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Hello everyone. I just wanted to send you my love. I know I havent been posting much lately. I thought I would take a break from the laptop, and my own demands. However I do have some very exciting things to come concerning the internet and some other cool stuff. As you already know I will be heading to Jamaica soon.

Well for starters I just want to say to anybody who has just started embracing the Rastafari livity or who is thinking about embracing the Rastafari livity, you are doing something so right in terms of your existence and your spiritual destiny. They say life is a Journey. I find that to be true. You can make it what you want. Live good. Live clean. and Jah will bless you abundantly.

Serving the Most High as Empress

Right now since my break I have been asking my self every day how I can be a stronger better servant of the Most High. No Empress is a true Empress unless she knows how to serve her people. I have realized, I was not half what I was supposed to be when I started this Journey. I really did believe that my dreadlocks were enough and having Rastafari in my heart completed everything. No, that is not it at all. Lately I watch many things…

  • The friends I keep
  • The responses I have to situations and people
  • My contribution to situations to improve them and make things better
  • My dedication and commitment to my spirituality and my self

Jah is pleased with me…well somewhat

I know Jah loves me

I know Jah loves me he is just disappointed in me right now. It like the story of Jonah, in the King James Version Bible. Jah sent Jonah to Nineveh to deliver a message of repentance to the people, but he did not want to go….Jah made him get swallowed up by a whale. Eventually he went to Nineveh and delivered the message. The people did what Jah asked and then things were better. I am like him. Running away from my responsibilities. But I tell you I am not running anymore.

Live in Love and Trust

One of the Most important yet unknown principles of Rastafari is to live in love and trust. What doe this mean? It means that if you are fearful and doubting and allow these things to determine your behaviors, then you are allowing Satan to run your life. Living in Love and Trust means you trust Jah to make every work out for the higher purpose. Many people do not know that when they try to …

  • Control a situation
  • Hurt another person
  • Prevent a situation

They dont know that they are instruments of Satan…

The bottom line is….when you transition…you automatically go and meet your Master. Do you want to see Satan standing before you as he smiles and welcomes you into Hell. No! I don’t either. I steer clear of Satanic behaviors and thoughts actions people, etc. I live for Jah, clean pure…good intentions…that is all.

Live for Jah….Love and trust him. Slowly you will see your life begin to alter.

Hmmm what else have I been up to….?

766-004-C9DCD21BThe other day I did a Google search about “Garveyism” There was not that much information actually. I came across something interesting. in November of 2012 I was having strong feelings Jah was telling me to go to Jamaica now. That is when my ticket was booked for…November…but I chickened out. Anywho…I came across this article.

“KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Struggling with a chronically stagnant economy and one of the highest crime rates in the world, Jamaica is turning for help to a black nationalist leader who died more than 70 years ago.

Marcus Garvey, who inspired millions of followers worldwide with messages of black pride and self-reliance, is being resurrected in a new mandatory civics program in schools across this predominantly black country of 2.8 million people.

Students from kindergarten through high school are supposed to learn values such as self-esteem, respect for others and personal responsibility by studying Garvey, whom Martin Luther King Jr. called the “first man on a mass scale and level to give Negroes a sense of dignity and destiny…” Read The full article

So that is interesting to me…that got me thinking….Maybe there needs to be an introduction to Rastafari. Something very simple and that covers all the basics, and maybe I could offer it on my website for free. So I have just begun working on that. Also…I started working on a more indepth look at Rastafari, but I want to write it for my people (Jamaican people) in mind.

I have done a lot of thinking about my spirituality and what it means to others and what it means to me and the role I am suppose to play and want to play. Its something I take very seriously.

On a lighter note…

I have been writing some music…

I kind of like my latest one…its called….”These things I see in Babylon”

Babylon full up a too much corruption

Empress cyan find place fi hold her meditation

Tan a you own yard my people

Foreign Babylon full up a too much evil

That is just a sample…

Well I am out…I have a lot to do. But my love is with you.

Jah Bless.

Rastafari to all four corners of the earth.

Listen to Sizzlas Album – “Praise Ye Jah”

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