Rasta Meditation Book

Rasta Meditation Handbook:

23 Tips, Tools & Principles To Meditate as Rasta

How to do a Zion Rastafari Mediation



Table of Contents



  1. Introduction
  2. Life as a mediation
  3. Spirituality without Religion
  4. Rasta Meditation Headquarters
  5. Rasta Love Mediation
  6. Rasta Speech Mediation
  7. Self-Awareness Mediation
  8. Jah Rastafari Affirmations
  9. Dreadlocks & Rasta Meditation
  10. Ital Food & the Temple
  11. Sex & Zion Mediation
  12. 4 Types of Rasta Mediation
  13. Rasta Flag Meditation
  14. Rasta Mediation Tools


“…knowledge of the laws of tuning the body, mind, and soul “radios” to God is necessary. But since God is also above law, devotion is necessary to call his attention. The devotional call, if sincere, deep, and continuous, and if supplemented by sincere efforts at deep mediation, will bring a divine response…Pray (meditate) until you are absolutely sure of the divine contact: then claim your material, mental and spiritual needs from the Most High as your divine birth right.”  – Paramhansa Yogananda

Rastafari is sharing love & Loving Nature


“… “Let the earth put forth vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees…” – Genesis 1:9-13

rasta man happy meditation

 Loving the Creator, and having a relationship with him/her does not have to be difficult or feel like a chore. Rastafari is a spirituality that is flexible and allows one to mediate whenever the mood fills his/her soul. You do not have to congregate at any special place, or wear any obligatory clothing etc. to be a Rasta. One is not asked to do anything in honor of the creator that may hurt him/herself or others, or that is a discomfort to him or herself. Rastafari is a spiritual way of life that allows its followers to be themselves, and to share love, and to embrace natural living and their own inner being as a spiritual way of life.

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Are there Spiritual “Rewards” of being a Rasta?


Zion is a perfect place where souls who have transitioned from this life go to rest. In Zion there is no crime, no war, no poverty, no Guns, etc. In Zion there is only the calm of peace, the sun is always shining, there are fresh blooming flowers, harmony love and unity between souls (people), the birds are chirping in the trees, and the love of Jah abounds. Rasta believe Resting in Zion is the reward of living a clean spiritual life as Rastafari.

How does one enter Zion (Heaven) as a Rasta?

rasta meditation

Rasta believe to be invited into Zion to rest in the presence of Jah, and to be surrounded by only love, is the reward of being a Rasta in itself. One does not enter Zion because they are Rasta, one enters Zion upon his transition because he/she has a clean and clear conscience, and a matching positive elevated vibration that matches that of Zion. Rasta meditate to stay connected to, and to cultivate, a Zion Consciousness and vibration. Rasta mediation combined with righteous Acts and deeds in this earthly life is how Rasta gets invited into Zion.

Rastafari is Spirituality without Religion

 “…We must stop confusing religion and spirituality…Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe and each other…” – King Selassie I


rasta meditate


Many people want to live a spiritual life, but they don’t know where to start, and they want to live a spiritual life without the stigma, or outine of Religion.

Rastafari Encourages Spiritual Self Expression and Individuality

Rastafari is a spiritual way of life. A way of life that allows one to connect with the creator, and his own spirit in one’s own time, in one’s own space, and within one’s own level of comfort, in one’s own home. Rastafari is a way of life that embraces…



  • Natural and clean living
  • Oneness within
  • Harmony with other beings 
  • Connection to the Creator
    The meaning of “Mediation” in Rastafari
  1. Deliberate Effort to Mediate – When one deliberately makes a physical and conscious effort to relax the mind and body in a way that allows him to experience himself as his spirit while he is still conscious.
  1. Acquired or acquiring wisdom from Life experience – A life meditation, a journey. The ability to ask contemplative questions in order to seek understanding and wisdom through life experience (s).
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10 Bible Teachings for New Rastafari

  1. How to Handle Stupid People
  2. How to handle friendships
  3. Faithfulness to Jah
  4. Be Humble
  5. Giving to the poor
  6. Self Confidence as a Rasta
  7. Advice for Men about Women
  8. Learn from Wisdom
  9. Friendship with others
  10. Sincerity and Self Control

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