Rastafarian culture – The rastafarian religion, whats it really all about?

Well to answer the question. The rastafarian religion is about love, god, and living life as natural as possible. Rastas have a huge belief in God. As a result we know that love must come first in all things. Especially when it comes to relating to others. We must try to remember that God made each one of us in exactly the same way – to love him and create with him in mind.

As far as weed smoking goes. Most dreads do this as a meditation, or for meditation, or plain old relaxation, or as it is said in north america, to unwind. And our dreadlocks? Inspired by the man up stairs. So this next bit of information is really all about me and straight from my heart, I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check out some of the links on the side of some of my favorite reggae rasta artists of Jamaica.

But first check out this rasta “bredda lion” in the bushes of jamaica singing a song about “long time him a look women”
as a rastafarian woman, and person, I value life, and love. However there are certain things in my life that ignite a special sort of spark in side of me, any time I interact with or think about them. Those subjects I will share with you a little later.

check this page on rastafarianism and reggae music culture to learn more about rastafari

I want everybody visiting this web site to know this site was designed from my heart, and with love. I put my soul into it. I hope you enjoy it and can feel the love and the vibe of all the things mentioned above combined. Here is a little more information about each one. You can check out the pages for more information.


beauty of black men, beauty of black women, black people, black history, and negro heritage.

I am on the internet almost all of my waking hours, i know that seems like its not a good thing. However it has proved to be a good thing. I make my living over the internet and have been able to connect with and find people with the same beliefs about the beauty of black women as me. For example, there are some women who are choosing to wear their hair in its natural state just as I am (as dreadlocks) and who also believe its time other black women joined. On this page you will find some videos, and of course my opinon on the subject. Check out my page on the beauty of black women, or the black woman.

anything rastafarian culture and beliefs, t-shirts, tams, rasta knit hats, rasta colors, rasta music, love of rasta life style

I am a rastafarian woman, I have known I was rasta since the age of 10. My Grandmother did not approve of me having my hair in dread locks, so at that time I did not do it. Even though at the time I was just informing her, cause I had made up my mind. But she was so against it, and I loved her so much, I did not want to disappoint her. Now at the age of 31, I am a rasta farian woman, feeling so good and so proud to be rasta. I love my dread locks they make me feel beautiful, confident, and beautifully black. to read more about rasta, check out the link.





Island of jamaica, almost anything that is jamaican, the jamaican flag, jamaican people, pictures of jamaica, jamaican food and recipes, reggae music, vacation in jamaica

Wow…the island of Jamaica… Im not going to lie folks. I have been there two times in my life, but I sort of have a plan to go this year 2010, in april. We`ll have to see what happens with that. Jamaica is beautiful, very hot, and the black men of Jamaica, are “a fine breed“ you may easily, like my self, get carried away by the beauty of the black women, and the black men, when you vacation in the island of jamaica, and have more than one girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe it was just me…but go easy guys i was 13 years old…I know better now…I have become more skilled at it now…lol…just kidding. If you travel to the island of Jamaica for nothing else, go to see how sexy the men and women are. I am not kidding you. Oh and the jamaican food is fantastic! I get a special feeling when I see the jamaican flag. its unexplainable. I love Jamaica!

the bible, jesus christ, love of god, bible verses, natural living, the miracles of jesus, dread locks, prayer, read the bible online, the soul, and zion

There is alot of information on this web site about the soul, because as a rastafarian woman I know the importance of living this life in good standing, such as accepting jesus christ, and believing what was wrtiten in the bible, in order to continue life as the soul, in the best way. Which is zion, or heaven, whatever you call it, I mean in the love and presence of God, as opposed to in someother unknown place where god does not roam. I read the bible regularly, I enjoy it, I particularly enjoy the miracles of jesus christ. Prayer is imortant to me too. Dread locks is the oldest way to of wearing the hair known to man. Even for white people! How do you think cavemen wore their hair? I have a love of god unlike any other. The bible is a special book, with much to teach us about life. “Yabby you” has a song called…”jesus dread”, ‘jacob miller” has a song called “who say jah no dread” are you getting the picture here? I will leave it there.

natural hair, how to make dread locks, and afros on black people, love of black people, natural hair styles, black hair care.

Alot of people who are visitng this web site want to know how to make dread locks, or already have dread locks, some are just curious and want to peer into a world which is not their own, this is fine with me. I like to wear my hair natural, I feel more like me…if other ethnicities are doing it, why shouldn’t black men and women wear their hair in its natural state too. I have a huge love of black people, I am so happy that God made me in this beautiful form. Black people are so beautiful. I am so happy to know there are black folks who are accepting them selves as black and embracing their beauty, heritage, and life. Many black men and women, struggle with `black hair care“ issues. This is because we are so busy trying to treat it like something like it IS NOT, that it costs us alot of money, effects self esteem, and even causes our hair to break…this is part of the reason many black women feel their hair does not grow…it`s too busy breaking to grow!

reggae, reggae music, reggae artists such as bob marley, peter broggs, dennis brown, gregory issaces, barrington levy, jacob miller and of course Mr. garnett silk.

The things above are the things I live for…I really mean that from my heart, especially the reggae music part, when I here those “rockers” or “roots music” or “rasta music” I just feel like I am in heaven. I really mean that. Here is a song I want you to hear right now! Its called rasta man chant nyahbingi, by peter broggs. I like alot of other canadian born, carribean children, had the influence of alot of reggae music in my life. However I feel mine was a little more so. You see my Mother and Father created me, and gave birth to me over a record shop, all we sold was reggae music. So when I hear these singers….something beautiful gets set off in my heart and soul…because this is something that is ingrained in me. I love black people, I love reggae music, I love jah! God wanted me to have this influence and so hear I am.

my first intention in creating this rastafarian jamaican website was to unite rastafarians by way of the internet, my second intention was to educate black people on their beauty, and my third intention was to bring people with a common love in their heart, for black people, and or rasta, or god, or love in general, together. Provide a platform for naturalists to socialize, poets, musicians, artists, malcom x believers, roots music lovers, Meaning, of natural living, god, jamaica, rasta, black business owners, black and african american websites, together, hence the “love” part of the domain name. Now if I missed you in all those topics the question is…do you have love in your heart? If so, that includes you too. So, keep checking back, there is alot to come.

These are more subjets to come in the near future on this rasta reggae website

beauty of Black men, beauty of Black women, love of black people, negro heritage, black history, black leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcom X and Marcus Garvey to name a few.

anything rastafarian culture and beliefs, rasta t-shirts, rasta tams, rasta knit hats, rasta colors, rasta music, love of rasta life style, rastafarian beliefs, rasta religion, rasta flag, reggae music, love, not eating meat, inspiration, creativity, the bible

island of jamaica, almost anything that is jamaican, the jamaican flag, jamaican people, pictures of jamaica, jamaican food and recipes, reggae music, jamaica vacation, jamaica dating, bob marley, reggae, reggae music, reggae artists such as bob marley, peter broggs, dennis brown, gregory issaces, barrington levy, jacob miller and of course Mr. garnett silk, rastafarian singers of jamaica

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reggae, reggae music, reggae artists such as bob marley, peter broggs, dennis brown, gregory issaces, barrington levy, jacob miller and of course Mr. garnett silk, rastafarian singers of jamaica 

32 thoughts on “Rastafarian culture – The rastafarian religion, whats it really all about?

  1. learning about different cultures is one of the most beautiful and interesting things we are exposed to. Discuss, compare, beaches/cultures/vacation spots
    @ bookbeach.ca

  2. I love you! I thougth that would have been hard at first, but I read what you wrote and I appreciate your thoughts. I can almost see your words drift out of this screen. Word, Sound and Power will conquer all evil. I was just looking for some inspiration this morning and I found it. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
    Peace, love, abundance, joy, health, love, comfort, wealth, prosperity, clarity and more love. Have A Great Day.

  3. This is very good! However, can’t white folks be rasta too? I carry the same values and I love everyone on this earth as my equal! I hope white people can be a part of rasta too, because I only carry love and faith in my heart for all!

    1. White people are and can be Rasta, it takes commitment to love…amongst other things…it sounds like you already have these qualities.

      Much love to you!!!

  4. First i would like to say much love. Im not black so i get alot of strange looks and questions from people that dont understand the hairstyle. That journey tought me patience. But when i run into sum black people they say things like ( why are you tryin to be black) or they say my dreads are fake because im not black like them. I hope more people realize dreadlocks are not just a black hairstyle. Im a mix of most races so i belong nowhere it seems like. But since i was about nine or ten i knew i wanted dreads and since i got them three years ago i found a sperituality with tha hairstyle and rasta culture. One love

  5. l love the web site also ilove rastefeyan i am rasta i live in ethiopia adise abeba i llove your web site


  6. english is my second language i tray to prof my problem
    wite awt this i love king selase what ever forever

  7. I am not a black man by the color of my skin,my skin is white.. but I am a rastafarian by what is in my soul.. I was born in a country named Yugoslavia it fel apart.. a part i live in is now called Croatia, and lived my first years in a war with brotherin nation Serbians…our goverments corupted people…dreadful childhood it was…and i know what you talk about is right… all people should love each other and a world would be a beter place, I am a rastafarian by my belives… and trying to live that way… Jah bless all, and help them see the one and only truth…
    “I dont see no race just a shade of black” 🙂
    …we all descend from Afrika, but goverments of the world are so so bad to our mother… I promise to all and to myself to do all i can to make this earth a better place for all…
    One love for all man kind

  8. Iv alwys luvd da Rasta Culture but neva realy did anythng bowt it thogh iv had natural hair i njus luvd how it lookd on me bt its only now that i went into this website that i startd becoming more intrestrd my dress code is changing iv always luvd poetry n i luv God ….I would lyk to adapt more into da culture n for ppl to undastnd my adoptation .. Much luv sister for this website

  9. Beautiful web-site

    Your love of Black people and culture makes me smile.

    I love my dreadlocks and Rastafari.

    Rastafari Is

    YAH bless you, soul sista.

  10. I am giving my cultural speech for college on Rastafarian culture. I was wondering if you know of an organization where I could find the rastas in my town to interview them. thanks and love to everyone

  11. Hey since frm the age of 10 me like rastafari, n nw m 19. Can sum1 tel me about the lifes, history of rastafarians? Like when they marry what they do, wat these colours “green, red, yellow” represent. What you must do and know if u wanto be rastafarian? Plz someone help

  12. i live in south africa,i frequent a pub that plays mostly reggae songs lyk burning spear,bob marley and them.i enjoy this music but one thing i dont understand is why rastafarians belief haile sellasie is god incarnate,he was just an ordinary man lyk u and me.

    1. He was hardly ordinary….How many people have been kings, how many people have been black kings?
      Perhaps you do not know his works. He did much interms of preserving and defending the African land.
      Jah Rastafari. Love. Bless.

  13. yes bredren i enjoyed a lot .give thanks to the most high king Jah rastafarai.have you read Negust nagast?

  14. i iove reggae,enjoy mixing with Rasta people coz of the love they preach.im doing a masters degree in development studies and want to do a thesis on Rastafarinisn.l live in Harare,Zimbabwe.ANY IDEAS.Jah be praised.

  15. I’m whit and i love god and I’m confused about my beliefs. i want to do the right thing my moms Greek Orthodox, my dad is christian, my other family is Jewish. what do i do i like the sound of this religion as well

    1. You do what feels right for you. None of my family members are Rastafari. I am Rastafari. Rastafari is the spirituality that feels like it suits who I am. It gives me all that I need.
      Just do what feels right for you.
      Jah Rastafari, Bless.

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