1. Astrology Readings – For Spiritual guidance, and future knowing. Read your future 6 months, 1 year or 2 years from now. Astrology is a Reading tool of time. Based on mathematics, it’s very accurate. A live telephone reading. $35/35 minutes.
  2. Astrology Compatibility Report (Now on sale) – This Reading is a very basic compatibility report. Ready in 3 5- Days, done by hand. Learn your and your partners best/worst qualities, how to overcome them, how to foster your relationship, and how cosmical compatible you are and on what levels. (Sex, love, emotions, outlook on life, motivation and money, affection and sharing, communication, friendship) I will rate your communication compatibility out of 100 percent. $20
  3. Spiritual Advice – Basic spiritual advice for any problem. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL  $15.00 via email.
  4. Website Development – I will build your website for you optimized, with registered domain name, and welcome page, contact us page, and **** page, with photos, and 1000 words content. I will provide tips on how to gain traffic and customers. – 7 – 10 days website completion – $150.00. Monthly hosting is ($15.00/month, through your hosting company of choice, or through myself.)
  5. Paper Back / e-book development – COVER = $15.00, formatting for amazon $30.00.
  6. “Online Business” Guidance & Direction – What type of online  business should I start? How should I start it and why? – Up to 45 minute telephone chat. – $45.00.
  7. SEO Services   & Internet Marketing Consultant – online store, YouTube views, blog website.   *  YouTube views/ SEO = 1 video $25.00, 4 Videos = $75.00 * Internet Marketing Consultant Session (telephone chat) = $50.00 / 45 minutes.
  8. Subconscious mind training – For positive thinking, getting along with others (work place, in laws etc), self-healing (emotions, illness), and obtaining your goals (marriage, house, lotto etc.) $75.00 / 1 hour session. Learn how to visualize step by step and how to meditate for daily happiness and peace.


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