Rastafarian God: Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

Rastafarian God?


rasta book

  • Yes, Rastafarians have their own black God.
  • His name is Emperor Haile Selassie, or King Selassie I.
  • He was born in Ethiopia on July 23 1892.
  • He was crowned emperor, of Ethiopia on November 2nd 1930.
  • ON That same date his wife Empress Menen was Crowned Queen of Ethiopia.

The story of Selassie is an interesting one. There are DVDs that you can watch to learn more. I will give a brief explanation here.

Rasta Say King Selassie I Birth is in the Bible

Many Rastafarians say it is outlined in the bible, the birth of Emperor Haile Selassie and the fact that he is God. In the bible it says, ” he will be called…The king of kings, lord or lords, conquering lion of the tribe of Judah,” apparently Selassie is of the tribe of Judah because of the time he was born, which is under the sign of Leo, the lion, (the tribe of Judah). There is a lot more cool facts that line up to Selassie being a reincarnation of our lord. Do I believe it myself? Yes, I do. When I found out he could pet lions without being mauled, (even though they were his person pets) I was convinced. I believe you need t have something special inside of you to be able to do this.

Do Rastafarians believe in Jesus Christ?

Yes, there are some Rastas who do believe in Jesus Christ. They call him by the name “Yesus Christos.” I my self am not a “facts Rasta” so I can’t really tell you much else about this. what I can tell you is that a lot of Jamaican Rastafarians are raised christian before embracing themselves as Rasta. Therefore, many Rastas read the Christian bible, including my self. In fact I consider the Christian bible to be a spring-board into my accepting my self as Rasta. Rasta don’t have anything against Christianity or any other religion. We are just different in the sense that we know what we know, and what we know is the truth, there for we cannot deny, our Rasta spiritual knowing.

Rasta Colour’s and the Ethiopian (Rasta) Flag, and God of Rasta

rasta flag

We Rasta get our Rasta colors from the real true Rasta flag, which is the original flag of Ethiopia, and had the lion on it. I believe somebody changed it, from the lion to a yellow star on a blue background, because just like they smashed off the nose of the sphinx, this is an attempt to try to hide the truth. The lion is a clear symbol of strength, and just to see that flag, no matter who you are, you know there is something very strong, and very special about it.

What do the history books say about the war on Ethiopia? (Rasta God of Ethiopia)

Many books say that Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia, in order to colonise it, like the rest of Africa had been successfully colonised by outsiders at that time, and that Mussolini won the war. This is not true. Selassie and his army won the fight. Let me bring you up to speed in case you don’t know, like I didn’t at one point.

Rastafarian God: The proof is in the pudding!

rastafarian godThere was a time when all of Africa was called Ethiopia. Africa kept on being colonised by outsiders,over and over again until there was only a small piece of land left, which is where Emperor Haile Selassie lived. When Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia in order to colonise it. Selassie being a king, had the resources (army) to go to war in order to defend the part of Africa where he resided. When the war was over, it was still called Ethiopia, because Mussolini was unsuccessful in his attempt to colonise this remainder of Africa. Just by the sheer fact that Ethiopia has its original name, and not a name given to it by its colonisers tells you that, Selassie and his troops won the war. A friend of mine forced me to watch the DVD, which I will try to make available to you as well. On my website. For now please read more about the war between the Italy and Ethiopia here.

For some Rasta God has no Face and no Name

For some Rasta, God has no face and no name God is a spirit. That makes sense too. But maybe it was all true at some point. Maybe there is God, then he sent Selassie to defend the African Land. God was in Selassie so to speak, so at that time God was black. Then when Selassie was no more Selassie. (some say he is still alive) then he became a spirit, without a face. Personally, I believe Selassie is God or a reincarnation so to speak, but this is a Rasta woman, with all her Rasta thoughts and feelings perspective.


Is God Really Black?

I don’t know if God is black, I have never met him. In the bible Jesus is described as being someone “of color.” With his hair “like lambs wool,” and his feet the color of “brass” (sorry guys I don’t remember exactly) but it sounds to me like someone from egypt, and this type of Egyptian have hair like black folks, and tanned to dark-colored skin. “Sizzla,” (a popular reggae music artist) has a song called “no white god” here it is for you to listen to.

Watch this next video and learn why Rastafarians pay respect to Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia as God. This is an interview with popular reggae artist Sizzla, discussing Rastafari.

Bob Marley said “We are all One”

rasta marley bob

Bob Marley sang in one of his songs… “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright..!” We are all one whether we want to be or not, we are. We may be different in color, different by birth country, but the rest is all the same. We, should be more focused on our similarities than our differences, I think we would all be happier if we did that.

Rastafarian God Represents Peace and Unity

As long as your God teaches love, unity, and respect I don’t care what color you think of him to be, I am on board. The East Indians have Gandhi, he was about peace, The Asians have the Dalai Lama, he also represents a peaceful spirituality, The Christians have Jesus, he believed in loving your enemies and leaving oppressors to God. We Rasta have Emperor Haile Selassie as our God, and he called for unity and love among all nations, regardless of skin color or class.


6 thoughts on “Rastafarian God: Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

  1. I can remember a segment on public radio about the late great Bob “Nesta” Marley OM and the song he co-wrote with the original Wailers (Bob, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer, Junior Braithwaite, and Beverly Kelso) entitled “One Love”. The segment explained that the song had gone through a disturbingly stark interpretational change from the time of its original conception.

    Bob was a Rastaman: a visionary – “son” – of the Emperor Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia – (Rastafari people first declared Him in the capacity of the “Black God” /Messiah/Almighty and earth’s rightful ruler as King of Kings), and he was as well a visionary of the late Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

    Garvey, a Jamaican born son, was the most prominent and perhaps the greatest man in history that mobilized and motivated black African people throughout the world. One of the first and most outspoken “prophets” of black redemption and repatriation otherwise known at the time as “Ethiopianism”, Garvey stated that natural order of nations was to maintain their sovereign integrity as “Europe for the Europeans, China for the Chinese, India for the Indian, and Africa for the Africans (both at home and abroad), every nation under it’s own vine and figtree”; it was an order which Marley also emphasized and repeated throughout his career.

    In 1962, Jamaica was awarded her “independence” from England as a colonial subject and became a so called “autonomous” nation. This occasion marked the end of nearly four centuries of colonial rule (albeit the country has yet to recover from a crippled economic infrastucture due to among other things, trans-national economic policies which maintain large multi-national corporate interests to the detriment of the struggling local economy)*, and was seen at the time as the dawn of a new era of freedom and progress for the nation. The Wailing Wailers were just embarking on their musical careers; a young group who were keenly in tune with the spirit of this renaissance out of which they produced several hits, one of these was entitled “One Love”

    The segment described how the tune was later reproduced once Marley had reached his prominence as a world class musician and how it had now become a major worldwide hit song – though it was now translated in the minds of many into a work of a new-interpretation,

    one which denied the need for more effective change and social justice;

    “One Love
    One heart –
    Let’s get together and feel alright”

    Whitehearts could definitely pallete that brand of message, or at least the peace movement mantra brand they thought they were getting.

    Now I MUST digress here for a moment, as a new contributer to this site to explain my use of labels. Notice that instead of simply using the word ”white” to describe all who fit that ‘legal’ status, I’m using the term “whiteheart” to describe those who remain blinded to the advantage of their status and ignorant to the insidious injustice of that status. A deeper look at the symptoms of this malady within the collective psyche of white society reveal the many characteristics of dis-functionality caused by perpetuating a selfish lie about life in the name of whiteness/high-coloredness/”good”-hair/cultural supremacy/etc. Indeed, the seal of this particular defect is the concept of whiteness itself which psychologically speaking, is a generationally disabling, dis-function of the heart (emotional/spiritual center).

    Black, as not only a color but the symbol for or essence of creation, struggle, overcoming (reality/life); white as not a color in the paradigm of white supremacy. Absolute “white”, the color of this page, has been made (hijacked) into the color-code for presumed power but has been blatantly revealed to be a vehicle for selfish greed and murderous lies.

    “Have pity on those whose chances grows thinner…”

    Another passive note; not implying any fault or malice by anyone, just appealing to sympathy, invoking ideas by many whites of those who are labeled “under-privileged” or “less fortunate”; this is uncharacteristic of the majority of Bob Marley’s lyrics;

    there is no implication of race or injustice anywhere in the lyrics, as for example one will find in the songs “Buffalo Soldier”, “Slave Driver”, “ Guiltiness, or “The Heathen”-

    For whitehearts (those who have this tourist mentality), those songs would be unsuited as anthems for their portable vacation spot. It’s here, in “One Love” paradise, that Bob Marley can take them anytime. (usually it’s that beach where “island dreads” [somehow happy, “transcendent” blacks] and whites can love “One Love” together).

    The problem (which points to the BIG problem) is that white-hearted society has revised the terms of Bob Marley’s work by claiming to have received this soft and fuzzy version of oneness and love that supposedly asks us all to be colorblinded, color-muted, irresponsive to the implications of color in a color/class profiled society; let’s just “get together to feel alright”, and if I don’t see you at all, well maybe when I do from time to time, I will turn on my “love dial” all the way to 11, till then, take good care and stay the hell where you are until you finally catch up to the “peace train”…. madness

    I could easily take to task whitehearts using a host of other examples, but instead chose Bob’s work, one because I am a reggae recording artist myself and two, I see his position in popular white culture and this song as a most glaring point of reference by which Eurocentric brothers and sisters reexamine and arrest white-heartedness;
    in this example, we’ve been able to expose the society at large’s inclination to find the most universal cause of shared experience – “love”- and reduce it to a level of “feeling” and non-commitment. This was just one particularly vivid example which illustrated the chasm between Blackheart and Whiteheart.

    The major attraction to these lyrics by whites-hearts reveals the conciousness-repelling of “whiteness” which has caused mis-aligned respect for Bob Marley.

    Whitehearted sentimentalities coddle a particular benign, myopic image of Bob: a rebellious (but safe) half black/half white Rastaman who is as a reggae super-hero,! This fabricated Bob Marley is a costume being in the same sense as the “I have a dream” MLK Jr. is – the real man’s contention with and open rebuke of the system and definitive calls for justice is muted/substituted in society’s irreverent reaction to facing accountability, that is, facing the task of fighting in a significant way against the mental/physical dominant class power structure.

    Real love and oneness is something that needs to be strove for, not simply turned to as a token delight.

    “One love” – NOT the anthem for a colorblinded society at large that does not strive for the basic components (equity and justice) of that oneness;


    Despite how it later became marketed to the world, “One Love” was in the mind of its authors a strong black pride statement to the system, a tool of emancipation, even an extension of Garvey’s mantra projected to the black nation, i.e. “One God, One Aim, One Destiny”. “One Love”, as a matter of fact, had been written to fellow Jamaicans as a rally for solidarity as a black “emancipated” nation struggling with senseless class divisions within Jamaican black society stratums.

    Even if we whites are to derive a parallel meaning from “One Love”, then it is certainly not one that tells us to “get together” for a day or a few hours. Sustained togetherness would logically require work; the work of mutual care, honor and overstanding

    We will be bound, if we are honest as we check out all the lyrics of Bob Marley, to come to the conclusion that he was not the appeasing, happy-go-lucky nor rent-a-dread type of song writer.

    If we look with objectivity at the man’s whole musical legacy, we then afford ourselves the chance to have not only a richer experience of the man’s spirit and genius, but then and only then do they do justice to the memory of this Son of Africa, to respect his prerogative as a black man and his contribution to the world and his Black people in right context.

    We ask of ourselves first, “which Army are you from?!?”
    “who is Bob Marley?”

    and who in society is it that thinks that:
    “…life is but a dream, so they – making matters worse….”

    (BM, “Crisis”)

    Bob was not here as a minstral. He wasn’t dancin’ with fools, But it’s not enough to say who he was or was not; It is more important that we, the adoring listeners, look inside ourselves to see who we are – to root out spiritual wickedness, negating the privilege accounting of our lives for something more real and live a circumspect, harmonised life, despite the nature of self and what others may think, and despite an evil system which provides wealth, leisure, and worldly comfort – that which the masses chase everyday. Now that would be SHOWING heart – disgracing the source of one’s self and other’s pleasure and escapism for the sake of what is just.

    Unfortunately, privilege based on racial hierarchy has caused many to presuppose from a very deeply engrained level of ignorance – a symptom of a multigenerational conditioning through a lens of recycled status quo – a most powerful psychological motivator of human behavior. A “do not disturb sign” attitude towards this status quo blinds most whites to the offensive and horrendous extent of our pre-fabricated privilege, and that has produced justified anger, justified suspicion and justified unwillingness within many non-europeans to view us “whites” as brothers and sisters within the world community.

    As white-hearted society begins to remove the self-imposed mental barriers that privilege affords, (a state of mind which is a strong incubator of institutional racism) aligning our relative experiences and communications and activities with absolute truths transformative healing will take place; on the other hand, simply hearing messages which come with a compulsion to dance won’t drive the issues forward. Taking hold of the sword Bob Marley wielded IS the tantamount requirement for becoming part of the great Bob Marley-Rastafari-black liberation legacy.

  2. bless b 2da Most High1..greetins2 all of you,as i mare messenger of Jah i salute you in his name.
    i am very impressed wit diz website,actually 2day iz my first time 2get 2kwn site.am frm Tanzania and i practice Rastafarian in Asia(malaysia)where i seek more education,bt diz part of World thy don knw anyting abt Rastafarian.!thy only knw Weed&Bob Marley and Reggae Music.!am havin a hard time tryin 2educate thm abt Rastaman&daily life involved-wit diz website&forum i hope i would b able2 spraid da gud love&knowledge 4thm to get 2knw Rastafari life style.
    blessed b 2da Most High,may we az Rasta&great ambassadors of Jah help guide diz World frm Babylon system&show them da truth abt Rasta
    Jah Guide bless I&I

  3. Can people please tell me where in london are they cellebrating his majesy Haile Selassie’s Birthday? You can add me on Facebook to chat to me Aarif Don King

  4. I am not replying but I have a question,I would like to know where rastafarians meet together for any reason in south africa(durban).I would like to join them since I still need some lot of information about them because I feel inside me I am just one of the rastafarian but with no others around me to share.

    Please anybody respond to 20819853dut@gmail.com

  5. Today is known as the age of scepticism. Yet to claim to know while having to be sceptical is to be hypocritical. Today we see so-called religious persons stealing their religion from the Isrealites and then like blundering criminals they do their best to snuff the life out of the victims of their crime. It is interesting to know whether their fight is really against Jews in the Middle East or whether their intended targets are the True Jews.I hold those Ras in esteem who never let go of the testimony of Yesus. It is not accurate for Rastafari to see Haile Selassie I as the manifestation of Christ in this dispensation and to know that he was a professing Christian and yet to deny Christianity. It is fine to deny the false Babylonians and Sodomites posing as Christ’s church but not to deny true Christianity. True Christianity and True Rastafarianism are the flip sides of the same coin. It has been said that we should get our strength from one who has the power. But we can see this as find the strength to find the power within yourself even if with the help and guidance from someone who has also had the strength to find the power within themself. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not lack but as Yesus said to his disciples in the Gospel of Thomas “Those who know all, but are lacking in themselves, are utterly lacking”.
    In the Universal Ethiopian Anthem we sing “Ethiopia the land of our fathers, The land where our God loved to be”. While some say “where the Gods love to be” I would really like to know which term was the original one. The wise should know the meaning of this. Many people say and do things without knowing what they are saying and doing. In the same anthem we say “Grant unto thy sons that lead the wisdom thou gave to the sages” The word sages could mean anyone who was wise but it usually referred historically to a person who followed the stoic doctrine. The stoic’s doctrine preceded Christ’s trod on the earth yet like Christ they believed that wisdom was powerful enough a force to set you apart from and indeed above the rest of the world and its problems. In these latter days I can hardly think of a more stoical individual than HIM Haile Selassie; if not so much only in terms of doctrine in terms of personality in facing the problems life posed. Like pantheists or panenthiests Stoic sages also believed in the Unity of the world or “The Everything”. Although many people do not know it ancient Cabbalistic type Jews also believed in the androgynous “be all and end all of existence” which was really one entity. There is much dispute about that doctrine but I find it impossible to believe that Yesus Christos or HIM Haile Selassie were not aware of or influenced by these truths of the nature of God. Unity is not only the strength which can give victory but the truth which can eternally establish. Yet all the ancients believed and knew that three, or a trinity of entities or forms (and Haile Selassie means power of the Trinity), or expressions of existence were essential to the giving or transfer of life from the Most High divine region to all other realms. Even mathematically if you go from the (1) One to the (2) Two, or the (0) Zero to the (1) One; the three is always there in the form of a function. The story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter but, the same beginning of the law is the end of the law.

    However you look at the original work of the spirit of wisdom, today wisdom rather seems to have only one mandate, to move away from the false. Away from the false Gods, away from the false Satans, away from the false Christs, away from the false Scriptures, away from the false Religions, away from the false Holy Lands, away from the false Governments. His Majesty taught that we must ceaselessly work for inner calm but there is nothing more distressing than false Peace; but it seems this saga will not cease until the land some call holy and which they are fighting over; are inhabitable by and holy only for the cockroaches and the ghosts.

    A funny thing is in this world, while we don’t even know what God is and he has said he is unsearchable, stop and think, we don’t even know what a man is. It is childish to say look there is Selassie sitting on his throne what you see there is a spacial and time bound matrix a man is much more than the obvious flesh and bone to be view at any one point in time. Some people see a man as a conscious rational unity but when you add up all that a man is you will invariably be left with God – he holds our origin, our worth and our destiny. This is why Haile Selassie left the stripes on God’s shoulder and the praise on God’s merit. The finite and the infinite are continually absolved in each other it is a never ending cycle. Man cannot understand the infinite without the finite and the finite cannot exist without the infinite. The wise have always know though that eternity can be held in a moment and that all nature lies within every atom. We have so much given to us in Haile Selassie however we look at it and we all will view that differently.

    Blessed Love

    1. An individuals relationship with Jah is a personal one.
      I find my self correcting people when they refer to my spirituality as a Religion. In my mind a Religion implies Rote etc. Very little room for personalization. Spirituality will be seen differently by different people, this includes Rastafari. There are many Rasta who do things I dont personally agree with, the way we view this aspect of things in Rastafari is….”…each man is responsible for his own Judgement…”
      Regarding King Selassie. Same thing. Its personal. Some Rastafari see King Selassie as a Prophet, some do not. Some Rasta are more Christian, Some are not.

      Spirituality is personal, that is why I feel that really from my heart, it shouldnt even be discussed. I feel once its discussed it become like everything else. Prey to scruitiny etc.

      My hope is that every person finds peace and expresses love, often, Regardless of his beliefs. Spirituality should be something that is fullfiling and gives a person a sense of wholeness.

      Jah Ras Tafari.

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