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jamaican earrings: rasta colored and silver beaded dangle


Rasta Beads with Black Faux Shell Dangle Earrings.

Rasta Earrings, Dangle with Silver and Rasta Colored Beads. Earrings are 4 inches in lengthJamaican Colored Earrings. With Flag Faux shell beads and Silver Tribal Beads. Earrings are 4 Inches in length.

roots and culture: jamaican colored accessories, and a nice rasta shop online

Rasta rear view mirror car decal

roots and culture, what it is!

For those of you who don’t know,  roots and culture is a feeling. that’s the best way I can put it. As a Caribbean rasta woman roots and culture is what I love. So what is it really? It’s a love of things Caribbean and a love of things African. Hence the roots, hence the culture. Roots and culture includes but not limited to, anything…

  • bob Marley music and bob Marley accessories
  • rasta reggae music and reggae music related
  • Caribbean accessories and jamaican accessories
  • Caribbean and jamaican food and jamaican jewelry
  • rasta roots & rasta shop items
  • emperor Haile Selassie knowledge Selassie accessories
  • red yellow and green, rasta colored items
  • Rastafarian flag, and the jamaican flag,
  • So, basically roots and culture, is a celebration of African heritage and Caribbean culture, sounds beautiful doesn’t it?

I have one regret in life!

That I didn’t live my life more roots and culture. The fun I would have had. I did have a lot of fun growing up, but it wasnt from the heart. Thinking back, I always got a good feeling listening to Bob Marley reggae music, and other Jamaican rasta artist on the radio sunday nights. But that’s about the only celebrating of my roots and my culture I ever did. Let me tell you, I celebrate every day now, in all that I do, from wearing rasta colored accessories, to blogging on this roots and culture website, to writing a book on how to become Rastafari. Now my whole life is Rastafari.

buy jamaican colored items

rear view mirror jamaican flag
jamaican flag car decal

looking to buy some cool jamaican colored, items, me too. I am rasta this is important to me. In a  way I guess I wasnt willing to give other rasta shops a chance. Well ok not really like that. As a rasta woman I have an idea in my head of what I want to buy. We rasta do this naturally, so instead of searching for it. I figured why not just make them my self. I enjoy it. So now i figured why not share my jamaican colored items with the world online. I also have rasta colored jewelry too. I just like looking at them, creating them, then sharing them with other Rastas and other people who love roots and culture. Life is good when you do what you love. More jamaican accessories and more rasta accessories. Oh Jah you love me and I love you.

jamaican products and accessories, yellow black and green

To me there is no separation between jamaican products and rasta products they are separate but the same. Many Rastafarians come from Jamaica, and so we celebrate the two hand in hand. To be more specific, jamaican products, due to the jamaican flag colors are yellow black and green, and rasta products are red yellow and green, to reflect the Rastafarian flag, but really they stand for the same thing, love and unity for all people.

jamaican flag, bracelets, and necklaces

jamaican rasta bracelet buyMany people love the jamaican flag as much as I do. I feel it is the most beautiful flag of all. The gorgeous yellow x, with the green and black triangles at the sides and at the tops. That flag was made so balanced and so beautiful. Many people wear this gorgeous symbol on their t-shirts, hats, back packs, bracelets, almost anything that can have the jamaican flag on it, does exist today. I own some jamaican flag colored bracelets (black yellow and green) and necklaces my self. If you like mine you can purchase them for sale on my other blog.

jamaican flag and rasta flag in roots and culture

The jamaican flag and rasta flag are two of the biggest symbols in roots and culture. Rasta people have a special feeling for these two Caribbean flags. When i look at the jamaican flag I see and feel strength, and victory, of the people of jamaica. When I look at the rasta flag, I see unity, peace and love of the African land. These two flags are displayed proudly in my living room, and any rasta knows these symbols more than any thing represent the rasta heart, rasta peace and rasta love for all humanity.

buy rasta, bob Marley accessories

Bob Marley Necklace Dog Tag

Most of the world became aware of rasta and Rastafari through bob Marley. Many people are under the impression that rasta colors are a celebration of bob Marley. This is incorrect, Rasta colors are a celebration of Rastafari and Bob Marley. You see Rastafari way of life, has always been, even before Bob Marley became a mega Reggae music star. It is the fact that Bob Marley also followed Rastafari spirituality, and wore the rasta colors, that makes people think, that he started Rastafari. But rasta religion for lack of a better word, existed before bob. Many rasta are still around today and still wearing rasta colors as a salute to their spiritual beliefs, and yes to the late great bob Marley too. Looking to buy some great bob Marley accessories, and bob Marley stuff, check out my other rasta blog website.

my rasta website / blog, diary???

Please understand this Rastafari website was started as an online diary, so you will find some of my rants, some of my feelings from my heart, some of my deepest love thoughts and love for Jah(God), here, and just some things I wrote for fun. But, I soon learned people actually want to read some of this stuff, who knew, so I started to share my heart with you even more, and what I found was you guys are sharing your heart with me too. Thank you for that I love you all. Jah Rastafari.

Rastafarian shop, in person and online

ethiopian jewelry
Emperor Haile Selassie Beaded Dog Tag

It’s hard to find a good Rastafarian shop online or in your own city. This is why many people searching for roots and culture items turn to the internet. I am rasta and I know how hard it can be to find the items you want in the style that you want them. You see rasta have a certain feeling. They want to feel good about the items they buy on many so many different levels. Because I understand this, and I want to serve my self too. I started my own rasta shop online. The funny thing is this all started because I wanted to share my spiritual feelings about being a rasta woman with the world, because it is very special and very important. Check out my rasta shop! Its located at http://shop.jamaicanrastafarianlove.com I love you all, I hope you enjoyed this, bye for now. Jah Rastafari Lives. For information on where to buy Rasta Hats online, click here

Rasta Shop: Rasta lion Flags, Big Jamaican Flags, new online!

Rasta Flags, Jamaican Flags, Shop Online, for Jamaican Rastafari Accessories. Flag with lion

What is the new Rasta  Shop called….?

The rasta shop is called rasta flags shop, and is located at www.rasta-flags-shop.com, here there will be more to come, for now there are 3 main flags, bob Marley on the jamaican national flag, the typical rasta lion of Judah flag, and the jamaica flag.   In the future there will be…

  • rasta lion flag boxing gloves to hang on your rear view mirror
  • bob Marley, lion of Judah, Ethiopian dog tags (these are beautiful)
  • jamaican and Rastafari umbrellas good to keep the sun out of your face, the jamaican one looks amazing
  • rasta lion flag accessories
  • rasta lion flag and bob Marley patches
  • rasta lion flag and jamaican bumper stickers

More on what the “Rasta Shop” has….

I want people to know that they can find all kinds of Rasta and jamaican (reggae) accessories and paraphernalia here. When you think “jamaica” style anything, I want you to visit my online rasta shop.

The meaning of the rasta stripes colours, red yellow-green


The meaning of the Rasta stripes is to pay respect to God or Jah. It is also representative of the Ethiopian Flag which has great meaning in the Rastafari spirituality. We Rasta wear these colors as a personal representation of love, unity, and our spiritual connection to the Almighty. Many websites will tell you that….the red represents the blood shed of the African people, the yellow represents the sunshine that lifts up the African land, and the green represents the, the lush nature of the African continent. I have my own interpretation of these colors.

  • Red Rasta Stripe – The love of the Rastafari heart
  • yellow Rasta Stripe – The hope for all humanity that there will one day be unity
  • Green Rasta Stripe – The nature that God (Jah) has given to all of mankind all over the world
  • When you own the Rasta Flag, and have it displayed for everyone to see, you are telling the world that you have love and hope for human kind to unite, that Jah is welcome in your home and in your heart. I want to buy my Rastafari flag now.
  • Read more about the overall meaning of the Rastafari flag, here you will learn that Rastafari really is for everyone. Check the link


the meaning of the jamaican flag colors – black green yellow


 rastafari and jamaica flags and information

The meaning of the Jamaican Flag colors are as follows….

  • Black jamaican flag color – Representing the black people of Jamaica
  • Yellow jamaican flag color – representing the hot sunshine of the beautiful island of Jamaica
  • Green jamaican flag color – Representing the Green nature of Jamaica

What else will be available at the website….you should really check it out…in the future there will be ….some really cool rasta products, like….

  • Jamaican flag Handkerchiefs
  • Jamaican flag Umbrellas (this looks so cool)

and something else really cool, that when I get it I’m just gonna put the picture here for all else to see. I will give you a hint it has the jamaica flag on it….lol.

Who runs this rasta shop?

I run the rasta shop online, along with a dear friend of mine who is also Rastafari. So it is rasta run and rasta owned.  So if you have any questions, comments, or problems you can always email me. Please remember my website is new so there will be some kinks in the beginning. With time they will get ironed out.

What quality are the flags they are selling?

Top quality nylon flag material. Very light weight and beautiful. I own both the Jamaican flag, to represent my heritage and jamaican culture, and the rasta flag, to represent my Rastafari spiritual beliefs. If you are a jamaican rasta man or Rasta woman,  you should have both flags too. If you are not. You can get both anyway because they are both beautiful.

Can I buy a bob Marley / Ethiopian flag, with rasta stripes?


Yes, You can also get a Bob Marley flag and or an Ethiopian flag from the Rasta shop too. The only rasta jewelry so you can definitely purchase those at my shop website as well, I just need some time to post them up . In the near future I will have

You most certainly can. The bob Marley flag that i have available is on a Jamaican symbol. So it’s the bob Marley “freedom” flag. Bobs head, on a rasta flag, in the middle of the jamaican national  flag. Its beautiful really.

What other jamaican Rastafarian accessories are available?


There are plenty of other jamaican accessories available like necklaces and hats. I will get some photos up for your to view them and choose the ones that you like to buy.

Can I buy some Rasta jewelry, like rings, and earrings there?


Yeah for sure. I currently make some beaded rasta earrings and rasta necklaces…so some stuff will be hand-made and some stuff will be manufactured…

  • rasta earrings
  • rasta necklaces
  • rasta bracelets
  • soon rasta hats
  • rasta hair accessories
  • rasta sweat bands
  • rasta patches

and many other rasta accessories

truth is the rasta hats are gonna take a while, but I will have those too.

I want a rasta lion flag, or an Ethiopian flag, but I am not a Rasta 


There are plenty of people who are not rasta who own a rasta flag with the lion,  or a bob Marley flag, or an Ethiopian flag, simply because they like the colors. You don’t have to be rasta to own the flag. Displaying your Rastafari, bob Marley or Ethiopian flag in your home shows you respect the culture, and like the way the flag looks. The same way you would buy a beautiful piece of art, only these flags are special and have historical and cultural meaning.

Can I become rasta?

you most certainly can, buy your flag today, grow your locks, and don’t eat meat and treat all “life” with respect and dignity. Read more about how to know if you are Rasta on my rasta shop home page.

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jamaican flag meaning: yellow, green and black

jamaican flag, jamaican flags, jamaica flag, jamaica flagsThe Jamaican flag! Wow, something so special. I have been seeing this flag in many places since I was a little girl, but never truly understanding its beauty until I was in my 30s.
When I look at the Jamaican national flag, I see, strength…two big yellow stripes criss crossing each other to make an x, surrounded by green and of course black.

“i love Jamaica” stickers with the Jamaican national flag

I remember when I was a little girl, I would be sitting in the back seat of my moms car. We would go into one of the predominantly Jamaican neighbourhoods in Toronto, say “eglinton ave” as its known, and there would be these “I love Jamaica” bumper stickers on the bumper of peoples cars. It would usually include the Jamaican flag spread across to cover the sticker length. Most were shimmery, and very pretty. I remember the pride I would sense from the driver when I viewed sticker sitting on his or her bumper. That little yellow “x”, surrounded by the green and the black. Back then it meant nothing to me, but as I got older I started to notice those “i love jamaica bumper stickers” even more.

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Island of Jamaica #1 for Caribbean vacation

I have met many people who have traveled to many places. They often tell me, Jamaica was their favorite vacation hot spot. A Jamaican vacation has so much to offer. Such as, the Rastafarians and their down to earth teachings of Jah, Love and life. The love and welcome personalities of the Jamaican people, the white sandy beaches, and of course, the spicy, yet tasty Jamaican cooking. If you have ever vacationed in jamaica, then you know what it means to “fall in love” with a jamaica.

jamaican sprinters during the olympics – now that’s entertainment!

I am sure I am not the only one who does this…I loooove to watch the Jamaican sprinters during the olympics. Oh my! They make me feel so proud to be a jamaican. Never mind pride, those sprinters are sexy, both the men and the women. I get to see sexy strong Jamaicans winning in the olympics, oh my I just enjoy that so much. They where the yellow and green from the jamaican flag and look amazing. If you havent watched this, watch it the next time it comes on T.V. Jah Rastafari.

bob Marley and the Jamaican flag

bob Marley, a Rastafarian and a reggae music singer, Put Jamaica, on the map so to speak, in so many ways. Internationally people loved bob Marley’s music, and still love his music today. Bob Marley music is classic. When I think of Bob Marley, the 3 things that come to mind are, Rastafarian religion, smoking some nice sensi, and of course Jamaica. Many people knowhow  to have the rastavibes, and to perform it on stage in front of millions. I like to think much of that talent, is due to being a jamaican. Buy a bob marley flag just like this picture click here.

reggae music and the jamaican flag

reggae music is a big part of the jamaican flag history. Wherever you find reggae music, you will find the jamaican flag. Wherever you find the jamaican flag, you will most likely find reggae music. Oh my it’s so beautiful. Reggae music is what popularized the jamaican flag. And since as far back as…well a long time people have known and loved reggae music. Now you don’t have to be jamaican to have the jamaican flag displayed in your home or car. Many people who are not jamaican also like to “biggup” the jamaican national flag.

Toronto celebrates Jamaica in the Caribbean Caribana Festival and Parade

Carribana is one of the most popular summer events in my city. Torontonians love the Caribbean culture and love the annual carribana street parade!  All the islands of the Caribbean are celebrated by displaying a float all about that particular island. The  Jamaican “float” is always widely anticipated by many. Spectators line up on the side of the road and wait patiently to see, the many colorful costumes, hear the island music, and check out the men and women in their skimpy outfits, dancing by to  island beat. lol!  I go just to see what the Jamaican “float” will look like year after year.  People from the united states, people from the Caribbean, people from Scotland, england…people come from all over the world come to enjoy the carribana Toronto summer festival. Just for your information carribana was started in Trinidad, so we have to big up Trinidad too.

jamaican national flag color meanings

What do the colors of the Jamaican national Flag represent?
color yellow meaning on the jamaican flag: Represents the Sunshine in Jamaica. It is a key part of everything Jamaican. The food, the relaxed atmosphere, the black skin, the coconut trees, and many tourists who come to bask in the Caribbean sunshine.


color green meaning on the jamaican flag: Represents the luscious greenery. The Palm Trees, the cane fields, the “herb” fields, the many fruit trees, such as mango trees. The many bush and spice we use in ital Rasta cooking, and to season meat and chicken.
color black meaning on the jamaican flag: Represents the beautiful black people of Jamaica. Warm, inviting, talented, passionate, and caring. Vacationing in jamaica is one of the best vacations a person could have.

jamaican traditions associated with the jamaican flag

Jamaica has many traditions. Here is a list of some we are known for internationally

  • ackee and salt fish breakfast
  • curry goat dinner
  • rice and peas
  • reggae music
  • dancing all night
  • jamaican rum
  • Rastafari and Rastafarian religion
  • high-grade
  • ital Rasta “vegetarian cooking”
  • the big jamaican flag

reggae music and Jamaican people are synonymous with the Jamaican flag

Reggae music is so sweet. Especially Rasta reggae. Some Garnett silk, some Gregory Isaacs, some Dennis brown, some bob Marley, some Barrington levy, there are so many talented reggae artists of jamaica. The jamaican people believe in creativity and sharing that creativity with others.
jamaican take out shops, jamaican food, and the jamaican flag.
Just about every jamaican take out shop in Toronto has the jamaican flag proudly displayed, for all customers and employees to see. Why shouldnt they, Jamaican food is some the best food, world-wide. We are known for our tasty, jerk chicken, rice and peas, curry goat, and of course, Rasta ital cooking. Yes keep showing that jamaican flag, it makes me feel so proud.
I dedicate this article to all who love jamaica. Blessings, One Love! to learn more about jamaican culture visit jamaicans.com Read Rasta Way of Life.

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