Rastafari way of life (Livity)

Rastafari Way of Life (Rastafari Livity)

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Who made Rastafari?

king selasse with empress menenRastafari is created by Jah and all are welcome to embrace it. The truth of the matter is….Rastafari is not a faith for the weak at heart. I understand many people embrace the faith of Rastafari but not wholeheartedly. This is fine its your spiritual destiny, but would you really embrace a faith simply because your significant other is embracing it knowing it doesn’t really mean anything to you. Please think twice about it. Rastafari is not a toy for those who are “curious.” It is a faith of Jah, Jah is God.

Rasta Righteousness and cleanliness

King Selassie IThe Rastafari Livity is a Livity of Righteousness and cleanliness. Live righteous and live clean, let Rastafari be  your guide. I Came into this faith through Jah. It was not an easy road and is still not an easy road, but I still embrace it because my spiritual destiny is something I know is real and is important to me.

Rasta Way of Life Book

I am in the process of creating a book specifically on the Rastafari way of life. The title will be How to live as Rasta. I try to include as many things that I think people want to know.Rasta_Way_of_Life_Cover_for_Kindle

  • The role of the man in Rastafari
  • The role of the woman in Rastafari
  • Growing your Locks as Rasta
  • How to Live natural
  • What is not allowed as Rasta?
  • King Selassie I
  • Essentials of a Rastafari Home
  • Teachings of His Imperial Majesty
  • Rastafari Holy Days
  • 7 Principles of Rastafari
  • 5 Core Beliefs of Rasta
  • How to Convert to Rastafari
  • How to Dress As Rasta
  • …and more…
  • spiritual Duty of Rasta

So if you really want to learn this way of life you should read this book. I am still working on it. I will release it within the next 4-6 weeks which is sometime before June.

One book I have written is called How to become a Rasta. I teach people what Rasta know and how to start embracing the Rastafari faith. It’s really a book for beginners.

The Rastafari way of life has many rules and restrictions

  • We do not eat meathow to tell if someone is Rasta
  • We do not smoke cigarettes
  • We do not have sex to relieve sexual tensions (we make love)
  • We do not believe in a lust driven life
  • We are non materialistic
  • We make Jah the focus of all that we do and say each day.
  • We donate to the poor and needy
  • We do not believe e in hording money

A Book on Rasta beliefs

I have also written Rastafari Beliefs and principles, my newest eBook. I have come to understand that this book is not for everyone. This is not a book of entertainment. It is a book of truth. The truth is not for everyone. Some people do not know what to do with themselves when faces with the truth, so they get angry if it does not give them information to inflate their ego. This may sound arrogant but there are a lot of arrogant people who want to say they are Rasta.


Rastafari…a commitment of the heart

Rastafari livity is for everyone but please only embrace this faith if you want to do it completely and forever. Rastafari is not a Religion but Jah is so real. He does not like to be disrespected. Well, it is his job to bring Judgement on the people who want to say “Yes, I am Rasta” and then break the covenant, not mine. I write my books to bring the light to the people…that is my job, what they do with the light after that is their own Judgment.



Love and Unity.



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