rastafarian hats, rasta tams: meaning and where to buy

rasta hat, rasta tam, rastafarian hat, rasta colorsRastafarian hats are beautiful, I own four….I wrote this article for those who are interested in learning more or for those who are looking to buy a real rasta hat online.

What is the meaning of the Rasta hat?


The Rastafarian hat itself doesn’t really have a meaning. Rasta men, and rasta women where the rasta hat to cover their dreadlocks. Rasta tams, as they are also known, have been popularized by the late great Bob Marley. A Rastafarian singer of the late 70s out of Jamaica. The Rasta hat is good for keeping long hair up, and out of the face. Rastafarian hats are also stylish, and very comfortable.

Rasta hats have many names…..

rasta hats have many names….for various reasons.

  • Dreadlocks Hats – because many people with long locks use them to keep the hair up and free from lint
  • Rastafarian Hats – because these hats have been made popular by Rastafarians.
  • Rasta Tams –  rasta tams is another name. Many Jamaican Rastafarians call there dreadlocks hats a “rasta tam”
  • Rasta Hats – most commonly knows as rasta hats
  • Bob Marley Hats –  they are also known as bob Marley hats because bob Marley wore these hats, when he wanted to cover his dreadlocks
  • Rastafarian Tams –  combination of the two words
  • Jamaican Hats –  also known as jamaican hats because many Rastas come from the beautiful island of jamaica
  • Reggae Hats –  rasta man popularized reggae music and so it sometimes called a reggae hat.
  • Just remember these make reference to the same thing. A big hat
  • Alternatively you can also wear a Rasta head wrap

Does it have to have the colors to be Rasta? 

To me a Rasta hat has the Rasta colors, or stripes as they are known. Other wise it would just be a big had, or whats known as a dread cap. All things that have red yellow and green on  them are Rastafari. At least, through the eyes of a Rasta. No Rasta colors, then it’s not Rasta.

Great for covering all types of long hair 


Rastafarian hats are great for covering all types of long hair. You don’t have to be rasta to own one. Many people like to sport their rasta hat on days when they don’t feel like doing their hair. The rasta colors, on your rasta tam, make the out fit fun, and a good conversation peace. Many people associate these beautiful colors with Bob Marley, and associate Bob Marley with peace and love, so to own a rasta hat is a good thing all around. You can buy a Rastafarian hat for sale, by clicking here.

Why do Rastafarians cover their hair?

The reason Rastafarians cover their dreadlocks is simple. Its spiritual. We cover our hair to keep it clean. We also cover our hair to honor ourrasta cover dreadlocks spirituality. Many people know a Rasta man or a Rasta woman, by the jamaican hat, or by our long dreadlocks. Keeping our hair covered , by wearing a rasta tam, means people can identify us, and we keep our dreadlocks free of lint and air pollutants when we are out and about. To read more on why Rastas cover their hair click her.

What is the meaning of the Rastafarian hat stripes?


The Rastafarian stripes represent love, unity, harmony and strength. Bob Marley wore a Rasta hat from time to time, and he too displayed these loving beautiful colors of Red Yellow and Green. Remember these Rasta stripes are a representation of the Rastafari flag. Which is actually the original Ethiopian flag, so when we Rasta people where these hats, we pay respect to the motherland Ethiopia, and the Most High, Jah. Read my article on the Rastafarian colors

Rasta Stores Online and Rasta hat prices

Are you looking for a cool rasta hat store, or rasta shop in your city? Do a search on google! Just type Rasta hat+ (your city name) Many of us prefer to shop in person rather than online. Plus we like to shop around for various Rasta hat prices before we buy.  A Rasta hat can range anywhere from $10 – $80 dollars depending on the style and make. Remember Rasta tams come in leather, wool and other materials. Also keep in mind that most are hand-made and therefore the person who made the hat must also be paid. Leather Rasta hats are usually the ones that are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, and they are well worth the price. I don’t own a leather rasta hat yet, but as soon as my locks get long enough I will own one.

Here is a list of Rasta stores online, and rasta shops online, where you can buy rasta hats…

click here –>a great reggae shop, that caters to the rastafari community www.iyahroots.com – nice real rasta hats, and rasta accessories

click here –> this is a canadian rasta shop out of montreal, they have some great rasta tams for long dreadlocks or very long hair http://www.jahone.com/accessories-hats.html – This link is great if you have very long dread locks or long hair…

click here –> this link is great if you are searching for some nice rasta head wraps, for your locks. http://rastaheadwraps.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1&zenid=76e96551b5c21d1933acd4bd5633b798 – click this link if you are searching for some nice rasta head wraps

click here –> http://www.rastaempire.com/c-16-bob-marley-and-rasta-headwear-hats-brims-beanies-caps-scarf-wrap.aspx – this link has a wide variety of rasta tams and rasta hats, including fedora style rasta hats.

Cover your dreadlocks on a budget

Rastafarians have more than one way of covering the hair. Some of us choose to wear a hair wrap, some of us choose to wear our rasta tam, and some of us choose to wear a really big rasta hat that will hold and cover our hair. If you don’t have a lot of money and are desperate to cover your locks you can always use an old t-shirt. Not a white one but maybe a black one. If you work in an environment that needs you to keep your locks up and neatly tucked away….you can always go with a pair of old nylons. I like to use a womans head scarf sometimes. They are really for covering the neck, but they come in so many colors and sizes I cant help but to use them to cover my locks from time to time too.

Any hat can be a tam really

I have some hats I use as a Rasta Tam, on my off days. Like Monday mornings for example when I just have to put on some clothing cause it wont look right going out in my pajamas. So I throw on a took. But if you want to boast that you have a rasta hat like the ones Bob Marley use to wear then it better have those rasta colored stripes.

A great place to get some cool Bob Marley Clothing and accessories is the rastaempire.com. They have a lot of Bob Marley T-shirt, accessories, and Rastafarian hats too. So you might want to check them out.

My Rastafarian Flag shop…no Rasta hats yet…

Sorry to report my Rasta Flag shop has no Rasta hats at this time. But we will have more rasta flag, and jamaican flag paraphernalia soon. I mean some really cool stuff. So check back. I have the real rasta flag with the lion. Not the little lion…the really big lion of Judah in the middle touching all the 3 rasta colored stripes. When I look at my flag, I feel strength, and love. To buy your very own big rasta lion flag click her.


Want to know if the Rasta Religion is right for you….here are 10 questions to ask yourself. Want to find some good bob marley caps, click here.

Check back in the future for some more shopping tips for dreadlocks hats….Jah Bless. Check out this page on my “How to become a Rasta” book coming out soon

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  1. Get yourself a very tiny 0.8 mm crochet hook to repair your locs. And treat them extra special with a silk scarf at night (or pillowcase). Love your locs!!!

  2. My name is Ferdinand and I make a variety of leather hats for Rastamen . I am looking for an outlet to wholesale to . I am based In Trinidad.

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