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5 Rasta Rules to think wisely


#1 All experiences are really a “lesson in disguise” from Jah

Sometimes we go through things, we say “man why me” or, “God why is this happening? Rasta believe that in every experience, is a lesson from Jah, in disguise. This part of the book will not resonate with everyone only a select few.

A story about looking Deeper: I once met a girl from overseas, she came here as a student to study in the home of 2 psychologists. She was no longer working there by the time we met, and had moved out. Every day she complained about her experience living with this “psychologist couple” and their 2 dogs, and their 2 kids.

One day after some deep meditation I explained to her the experience was not about all the small things she was complaining about at all, it was about living with 2 psychologists. How many people can say they have lived with 2 psychologists at the same time. No hands up? That is what I thought. I wanted to explain to her that there was a deeper lesson, just for her, from Jah. I said “Sarah, that experience you had, living with the two Psychologists…., it was not about the Psychologists, and how much they wronged you…” She understood what I was saying to her as, me siding with the Psychologists. She was not ready for the lesson. So just know as a Rasta, you have to know Jah himself is trying to show/tell you something in every experience, big or small.


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I wanted to explain to her that she obviously had some issues to work on. One does not “just live with 2 psychologists” and don’t learn a thing or 2, about how to handle yourself, your emotions, and your life.


#2 Jah is everywhere in everything

Jah is everywhere at all times. You can talk to him, ask him questions, etc. Jah is in nature abundantly. It is a good idea to have plants and small animals in the home, to bring more nature in as a Rastafari. Because Jah feels more welcome in these environments.

#3 Bible Study makes one wise

Bible study can bring more wisdom. It depends who you are already. Read the bible with openness and ask Jah to help you understand the bible in a spiritual sense. The bible is full of stories and sayings that need to be meditated on for understanding. Keep studying as a Tafari. Overstanding will come when the time is right.

#4 Think positive to get positive

Rasta believe we must see every experience in life as a positive. Every experience. Again we must try to see the lesson in disguise. Sometimes things happen we do not like but we must put a positive spin on it in our minds so that we stay connected to Jah at all times. Negative thinking is separation from the creator. Think positive at all times about all things.

#5 Children are a blessing from the creator

Rasta believe children are a blessing from Jah. We believe they are open and loving and can teach us about life in their simplistic way of looking at things. Rasta do not disrespect children. We talk to them with patience, love and respect for their perspective on life.


4 Rasta Rules for dressing as a Rasta Woman

As Empress being able to carry life is a gift from Jah the creator. Rasta women are Mothers, sisters, wives, and have power over our household, our lives, and naturally we influence those around us.  Wearing skirts only helps to separate us as divine feminine from our Masculine counterparts. As Rasta We “fulljoy” long skirts to our ankles, representing the bearers and bringers of life of Jah beautiful design. The skirt may be tight or loose depending our mood and our duties for that  particular day.

#1 No off the shoulder shirts or dresses without a covering

Even if the dress is Rasta colored, we must not wear clothing off the shoulder unless the shoulders be covered by another garment such as shall, or a mini jacket. This dress is not suitable with exposed shoulder as a Rasta Empress. This look of exposed shoulders is not part of the uniform of a Rasta woman. Again a simple light jean jacket or shall, and of course a head wrap for the locks, would make this dress “Empress appropriate!”

#2 Rasta Womens Clothes are her uniform for Jah. Keep it Royal!

When I get up in the morning I look forward to getting dressed and going out to show off my outfit. I want other women to see me and know my clothes are not just clothes, I am wearing a uniform as a woman of Rastafari livity. My clothes represent my mission. My mission is Jah Rastafari. To learn more about the Mission of every Rasta check out my book “How to Become a Rasta.” it includes a Rastafari pledge inside, to help one understand fully, what it means to be a Rasta.

Rastafarian Rules laws and Regulations

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