Dreadlocks rasta hair? 5 reasons why I decided get locks

 5) Lauryn hill Ex Factor video….locks galore!

The Lauryn hill ex factor video is just one of the reason why I decided to wear my hair in dreadlocks. The night before I took my braids out…I watched that video. I thought she looked like she owned her self, loved her self, and embraced her self as African Woman. I wanted that hair. I wanted to look strong, and to feel free, in locked coils African hair. Not only that, Lauryn Hills music is amazing and so I respect that woman and the contributions she has made in lifting up the spirits of people.

4)…turning forty… want to have long hair!

Well, I knew since I was about 10 that I would one day wear my hair in dreadlocks. When I was about 19 I decided I would lock my hair at 40. I figured 40, was the age people led very boring lives and that at that age I need not worry about being attractive. I now know this is not true. Anywho…about 2 years ago just when I turned 31 I had braid extensions in my hair. I was getting tired of adding fake hair to my head…..so, the day I pulled my braids out….just after my 31st birthday….I was thinking mildly about putting my hair in dreadlocks….but I remembered that I promised my self not to do it until age 40 when I wouldn’t have to care so much about being attractive. Then…a thought went through my mind…”if you do it now, by the time you turn age 40, your hair will be very long!” That’s what made me lock my hair at age 31!

3) I should have locked my hair at age 10…

I had to lock my hair….its spiritual. I always knew I would…I just had to grow the balls to do it, lol!  And the Lauryn hill ex factor  video helped me a lot. If you are Rasta….and you know the most high loves you….you have to grow your locks. Oh yeah I made a promise to my self the other day. Until the day I die, I will let my locks flow. I tried to make a song out of this in the shower….but it didn’t quite work out…lol

 2) people with dreadlocks are beautiful!

Since about the age of 3…when many rasta man, used to come into my dads reggae music store, I always thought locks were beautiful and special. Now I know the reason why. When I became a teenager and would meet other Rasta man my age…I would go over and try to pick them up. I don’t know why….I just thought “you are beautiufl…and I have to get to know you!” That was me…very brave. In my defense, that is certainly not something I do now.

1)I met a rasta Jamaican girl with dreadlocks!

Here is the most recent reason, and the number one reason,  I decided to lock my hair. I actually met another Jamaican Rasta girl about 6 years younger than me. I figured if she can do it…then I can do it…..I would just look at her like “wow…your hair is beautiful” the first time I met her she was smoking herb….I thought what is this girl into?…but now I get it….she even told me what products to use and everything, to help my hair to lock. She said she had been locked for 5 years at that point and that she too did it for spiritual reasons. She also said she wished her mom had just left her in Jamaica. Interesting to me because, just after I locked my hair….for about 3 months…moring noon and night….I thought about moving to jamaica figuring that as a Rasta woman…I would be a lot happier there than here. The Babylon system is everywhere….but in Jamaica you at least have the heat…and more people who look like you, more Rastafarians.


lastley…Tired of braids weaves and extensions

The last time I can remember wearing my own natural hair before I locked my hair, was at age 13. That is almost 20 years ago! Believe me, before I allowed my hair to grow it to dreadlocks, I was scared! Scared of what? Scared of how my hair would look, scared that I wasnt going to be pretty, scared I was going to look like a boy…But, I just got tired of the fake hair, and that out weighed my fear. I wanted to know what it would be like to feel freedom. Freedom from fake hair. Freedom to wear my own hair, most of all free dom to be me, all me out in public. So, I just took the braids out and didn’t put any back in.

Considering Getting dreadlocks?

If you are someone who is considering getting dreadlocks but you are not sure….let me tell you this hair style is “tres” easy. If you are an african american woman and not sure if its right for you….all I can say is….try it. That is the only way you are going to know. I feel in my heart, african hair is ment to be in locks. That is why it can be done so easily and neatly without chemicals or twisting. The coils naturally want to come together. If you have straight hair, get locks! Its something different, and again its easy, and looks so down to earth. I hope my 5 reasons helped someone to make their decision to go ahead and lock the hair.

I am more beautiful now with dreadlocks

I am actually way more beautiful, more confident and more in love with my self than I have ever been in my whole life. My locks are about 95 percent of the reason for that. As your hair grows you will love it more and more. Good luck…Check out my blog post on how to get dreadlocks rasta hair.


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  1. i was tired of being bald headed with soars in my scalp, all from perms

  2. I am a bushy-headed Puerto Rican who enjoys wearing my hair in its natural state – no chemicals. I am so used to using my fingers as a comb on my hair that I have found that I may have to reconcile my natural mode of grooming with that of my curly hair. I have desided that I would like to wear twists so that I can have some control of my natural locks. I do live and eat ital, but would twists make me to be outside of the fold of Rastafari?

  3. long live rasta


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