like a Rasta mans outfit is his uniform. I like people to know right away when they look at me that, a) I respect my self, b)I represent a spiritual cause and movement,  c)My clothing is a reflection of my mind and thoughts, d)I am not a part of the heathen or heathen mentality, e) my self-esteem is not dependent on my sensuality, or what others I don’t know think of me. Phew, that is a lot. But, Rasta women take their faith seriously. Whats the point other wise?  Empress Menen is my feminine Divine Mentor. Only her, I try to Mimic, nobody else.
  10. Dress like a Rasta woman tip #10 – No “Babylon” Symbols : No skulls, no upside down cross, no kissing, no polka dots, depictions or symbols on clothing. In Rastafari we believe all energy invites. We do not invite Babylon, death, or, sensuality.

I hope this article was helpful to you as you embark on your new Journey. Please read my books to learn more about Rastafari. You might enjoy, “Life as a Rasta Woman” on amazon.com

Blessed love to all my Empress Sisters. One Love.








life as a rasta woman






Move to Jamaica: Me as Rasta, How to become Rasta, Jah Rastafari: my diary

rastaman what is itSometimes I am aware that Jah had some serious plans for me as a Rasta. I shouldn’t really say had because with Jah anything is possible at any time. I feel like I am not living up to my full potential….as a Rasta chosen by the most high. This is mostly when I see the work of other Rasta on places like YouTube making music, and performing on Stage. Or when I look back on the books he had me write…But again for me it comes back to the move to Jamaica, to block out all the influence of Babylon that is not I and I, and to soak up the inspirations that will foster the power of The 
Most High,  in my heart.

I believe Jah has had different plans for me at different times…I believe he wants me to

To be a Rasta is a huge Responsibility

  • This…being a Rasta is a great responsibility. You always have to be on your best behaviour, because Jah Rastafari is always watching you, and my judgement as a Rasta will be much more strict and more harsh than that of others.
  • I must be aware of the feelings I cause others to feel
  • I must be aware of how I treat other people
  • I am suppose to approach ever situation with my spiritual awareness and love for Jah

Jah is my inner compass, Jamaica is my home

I love being a Rasta, but I have to accept that I will never be like other people. I have an inner compass already, that if I don’t pay attention to, it leaves me feeling sad and misaligned. I have decided that yes, I will go to Jamaica, to live. I don’t see my self “trying it out” I already know the home of my heart. This thought has been on going for the past 3 years. I read on the internet apparently I am only suppose to stay 6 months but who’s really checking. I guess I’ll stay six months then 1 month in Canada, then go back to my home. Rastafari is something that one inherits spiritually. Every body knows Jamaica is the heart of Reggae music. It’s where it was born, and where it is Fostered. Everybody knows, Jamaica is the heart of Rastafari, it’s where most Rastafari persons live per capita, and where Rastafari is most widely accepted and known of by the people. So again. Day after day I abuse my self by staying in my birth country as if something good is going to come out of this. So far the only thing I fin,  is that day after day, I lose a little bit  more and more of my self. That is a huge price to pay just to try to make my mother happy who isn’t even a big part of my life.

Everything I do is Rastafari, roots and culture

Every thing I do in my life is Rastafari, that is my choice. I made that decision the day i locked my hair. I figured why go part way. But I didn’t know how many things I could do. The Most High led me through synchronicity to making Rastafari jewelry. I KNOW its part of his plan for me….at least for now. I suddenly just realized how displeased I am with my self….for not making this decision and sticking to it sooner. I would have the same conversation with my mother once a week…”Mom I want to move to Jamaica….” ” no…I don’t think you should, they might Rob you” ” I don’t think so mom, it’s about how you dress and your behaviour…” “ok see for you self..” Then she starts raising her voice. This reminds me of the time my mom wanted me to go nursing school, I told her I didn’t want to….she ended up pounding her fist on the table. Like it’s as if she wants me to be her or something and I can never be, will never be, and have no desire to be. I love my self, I love who I am, I know the Most High chose me. My Job is to live my life for him, do what I can in terms of taking care of my self, move to Jamaica and not worry too much.

are all by my rasta heart. This is the only way I can be happy. I can make other stuff, or write about other things, but my soul wont be happy if I do that.

My Chart says “Life is better for me In Jamaica!”

My astrology chart told me that I would have a good career if I moved to Jamaica that would become my focus. hmmm…Maybe I over read my chart. There I go doubting my self again. Whenever I have done readings for friends its always been spot on….but for my self…I doubt, I have my book, My jewelry, my mothers home….the beach, the tourists, other rasta….and for goodness sakes my notoriety as a foreigner right in my home town (in Jamaica) surely I can use that to get by. This is a big decision. I think I will plan a trip for 6 weeks and come back. I really have no idea what I am stepping into (not about my mothers concerns) Just having to readjust to a new society that I havent visited in 18 years. I truly believe half of what determines a persons experience with persons places or things, is how they felt about that person place or thing before they interacted with it. So, basically your expectations become the reality. The truth is I love my roots and culture so much that I am willing to live in Jamaica with nothing. That is why I mention in a previous post that it is impossible for me to “fail” at this, because to me, Just being able to know I am where my heart wants me to be….is a huge inherited wealth in its self. I must go! The question is… when? The other thing of it is…I must finish this book I started, On “how to become Rastafari.” There are people who would appreciate the guidance, so I have to complete my part of what I said I would do. The other thing is I started to build an online store, for my rasta jewelry and other Rastafari accessories. I am kind of thinking of asking a friend of mine, also  a Jamaica rasta, to run it for me. The thing is he already owns a rasta store in Toronto. So, to have an online rasta shop all packaged, ready for him to put his photos up from his shop, would be a dream come true for him. You want to know the funny part? He is in Jamaica right now….lol!  So, I cannot even discuss these matters with him.

  • I generated my astrology chart for me in Jamaica and it showed me a strong house of career
  • The tourist industry is huge in Jamaica perhaps I could take advantage of that by pitching some tents my mothers front lawn…lol

My friend is probably going to come back at the time I will be leaving, that’s the power of the universe. But he could fill up my online  rasta shop and just run with it.

I love to Make Rasta Jewelry, and write my Rasta book

I really enjoy making my jewelry, and have so many different styles of African and Jamaican jewelry designs in my head. Plus there are some people on here I will make special pieces for. So, I have a whole slew of things to complete before I go. The book will surely take the longest, and is well worth the wait. I am really personalizing it. I want those seeking the knowledge of Rastafari as a spiritual way of life to really know how to live it, and to really understand it from a Rasta point of view, this is the reason I put my experiences in this book. I do believe Jah chose me to do this. I do believe he knows I have what it takes to do this. Such as my experience, the fact that I enjoy writing, and the fact that I have a story to tell, that is all Rasta, simply for the fact that it has been suppressed for so long. Not only that, I feel I have the words to turn those feelings into something those who are not Rastafari, can understand. I really don’t have big expectations about this book. If it gives me an income of $30  a month I will be happy, it gives me an income of $300 dollars a month I will be happy. I see the money as the way people will say thank you for writing it. Plus I believe any life worth living always leaves something of value behind after the death. Such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Selassie, Marcus Garvey, something created by the person that was a token of their purpose here on earth. So, this book is my token. I am so happy that I have a token!!!! how cool is that? Sometimes I think this darn thing will never get finished. But I must press on.

Moving to Jamaica is the reward!

My reward will be my move to Jamaica. I am so looking forward to it that it brings tears to my eyes. I will feel like I am finally at home. And for good ness sakes, there will be so many SEXY RASTAMEN, out there. Whoooo hoooo, and the Jamaican white sandy beaches. I don’t even know why anybody would want to leave Jamaica and live in Canada or America. I love you all

  • Emperor Haile Selassie I
  • Jah Ras Tafari
  • More Love, More Roots, More Culture
  • Tell the Children the truth
  • Jah Bless!

roots and culture: jamaican colored accessories, and a nice rasta shop online

Rasta rear view mirror car decal

roots and culture, what it is!

For those of you who don’t know,  roots and culture is a feeling. that’s the best way I can put it. As a Caribbean rasta woman roots and culture is what I love. So what is it really? It’s a love of things Caribbean and a love of things African. Hence the roots, hence the culture. Roots and culture includes but not limited to, anything…

  • bob Marley music and bob Marley accessories
  • rasta reggae music and reggae music related
  • Caribbean accessories and jamaican accessories
  • Caribbean and jamaican food and jamaican jewelry
  • rasta roots & rasta shop items
  • emperor Haile Selassie knowledge Selassie accessories
  • red yellow and green, rasta colored items
  • Rastafarian flag, and the jamaican flag,
  • So, basically roots and culture, is a celebration of African heritage and Caribbean culture, sounds beautiful doesn’t it?

I have one regret in life!

That I didn’t live my life more roots and culture. The fun I would have had. I did have a lot of fun growing up, but it wasnt from the heart. Thinking back, I always got a good feeling listening to Bob Marley reggae music, and other Jamaican rasta artist on the radio sunday nights. But that’s about the only celebrating of my roots and my culture I ever did. Let me tell you, I celebrate every day now, in all that I do, from wearing rasta colored accessories, to blogging on this roots and culture website, to writing a book on how to become Rastafari. Now my whole life is Rastafari.

buy jamaican colored items

rear view mirror jamaican flag
jamaican flag car decal

looking to buy some cool jamaican colored, items, me too. I am rasta this is important to me. In a  way I guess I wasnt willing to give other rasta shops a chance. Well ok not really like that. As a rasta woman I have an idea in my head of what I want to buy. We rasta do this naturally, so instead of searching for it. I figured why not just make them my self. I enjoy it. So now i figured why not share my jamaican colored items with the world online. I also have rasta colored jewelry too. I just like looking at them, creating them, then sharing them with other Rastas and other people who love roots and culture. Life is good when you do what you love. More jamaican accessories and more rasta accessories. Oh Jah you love me and I love you.

jamaican products and accessories, yellow black and green

To me there is no separation between jamaican products and rasta products they are separate but the same. Many Rastafarians come from Jamaica, and so we celebrate the two hand in hand. To be more specific, jamaican products, due to the jamaican flag colors are yellow black and green, and rasta products are red yellow and green, to reflect the Rastafarian flag, but really they stand for the same thing, love and unity for all people.

jamaican flag, bracelets, and necklaces

jamaican rasta bracelet buyMany people love the jamaican flag as much as I do. I feel it is the most beautiful flag of all. The gorgeous yellow x, with the green and black triangles at the sides and at the tops. That flag was made so balanced and so beautiful. Many people wear this gorgeous symbol on their t-shirts, hats, back packs, bracelets, almost anything that can have the jamaican flag on it, does exist today. I own some jamaican flag colored bracelets (black yellow and green) and necklaces my self. If you like mine you can purchase them for sale on my other blog.

jamaican flag and rasta flag in roots and culture

The jamaican flag and rasta flag are two of the biggest symbols in roots and culture. Rasta people have a special feeling for these two Caribbean flags. When i look at the jamaican flag I see and feel strength, and victory, of the people of jamaica. When I look at the rasta flag, I see unity, peace and love of the African land. These two flags are displayed proudly in my living room, and any rasta knows these symbols more than any thing represent the rasta heart, rasta peace and rasta love for all humanity.

buy rasta, bob Marley accessories

Bob Marley Necklace Dog Tag

Most of the world became aware of rasta and Rastafari through bob Marley. Many people are under the impression that rasta colors are a celebration of bob Marley. This is incorrect, Rasta colors are a celebration of Rastafari and Bob Marley. You see Rastafari way of life, has always been, even before Bob Marley became a mega Reggae music star. It is the fact that Bob Marley also followed Rastafari spirituality, and wore the rasta colors, that makes people think, that he started Rastafari. But rasta religion for lack of a better word, existed before bob. Many rasta are still around today and still wearing rasta colors as a salute to their spiritual beliefs, and yes to the late great bob Marley too. Looking to buy some great bob Marley accessories, and bob Marley stuff, check out my other rasta blog website.

my rasta website / blog, diary???

Please understand this Rastafari website was started as an online diary, so you will find some of my rants, some of my feelings from my heart, some of my deepest love thoughts and love for Jah(God), here, and just some things I wrote for fun. But, I soon learned people actually want to read some of this stuff, who knew, so I started to share my heart with you even more, and what I found was you guys are sharing your heart with me too. Thank you for that I love you all. Jah Rastafari.

Rastafarian shop, in person and online

ethiopian jewelry
Emperor Haile Selassie Beaded Dog Tag

It’s hard to find a good Rastafarian shop online or in your own city. This is why many people searching for roots and culture items turn to the internet. I am rasta and I know how hard it can be to find the items you want in the style that you want them. You see rasta have a certain feeling. They want to feel good about the items they buy on many so many different levels. Because I understand this, and I want to serve my self too. I started my own rasta shop online. The funny thing is this all started because I wanted to share my spiritual feelings about being a rasta woman with the world, because it is very special and very important. Check out my rasta shop! Its located at http://shop.jamaicanrastafarianlove.com I love you all, I hope you enjoyed this, bye for now. Jah Rastafari Lives. For information on where to buy Rasta Hats online, click here

jamaican flags: bob marley, rasta lion, meaning and where to buy

Jamaican Flags, how many are there, what do they mean?

Jamaican Flags and Jamaican Culture have literally been a part of my life from the moment I was born. When I was a little girl, age 0 – age 3 my Family use to Run a Reggae music Record Store. So, from a long time, I have the influence of Rastafari and Reggae music in my life. Jamaican flags have surrounded me and given me a feeling of comfort, for many years. There are 3 main Jamaica Flags.

The Rastafarian Flag, or Lion of Judah Flag – This flag was popularized by many Rastafarians of the late 70s including but not limited to Bob Marley. You know this flag by its Red yellow and green stripes, and the beautiful lion that stands gracefully yet, victoriously against the rasta colors. Originally this flag was the Ethiopian original flag, and still is today. Rastafarians pay homage to this flag as it is representative of Emperor Haile Selassie, a black King crowned king of Ethiopia in 1930. If you want to buy a Rastafari lion of Judah, rasta flag, click here.

The Jamaican FlagThe Jamaica Flag has been an important symbol in Jamaican Culture and abroad forever. Jamaica got its independence in 1962.  Since then Many Jamaicans proudly display their Jamaican flags, in their home, in their cars and even on their clothing. Truly I find the Jamaican Flag to be one of the most beautiful Flags ever. The black represents the black people of Jamaica, the green represents the agriculture of the Jamaican land, and the yellow represents, the sunshine that so beautiful surrounds this beautiful Caribbean island. As a Rasta Woman, the Jamaican flag is very special and will always hold a special place in my heart. If you are looking to buy your very own jamaican flags click here.  Or read more about the meaning of the jamaican flag.

The Jamaican Flag with Bob Marley – This flag is an absolute Gem. Bob  Marley took Rastafari and the Jamaican flag Globally. all around the world people can sing the words to at least one Bob Marley Reggae music song. Bob Marley became so big, that people think red yellow and green is a representation of Bob Marley. They don’t know that these colors symbolize, Rastafari. Well, that’s a beautiful thing. Bob Marley sang many songs, of love, freedom and equal rights for all, and togetherness. For this reason, there exists a Jamaican Flag with Bob Marley on it. I am so proud to be a Jamaican. Jah Rastafari! To buy your own Jamaican Flag with Bob Marley in the middle, at this flag shop for jamaica and rasta items.

2 biggest influences in Jamaican Culture

The Jamaican Culture is made up of 2 very basic things, in regards to the way the people think. Reggae music, including Rasta Reggae music, and the Christian Bible. Jamaicans take what is written in the Christian bible very seriously. About 11 out of 10 yes I did say 11 out of 10 Christian Jamaicans know exactly where their bible is in their home, and that very special location is usually on the night stand next to their bed. This influence creates a people who are hard-working, caring, and who speak about God, and the work of God very openly. Jamaicans do nothing without God! I think the influence of the Christian bible is positive, it makes for a people who have very clear opinions on whats right and whats wrong. To learn how to date a jamaican man, click here.

The next biggest influence is Reggae music. Reggae music is played in Jamaica morning noon and night. The thing is music is also a great motivator. This is why Jah has so many Rastafarians working through music to share his word and desires for people to come closer to him and to love each other. Yeah, that may have sounded like a whole bunch of nothingness, I know….I am hoping you did get something meaningful out of what I just wrote. Reggae music, sits next to the heart of many Jamaicans and sounds good too! I think Reggae music causes the Jamaican culture to be creative, honest, and fun. To Check out some cool places to buy reggae hats…click here.

2 Religions of Jamaica

RastafariRastafari is the spiritual beliefs of the Rastafarians. Rastafari has grown world-wide. This way of life became popularized by the late great Bob Marley and is now known by the wearing of the Red Yellow and Green, Rasta colors. Rastafarians believe that Zion awaits (heaven) and that living a pure and clean life is the way to ensure your own spiritual entry into Zion.

Christianity – As I mentioned earlier. Christianity has a big influence over the Jamaican people. I can remember as a Child all adults in my family read the bible before going to sleep. Now I have become the adult who reads the bible before going to sleep. So, you see these christian beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation. As a Rastafari woman, the Christian bible has a special meaning to me. (that was not meant to be a put down to anyone…lol)

Mindset of The Jamaican People

In the Jamaican culture there is a lot of emphasis on Education and creativity. Why? I don’t know. But they believe if you are good at something you should push to get your self known. Which makes sense now that I think about it. There is also much emphasis on education because the jamaican people believe a good education is the foundation to a good life and good future.

As far as socializing goes, Jamaican people are not the friendliest when they don’t know you. But once you do know them, you will find that they are a very warm and generous people. You just have to get past the tough exterior to the warm heart. But, don’t go trying, it must happen naturally other wise they will view you as a fake and a phony. Even to this day, I am still like this my self.

Jamaican people also believe each man should be free to do as he or she feels, as long as they are not hurting anybody. We have a common phrase…..”its not my business” in other words you mind your own business, and I will mind mine. We dont easily poke our noses where they do not belong. I like this, and follow this philosophy my self. Read more about Jamaican traditions here.

Caribbean Love

I have so much love for the Caribbean culture. The music, the food, the people. I am happy Jah made me a Jamaican, and happy Jah made me Rastafari. If you have not yet visited Jamaica for your self, I encourage you to go. It is an experience you will never forget, and one you will desire to experience again and again. If you are searching for information on traveling to Jamaica, check out some forums online. Just type Jamaica+forum+travel. Want to learn how to cook a Jamaican style Breakfast…? Just click here.

Do you want to see some of my Rastafarian jamaican Accessories, that I hand made….just click the picture

 jamaican flag earrings, jamaican accessories, jamaican jewelry

jamaican flags: bob marley, rasta lion, meaning and where to buy

rastafarian hats, rasta tams: meaning and where to buy

rasta hat, rasta tam, rastafarian hat, rasta colorsRastafarian hats are beautiful, I own four….I wrote this article for those who are interested in learning more or for those who are looking to buy a real rasta hat online.

What is the meaning of the Rasta hat?


The Rastafarian hat itself doesn’t really have a meaning. Rasta men, and rasta women where the rasta hat to cover their dreadlocks. Rasta tams, as they are also known, have been popularized by the late great Bob Marley. A Rastafarian singer of the late 70s out of Jamaica. The Rasta hat is good for keeping long hair up, and out of the face. Rastafarian hats are also stylish, and very comfortable.

Rasta hats have many names…..

rasta hats have many names….for various reasons.

  • Dreadlocks Hats – because many people with long locks use them to keep the hair up and free from lint
  • Rastafarian Hats – because these hats have been made popular by Rastafarians.
  • Rasta Tams –  rasta tams is another name. Many Jamaican Rastafarians call there dreadlocks hats a “rasta tam”
  • Rasta Hats – most commonly knows as rasta hats
  • Bob Marley Hats –  they are also known as bob Marley hats because bob Marley wore these hats, when he wanted to cover his dreadlocks
  • Rastafarian Tams –  combination of the two words
  • Jamaican Hats –  also known as jamaican hats because many Rastas come from the beautiful island of jamaica
  • Reggae Hats –  rasta man popularized reggae music and so it sometimes called a reggae hat.
  • Just remember these make reference to the same thing. A big hat
  • Alternatively you can also wear a Rasta head wrap

Does it have to have the colors to be Rasta? 

To me a Rasta hat has the Rasta colors, or stripes as they are known. Other wise it would just be a big had, or whats known as a dread cap. All things that have red yellow and green on  them are Rastafari. At least, through the eyes of a Rasta. No Rasta colors, then it’s not Rasta.

Great for covering all types of long hair 


Rastafarian hats are great for covering all types of long hair. You don’t have to be rasta to own one. Many people like to sport their rasta hat on days when they don’t feel like doing their hair. The rasta colors, on your rasta tam, make the out fit fun, and a good conversation peace. Many people associate these beautiful colors with Bob Marley, and associate Bob Marley with peace and love, so to own a rasta hat is a good thing all around. You can buy a Rastafarian hat for sale, by clicking here.

Why do Rastafarians cover their hair?

The reason Rastafarians cover their dreadlocks is simple. Its spiritual. We cover our hair to keep it clean. We also cover our hair to honor ourrasta cover dreadlocks spirituality. Many people know a Rasta man or a Rasta woman, by the jamaican hat, or by our long dreadlocks. Keeping our hair covered , by wearing a rasta tam, means people can identify us, and we keep our dreadlocks free of lint and air pollutants when we are out and about. To read more on why Rastas cover their hair click her.

What is the meaning of the Rastafarian hat stripes?


The Rastafarian stripes represent love, unity, harmony and strength. Bob Marley wore a Rasta hat from time to time, and he too displayed these loving beautiful colors of Red Yellow and Green. Remember these Rasta stripes are a representation of the Rastafari flag. Which is actually the original Ethiopian flag, so when we Rasta people where these hats, we pay respect to the motherland Ethiopia, and the Most High, Jah. Read my article on the Rastafarian colors

Rasta Stores Online and Rasta hat prices

Are you looking for a cool rasta hat store, or rasta shop in your city? Do a search on google! Just type Rasta hat+ (your city name) Many of us prefer to shop in person rather than online. Plus we like to shop around for various Rasta hat prices before we buy.  A Rasta hat can range anywhere from $10 – $80 dollars depending on the style and make. Remember Rasta tams come in leather, wool and other materials. Also keep in mind that most are hand-made and therefore the person who made the hat must also be paid. Leather Rasta hats are usually the ones that are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, and they are well worth the price. I don’t own a leather rasta hat yet, but as soon as my locks get long enough I will own one.

Here is a list of Rasta stores online, and rasta shops online, where you can buy rasta hats…

click here –>a great reggae shop, that caters to the rastafari community www.iyahroots.com – nice real rasta hats, and rasta accessories

click here –> this is a canadian rasta shop out of montreal, they have some great rasta tams for long dreadlocks or very long hair http://www.jahone.com/accessories-hats.html – This link is great if you have very long dread locks or long hair…

click here –> this link is great if you are searching for some nice rasta head wraps, for your locks. http://rastaheadwraps.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1&zenid=76e96551b5c21d1933acd4bd5633b798 – click this link if you are searching for some nice rasta head wraps

click here –> http://www.rastaempire.com/c-16-bob-marley-and-rasta-headwear-hats-brims-beanies-caps-scarf-wrap.aspx – this link has a wide variety of rasta tams and rasta hats, including fedora style rasta hats.

Cover your dreadlocks on a budget

Rastafarians have more than one way of covering the hair. Some of us choose to wear a hair wrap, some of us choose to wear our rasta tam, and some of us choose to wear a really big rasta hat that will hold and cover our hair. If you don’t have a lot of money and are desperate to cover your locks you can always use an old t-shirt. Not a white one but maybe a black one. If you work in an environment that needs you to keep your locks up and neatly tucked away….you can always go with a pair of old nylons. I like to use a womans head scarf sometimes. They are really for covering the neck, but they come in so many colors and sizes I cant help but to use them to cover my locks from time to time too.

Any hat can be a tam really

I have some hats I use as a Rasta Tam, on my off days. Like Monday mornings for example when I just have to put on some clothing cause it wont look right going out in my pajamas. So I throw on a took. But if you want to boast that you have a rasta hat like the ones Bob Marley use to wear then it better have those rasta colored stripes.

A great place to get some cool Bob Marley Clothing and accessories is the rastaempire.com. They have a lot of Bob Marley T-shirt, accessories, and Rastafarian hats too. So you might want to check them out.

My Rastafarian Flag shop…no Rasta hats yet…

Sorry to report my Rasta Flag shop has no Rasta hats at this time. But we will have more rasta flag, and jamaican flag paraphernalia soon. I mean some really cool stuff. So check back. I have the real rasta flag with the lion. Not the little lion…the really big lion of Judah in the middle touching all the 3 rasta colored stripes. When I look at my flag, I feel strength, and love. To buy your very own big rasta lion flag click her.


Want to know if the Rasta Religion is right for you….here are 10 questions to ask yourself. Want to find some good bob marley caps, click here.

Check back in the future for some more shopping tips for dreadlocks hats….Jah Bless. Check out this page on my “How to become a Rasta” book coming out soon

Rastafarian God: Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

Rastafarian God?


rasta book

  • Yes, Rastafarians have their own black God.
  • His name is Emperor Haile Selassie, or King Selassie I.
  • He was born in Ethiopia on July 23 1892.
  • He was crowned emperor, of Ethiopia on November 2nd 1930.
  • ON That same date his wife Empress Menen was Crowned Queen of Ethiopia.

The story of Selassie is an interesting one. There are DVDs that you can watch to learn more. I will give a brief explanation here.

Rasta Say King Selassie I Birth is in the Bible

Many Rastafarians say it is outlined in the bible, the birth of Emperor Haile Selassie and the fact that he is God. In the bible it says, ” he will be called…The king of kings, lord or lords, conquering lion of the tribe of Judah,” apparently Selassie is of the tribe of Judah because of the time he was born, which is under the sign of Leo, the lion, (the tribe of Judah). There is a lot more cool facts that line up to Selassie being a reincarnation of our lord. Do I believe it myself? Yes, I do. When I found out he could pet lions without being mauled, (even though they were his person pets) I was convinced. I believe you need t have something special inside of you to be able to do this.

Do Rastafarians believe in Jesus Christ?

Yes, there are some Rastas who do believe in Jesus Christ. They call him by the name “Yesus Christos.” I my self am not a “facts Rasta” so I can’t really tell you much else about this. what I can tell you is that a lot of Jamaican Rastafarians are raised christian before embracing themselves as Rasta. Therefore, many Rastas read the Christian bible, including my self. In fact I consider the Christian bible to be a spring-board into my accepting my self as Rasta. Rasta don’t have anything against Christianity or any other religion. We are just different in the sense that we know what we know, and what we know is the truth, there for we cannot deny, our Rasta spiritual knowing.

Rasta Colour’s and the Ethiopian (Rasta) Flag, and God of Rasta

rasta flag

We Rasta get our Rasta colors from the real true Rasta flag, which is the original flag of Ethiopia, and had the lion on it. I believe somebody changed it, from the lion to a yellow star on a blue background, because just like they smashed off the nose of the sphinx, this is an attempt to try to hide the truth. The lion is a clear symbol of strength, and just to see that flag, no matter who you are, you know there is something very strong, and very special about it.

What do the history books say about the war on Ethiopia? (Rasta God of Ethiopia)

Many books say that Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia, in order to colonise it, like the rest of Africa had been successfully colonised by outsiders at that time, and that Mussolini won the war. This is not true. Selassie and his army won the fight. Let me bring you up to speed in case you don’t know, like I didn’t at one point.

Rastafarian God: The proof is in the pudding!

rastafarian godThere was a time when all of Africa was called Ethiopia. Africa kept on being colonised by outsiders,over and over again until there was only a small piece of land left, which is where Emperor Haile Selassie lived. When Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia in order to colonise it. Selassie being a king, had the resources (army) to go to war in order to defend the part of Africa where he resided. When the war was over, it was still called Ethiopia, because Mussolini was unsuccessful in his attempt to colonise this remainder of Africa. Just by the sheer fact that Ethiopia has its original name, and not a name given to it by its colonisers tells you that, Selassie and his troops won the war. A friend of mine forced me to watch the DVD, which I will try to make available to you as well. On my website. For now please read more about the war between the Italy and Ethiopia here.

For some Rasta God has no Face and no Name

For some Rasta, God has no face and no name God is a spirit. That makes sense too. But maybe it was all true at some point. Maybe there is God, then he sent Selassie to defend the African Land. God was in Selassie so to speak, so at that time God was black. Then when Selassie was no more Selassie. (some say he is still alive) then he became a spirit, without a face. Personally, I believe Selassie is God or a reincarnation so to speak, but this is a Rasta woman, with all her Rasta thoughts and feelings perspective.


Is God Really Black?

I don’t know if God is black, I have never met him. In the bible Jesus is described as being someone “of color.” With his hair “like lambs wool,” and his feet the color of “brass” (sorry guys I don’t remember exactly) but it sounds to me like someone from egypt, and this type of Egyptian have hair like black folks, and tanned to dark-colored skin. “Sizzla,” (a popular reggae music artist) has a song called “no white god” here it is for you to listen to.

Watch this next video and learn why Rastafarians pay respect to Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia as God. This is an interview with popular reggae artist Sizzla, discussing Rastafari.

Bob Marley said “We are all One”

rasta marley bob

Bob Marley sang in one of his songs… “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright..!” We are all one whether we want to be or not, we are. We may be different in color, different by birth country, but the rest is all the same. We, should be more focused on our similarities than our differences, I think we would all be happier if we did that.

Rastafarian God Represents Peace and Unity

As long as your God teaches love, unity, and respect I don’t care what color you think of him to be, I am on board. The East Indians have Gandhi, he was about peace, The Asians have the Dalai Lama, he also represents a peaceful spirituality, The Christians have Jesus, he believed in loving your enemies and leaving oppressors to God. We Rasta have Emperor Haile Selassie as our God, and he called for unity and love among all nations, regardless of skin color or class.


Rasta Shop: Rasta lion Flags, Big Jamaican Flags, new online!

Rasta Flags, Jamaican Flags, Shop Online, for Jamaican Rastafari Accessories. Flag with lion

What is the new Rasta  Shop called….?

The rasta shop is called rasta flags shop, and is located at www.rasta-flags-shop.com, here there will be more to come, for now there are 3 main flags, bob Marley on the jamaican national flag, the typical rasta lion of Judah flag, and the jamaica flag.   In the future there will be…

  • rasta lion flag boxing gloves to hang on your rear view mirror
  • bob Marley, lion of Judah, Ethiopian dog tags (these are beautiful)
  • jamaican and Rastafari umbrellas good to keep the sun out of your face, the jamaican one looks amazing
  • rasta lion flag accessories
  • rasta lion flag and bob Marley patches
  • rasta lion flag and jamaican bumper stickers

More on what the “Rasta Shop” has….

I want people to know that they can find all kinds of Rasta and jamaican (reggae) accessories and paraphernalia here. When you think “jamaica” style anything, I want you to visit my online rasta shop.

The meaning of the rasta stripes colours, red yellow-green


The meaning of the Rasta stripes is to pay respect to God or Jah. It is also representative of the Ethiopian Flag which has great meaning in the Rastafari spirituality. We Rasta wear these colors as a personal representation of love, unity, and our spiritual connection to the Almighty. Many websites will tell you that….the red represents the blood shed of the African people, the yellow represents the sunshine that lifts up the African land, and the green represents the, the lush nature of the African continent. I have my own interpretation of these colors.

  • Red Rasta Stripe – The love of the Rastafari heart
  • yellow Rasta Stripe – The hope for all humanity that there will one day be unity
  • Green Rasta Stripe – The nature that God (Jah) has given to all of mankind all over the world
  • When you own the Rasta Flag, and have it displayed for everyone to see, you are telling the world that you have love and hope for human kind to unite, that Jah is welcome in your home and in your heart. I want to buy my Rastafari flag now.
  • Read more about the overall meaning of the Rastafari flag, here you will learn that Rastafari really is for everyone. Check the link


the meaning of the jamaican flag colors – black green yellow


 rastafari and jamaica flags and information

The meaning of the Jamaican Flag colors are as follows….

  • Black jamaican flag color – Representing the black people of Jamaica
  • Yellow jamaican flag color – representing the hot sunshine of the beautiful island of Jamaica
  • Green jamaican flag color – Representing the Green nature of Jamaica

What else will be available at the website….you should really check it out…in the future there will be ….some really cool rasta products, like….

  • Jamaican flag Handkerchiefs
  • Jamaican flag Umbrellas (this looks so cool)

and something else really cool, that when I get it I’m just gonna put the picture here for all else to see. I will give you a hint it has the jamaica flag on it….lol.

Who runs this rasta shop?

I run the rasta shop online, along with a dear friend of mine who is also Rastafari. So it is rasta run and rasta owned.  So if you have any questions, comments, or problems you can always email me. Please remember my website is new so there will be some kinks in the beginning. With time they will get ironed out.

What quality are the flags they are selling?

Top quality nylon flag material. Very light weight and beautiful. I own both the Jamaican flag, to represent my heritage and jamaican culture, and the rasta flag, to represent my Rastafari spiritual beliefs. If you are a jamaican rasta man or Rasta woman,  you should have both flags too. If you are not. You can get both anyway because they are both beautiful.

Can I buy a bob Marley / Ethiopian flag, with rasta stripes?


Yes, You can also get a Bob Marley flag and or an Ethiopian flag from the Rasta shop too. The only rasta jewelry so you can definitely purchase those at my shop website as well, I just need some time to post them up . In the near future I will have

You most certainly can. The bob Marley flag that i have available is on a Jamaican symbol. So it’s the bob Marley “freedom” flag. Bobs head, on a rasta flag, in the middle of the jamaican national  flag. Its beautiful really.

What other jamaican Rastafarian accessories are available?


There are plenty of other jamaican accessories available like necklaces and hats. I will get some photos up for your to view them and choose the ones that you like to buy.

Can I buy some Rasta jewelry, like rings, and earrings there?


Yeah for sure. I currently make some beaded rasta earrings and rasta necklaces…so some stuff will be hand-made and some stuff will be manufactured…

  • rasta earrings
  • rasta necklaces
  • rasta bracelets
  • soon rasta hats
  • rasta hair accessories
  • rasta sweat bands
  • rasta patches

and many other rasta accessories

truth is the rasta hats are gonna take a while, but I will have those too.

I want a rasta lion flag, or an Ethiopian flag, but I am not a Rasta 


There are plenty of people who are not rasta who own a rasta flag with the lion,  or a bob Marley flag, or an Ethiopian flag, simply because they like the colors. You don’t have to be rasta to own the flag. Displaying your Rastafari, bob Marley or Ethiopian flag in your home shows you respect the culture, and like the way the flag looks. The same way you would buy a beautiful piece of art, only these flags are special and have historical and cultural meaning.

Can I become rasta?

you most certainly can, buy your flag today, grow your locks, and don’t eat meat and treat all “life” with respect and dignity. Read more about how to know if you are Rasta on my rasta shop home page.

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