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rastafarian bracelets, rasta earrings: beaded jamaican colored accessories

Rastafarian bracelets hand-made:


These are hand-made by me. Beaded Rasta bracelets. They look beautiful on the wrist. I make them for fun. they are made from my heart. I love rasta accessories.

rastafarian bracelets, rasta jewelry

These bracelets are unisex, and can be worn by both men and women. I let a friend of mine try on the jamaican flag colored Rasta bracelet. It looked so pretty against her skin. If you are light skin I recommend you buy that one. If you are darker, then the Rasta flag inspired bracelet would stand our on your skin.

rasta bracelets, rasta jewelry

I enjoy doing things like this, such as being creative. I have been like this since I was a little girl. Give me something to do, that I enjoy, and I can sit quietly for hours. I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Rasta Earrings hand-made from my heart (really from Jah the almighty creator)

These are jamaican flag colored earrings. I hope you like them. I kind of made them on a whim. I really like how they turned out. I hope you like them too. Tell me what you think. By the way I do not wear the jewelry I make. So your opinion will be a first for me. Thank you

jamaican flag earrings, jamaican accessories, jamaican jewelry

These earrings were written on my heart long before they came into reality. That is what happens when you suppress, the love of Rastafari, all the inspirations start pouring out all at the same time, once you allow it. These earrings mark my coming out…as a very proud woman of Rastafari spiritual beliefs. Rastafari is the truth. Follow him. Clean and Pure. These earrings are jamaica flag inspired.

 Rasta Colored Hoop Earrings

  rasta jewelry, red yellow green earrings

These earrings I made cause I wanted to try something different. To be honest I thought they would be ugly once complete, but they turned out to look pretty. Of course they are also Rastafarian flag inspired. I love them. Rastafari!

Rasta necklaces I made, Jah Inspired:

Sorry not ready yet….comeing soon. My Rasta necklaces are plenty. Its worth the wait.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Jah is Real and he loves you and he wants you to follow him.

Rastafari….To learn how to follow the Rasta way of life read my book. I love you all.

All these rasta earrings and rasta bracelets and necklaces were all hand-made and beaded by me.  (inspired by H.I.M) The Most High Jah works through me. They are handmade and hand beaded originals. If you are seeking some Rastafarian bracelets to buy please leave a comment. thank you. I hope you like them. Blessed Love. Rastafari lives.

this is an update: Rasta Earrings, Rasta Bracelets, and Rasta Necklaces

First of all i want to say sorry that the text is sitting on top of the pictures like that. I tried at least 7 times to fix it, but it wont budge.

More Rasta Bracelets and accessories to come:

I am in the process of making another rasta bracelet or two.  I now have a Black American Flag inspired Rastafarian Bracelet which looks beautiful by the way….and one that like the red yellow and green bracelet, but I have added the color black, and that one is gorgeous. All of my bracelets will be available for sale on my other website….http://shop.jamaicanrastafarianlove.com/2011/05/09/rasta-colored-jewelry-beaded-jamaican-earringsfor-women-buy-online/….if you try to go there before May 15 2011, the earrings and bracelets will not be available….so please give me a few more days to get the pictures up.

White Rastafari Earrings and Accessories…rare and nice….

I have some earrings, that are inspired straight from Jah. I made these earrings, but that’s because God asked me to. They are not even made yet and here I am typing about them, lol. I know they will be beautiful. Especially for summer time. So please check them out….I will place the link to these African Jah inspired earrings right here. But of course they can be found at http://shop.jamaicanrastafarianlove.com I do not sell anything from this domain. This website is strictly my blog.

Rasta Jewelry for men

I will be making Rasta and Jamaican Accessories with men in mind. I know men don’t always like to wear what women can wear. So I will make some male focused Jamaican jewelry in a while.

How to make Rastafarian bracelets – package???

It seems a lot of people want to know how to make Rasta bracelets and Rastafarian earrings. I wont be making a tutorial but I am willing to go one step further. I was thinking why don’t I sell the same tool I use, so that you can make your own. You can copy my designs, or come up with your own designs, so what do you think? Each vial would be around $2-$3 at the most, then you would need some other things, but I could sell every thing as a package for you guys. Like a Rastafari necklace how to package, and a Rasta bracelet how to package….just an idea. I think it would be fun and you guys would enjoy it.


about me and my jewelry

I really wanted to write more about me and my jewelry. I consider the jewelry that I make an extension of my self. An extension of my spiritual self. For that reason it is important for me to share this jewelry with you, and to tell  you what my inspirations are, which in most cases will be the Most high. I feel like I am just allowing my self to be my self now…after 30 years….I am very excited….these rasta accessories, have been long-awaited and eager to come out from my heart and from my soul. Jah is good. Follow him….he loves you. For some reason I am the type of person who likes o do many things at once. Do you know that I am writing a book on how to become a Rastafarian? Well, I am….but I am already thinking about writing a book on Ethnic jewelry / slash ethnic beading and accessories. hmmmm. oh well enough….with that. I love you all. Jah Bless.

rastafarian flag, red yellow and green, lion

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lion of judah copy2Thank you for taking a look at my article on the Rastafarian flag. I wrote this article to share with the world. Enjoy this information, and remember Jah is love. Rastafari

Bob Marley, as a popular Rastafarian reggae music artist, blew up the awareness of the Rastafarian flag. People from all corners of the earth, now know that Rasta reggae, is about Jah, and that Jah, is about love! The rasta flag, sits very dear to the heart of a true rasta man, rasta woman, and rasta child.

Reggae music, Rastafari, and the Rastafarian flag:

Reggae music is a huge part of Rastafari, the two have always, and always will exist together. The Rastafari flag is a representation of the “rasta man love” for Jah, reggae music, Rastafari, and the rasta beliefs, and values. Many Rastafarians own a rasta flag, or two or three, this is how closely connect the flag is to our culture.
If you think of ….


 The meaning of the Rastafarian flag, and its connection to Ethiopia Africa

The colors of the rasta flag stripes are red gold and green, or red yellow and green depending on how you see it. These are also the same colors depicted on the African,  Ethiopian flag. Here is the break color down…   

    •  red stands for – The blood shed of the african people
    • gold stands for – all the gold and riches that once rested in the earth in africa but exists no longer
    • green stands for – the lush green nature of the african land
  • The rastafarian flag represents love creation and unity.

“rasta lion”

The Rasta lion has been a big part of the Rastafarian philosophy, and the flag for many years. For me it represents the strength and truth of Rastafari. A lion of the tribe of Judah. A lion is one of the most, independent, strong, confident, yet relaxed animals of the animal kingdom. Not to mention he is beautiful. The rasta lion is indicative of the strength of black people in the face of adversity, and strength of Jah. 

“Rastafari” is the beliefs of Rastafarians

Rastafari is the name of the religion of the Rastafarian people. People often refer to it as “Rastafarianism” but this is not its rightful name. Second, “Rastafari” is not a “Religion” Rastafari is a way of life, a love for God, a commitment to truth.  

Rastafarian flag in some respects, now represents reggae music culture, and also represents, Jamaica. The Rastafarian flag also means a person who identifies with Rastafari and the love and unity preached by Mr.Bob Marley.   Find out where to buy a red yellow and green Rastafarian Hat, Online


Marijuana Leaf depicted on Rastafarian Flag

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe marijuana leaf reggae flag, is a symbol strewn threw out things Jamaican, and things rasta, and things reggae. To those who are not familiar with this herb, it may look like a tree, or a jagged leaf. But basically it is a marijuana leaf. Marijuana is a popular part of Rastafarian culture. Many Rastafarian smoke herb for spirituality, and meditation purposes, some people of Jamaica smoke herb for relaxation. Kind of in the same way those of western society smoke cigarettes. The only difference is, Many Jamaicans prefer a natural way of life, therefore smoking weed is often prefered to the smoking of cigarettes, which are full of toxic additives and chemicals.  Buy a  marijuana rasta flag here, or a big rastafari flag! Check it out.

Popular rasta reggae music artists of Jamaica:

There are a lot of rasta reggae music singers of Jamaica. There is one in particular, his name is Capleton. He always 9 time out of ten will wear the rasta colors form head to toe. And oh yeah. Capleton is a fantastic, performer. He is full of energy and smart to boot. I love him. The list of reggae music artist who are Rastafarian is very long. From times past to now. Jamaica just seems to squeeze out these talented, gifted artists, easily and abundantly. Of course we know, most of this musical genius, comes from “The most high!” Rastafari!!


 1970s Rastafari was just heating up… rasta hats, and other rasta accessories

 Having spent 1978 – 1981, I spent the first 3 years of my life being raised over a reggae music “record shop.” The colors of the Rastafarian flag, was something that was a normal part of my everyday life. I remember my Dad would have “rasta man hats for sale” hanging up behind the counter. They would always have the colors red, yellow, and green on them, somewhere. There would be leather rasta hats, knitted ones, small rasta tams, and Big Rasta hats. These things seemed normal to me because I didn’t know anything else.   

To own a jamaican Rasta flag was not as popular then as they are now. The thing that was popular then was the “rasta ring” which still excites me now when I think of it. It just so happened that I was in Kensington market the other day ( a popular community of vendors in Toronto, for retro and Caribbean accessories) and stumbled upon a cool shop full of rasta accessories, and rasta paraphernalia. I was so excited to see, rasta jewelry, rasta hats, rasta t-shirts, rasta belts, rasta tams, hear rasta music…I could go on. stepping into that store took me right back to my child hood. The rasta ring which I did not buy that day, (because i bought the rasta earrings instead) with the rasta flag colors on them, never left my memory. I have to go back and get them. I want all Rastafarians, and people who love the rasta culture, to be able to have a rasta ring…I will go back to that store once again. 

   I have written 2 books on Jamican Culture.

the first one is called How to become a rasta, the other is called how to date a jamaican man, look them up on amazon.com

rastafari: rasta man, rasta hats, rastafarian beliefs

Rasta man and his beliefs in God

Many “Rasta man or Rastafarians, usually men, are seen wearing dreadlocks, “Rasta Tams”, “Rasta hats”, or “Rasta wear“, smoking weed, chanting, saying things like “irie” There is a lot more to any true Rasta man beyond the obscurity. Rastaman believe in God. For many, this is a hard fact to swallow. How can someone who looks so different believe in something that is so common, and so simple? The reason is Rastafarians take a very down to earth, realistic, natural approach to loving God. We know that God is in the unseen, therefore, we dress a little different because we understand what is spiritually important, and what is not.

Rastafarian beliefs

Rastafarians do not have beliefs. There are no hard and fast rules to this culture, this way of life, this spirituality. We have values and principles, that we hold dear to our hearts and try to instill in our children. Here is a list of just some of the Rastafarian values.

  • God adherence to the rules of the bible
  • one love for all races
  • natural living
  • unity for all mankind
  • appreciation and respect for all forms of life

These are the main beliefs or values of the Rastafarian culture. From these we get all the other values as well.


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Rastafarians and the topic of marriage:

Once again the answer is very simple. We Rastafarians do not have any hard and fast rules regarding marriage or anything else really. We believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that we can marry if we want to, or not. In Rastafarian relationships, we do not place a lot of emphasis on marriage. Simply because we believe a marriage does not make a relationship. We know a commitment to be with someone comes from the heart of that person, not a piece of paper with their signature on it.

Rastafari the religion…not a religion at all???


The Rastafarian religion is something I hold very dear to my heart. I am pleased to share my knowledge with others who want to learn about Rastafari and the word of God. Lets get started. “Rastafari” is not a “religion.” I must make that very clear. We do not follow a strict set of rules laid out for us written in a book somewhere. The only book we follow and believe in is “the bible” We read the same bible that people of “christian” faith believe in.
Therefore Rastafari is a “way of life!” It is a daily choice to follow our hearts and live the life we can feel, sense and know, “jah” (god) wants us to live.

Rasta hats popularized by Bob Marley

Rasta hats have become very popular now a days. Bob Marley popularized the “Rasta hat” back in the late 70s and early 80s when he would sing live, or appear on album covers wearing the Rasta man hat. Red, yellow and green, proudly displayed. Many of his fans soon quickly followed. Now the Rasta hat is worn by many, Rastafarians and non Rastafarians alike as a way of showing a down to earth, naturalist lifestyle. Click here if you are looking for a place to buy rasta hats.

The many ethnic backgrounds of Rastafari

Rastafari is a spirituality of the heart. There for there are many Rastafarians who are not black, and who live all around the world. Rastafari is for everyone. As long as you have a love of god, a love for people of all races, a belief of kindness and peace towards your fellow-man, then maybe you could be or you are Rastafarian your self. Here is 10 Questions to know if Rastafari is right for you.

Many Reggae Music artists of Jamaica are Rastafarians

Reggae music is a big part of Rastafari. “They move together.” Rastafari needs reggae, reggae needs Rastafari. These two feed off each other. There have been so many hit reggae singers out of jamaica who were and are Rastafarian. You have Capleton, Damian Marley, and Sizzla to name a few. Of past you have Mr. Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk, and Jacob Miller, all these guys are my favorites. Rastafarians are a big part of reggae music culture, and jamaican culture.

Origin of Rastafari beliefs

Many Rastafarians became Rastafarians because they could feel the spirituality of Ras Tafari in their hearts. Therefore, I don’t have hard facts to present to you but the ones you will find in many places on the internet. Many Rastafarians believe in Emperor Haile Selassie, who was a black king crowned in 1930 in Ethiopia, and that he is from the same lineage as jesus christ. that is really all I know for hard facts. Other than that we get most of our beliefs from our hearts, and the word of God. To read about the God of Rastafarians click here.

Check out my new up and coming “How to Become a Rasta” book details

Read here what the Rasta Colors mean, click here. or click here to buy a rasta flag

rasta marley reggae music: the fame of bob marley

Bob Marley is one of the most prolific song writers and reggae music singers of all time. He is known world-wide for his various songs about love, life, and political issues. Songs like (“war no more trouble”) and “could this be love?”, spiked in the reggae music scene, causing people want to know more about the man, behind the song.





Bob marley – the rastaman

Bob marley was a rastafarian. A man who believed in God, Love and Peace. He brought rastafari to pop culture. Before rasta marley, very little was known, to very few people,  about what it meant to be a “rastaman.” Bob made reggae music and rastafari, big in Canada, the USA and abroad.





Inspiration from the Rastafari lifestyle in reggae music

If you listen closely to Bob Marleys music, you will hear a man, who sings to people of all nations, all colors, all classes. This is due to the spiritual beliefs of rastafari that teaches, love, one love, unity, inity, peace, and spiritual blessings. It is thanks to rastafarians, like bob marley that “reggae music”, “rasta reggae music”, and “rockers”, is so well-known for deeper thought, and meditation.





reggae t-shirts, jamaica t-shirts, other rasta accessories

Bob marley t-shirts have become part of pop culture. Along with these ever-increasing t-shirts with their various prints, designs, and colors… “I love Jamaica” t-shirts are now popular too, and now pretty much any “rasta accessory, has been popularized.” Red, yellow, and green use to be only popular among Ethiopians and Rastafarians, but now, you can even find the odd baby, of various races, sporting their tiny “knitted rasta hats!” I am such a proud dread. Rastafari!





Bob Marley popularized dreadlocks and Rastafari

bob marley popularized dreadlocks world-wide. Now in 2010 wearing dread locks is seen as something associated with, breaking the mold, standing out, standing up, and a (hippie) retro lifestyle. Many non jamaican people who wear dread locks are also believers in love, peace and equal rights. Now, dreadlocks have also become so popular that you can even see those who perform punk music, or listen to punk music, wearing dreadlocks as their prefered hair style. Bigup to Bob Marley for all of that!





Bob Marleys music can open up the spiritual centers of anybody willing to listen

Bob Marley’s music continues to be music of spiritual enlightenment. The rhythmic reggae sounds, along with the words of this rasta reggae singer, about jah, and love, can help a person to reflect on life, the inner self, and good times of past. Many people love Bob Marley and the reggae sounds he created, and left as gifts for all the world to hear.





The thing I love about bob marleys music is….

The thing I love about bob Marley’s music is it can be listened to anytime of day, for any reason. You feel sad, listen to a bob marley song and you will soon feel better. Want to unwind? Play some bob marley tunes, you are sure to feel more relaxed “in a hurry!” Want to listen to what falling in love feels like? Listen to bob marley tune. Feeling rebellious…there is a bob marley song for that too. I find I listen to a bob marley tune when I want to feel my connection to jah, which is constant. But the feelings become increased by “ride natty ride” or “one drop!” If you are seeking some bob marley lyrics check here.





Bob Marley and other Rastafarians Reggae singers popularized jamaica

It is cool to be jamaican now. Reggae music is considered some of the best music in the world. people have fallen in love with jamaica due in part to bob marley and his music which included some cool reggae music vibes. Jamaica continues to be popular for our high population of rastafarians. Many people now, when visiting jamaican, seek out the rastafarians to hear their wisdom, and rasta philosophies on life.





Bob Marley and his rasta locks

It seems like everything bob did, made him cool, and popular! What a lucky guy. From wearing dreadlocks, to being rasta, to living in jamaica, and puffing on some sensi once in a while. Big up jamaica!





Damian Marley an upcoming legend on the reggae music scene

Damian Marley is the last son for Mr Bob Marley. He is 31 years old, and I feel he is just scratching the tip of the ice berg in terms of his notoriety to come. I see advertisments plastered in various places on the internet about this rastaman, Mr. Damian Marley, and his many upcoming Tours with Nas ( a popular hip hop artist) These two make a fine team, and some great music. Check out the song entitled “on the road to zion”





Weight on his shoulders?

Damian was once asked in an interview if he felt the weight of his fathers success on his shoulders. He replied “no” I feel my fathers….(not verbatim) success lifting me up.” spoken like a true rasta man. Damian is very talented. And his locks are long and so beautiful. I just had to throw that in there.
make bob marley a national hero…by signing a petition on this persons blog





rasta reggae music blew up in the late 70s

I know rasta reggae music blew up in the late 70s because I was born in 78. The sounds of bob marley, dennis brown, gregory isaccs and garnet silk surrounded my new born spirit. I am sure that these singers influence in my life, are a big part of why I have known I was a dread since I was a little girl. Back then the singers sang about love peace, and jah. It was something new, political and different. Jamaica will always be popular due to Rastafari, and those who continue to create in the name of Jah Rastafari
Thank you for reading this article, Jah Love!

  Rasta Way of Life