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Hello, My name is Yuajah. I am the youngest of 3, born and Raised in Toronto Canada. I have an older brother and an older sister. I presently still live and work in the Toronto area.
Id like to explain a little bit on how I became rastafarian, and how I came to share my spirituality on the internet.
At the time of my conception, my parents were running and living over a “record shop.” From moring until night fall, while I was in my mothers womb, I heard singers like, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Bob Marley, Garnett Silk…and many more great reggae music legands. Being inside my mothers tummy meant two things, I couldnt yet understand the signifigance of the music I was hearing. and These sounds were going play a huge role in the person I was to become.
Until the age of 3 I continued to hear these beautiful rasta reggae music sounds night and day. At 3 my mother had had enough of the constant music and the partying lifestyle of my father and the “record shop” she decided to leave. She took me my brother and my sister with her. 

The bible has always been a huge part of my parents lives and my grandparents lives. Both my mom and my dad read the bible every night before going to bed, and same with my grand parents. I can remember my mother, as she would tuck me in at night and be on her way out my room, saying, “dont forget to say your prayers” I always said my prayers. I even say my prayers now.

By the time I was 10 I had created quite the relationship with God. I didnt know that many people were not as close to him as I was. It was at 10, that I made the decision to grow my hair in dreadlocks. My grandmother wasnt having it. I didnt do it. But it was then that I knew what I was. But I didnt have the name until many years later.

In 2009, at the age of 31, I decided it was time to stop wearing weave. I was costing way too much money, and just felt unnatural. I figured “no time like the present” baby, and began october 22 of 2009, to lock my hair. I felt so liberated! finally i was showing me. My true self, and loving every moment of it. I was mostly inspired by the exfactor lauryn hill video. She looked so “African” so “strong” so “beautiful” and herself. I wanted that to be me. Now, June of 2010, I am so happy I made the change. I love my dread locks, I wrote a little blurb on how to get dread lock here, but I will write another one on how to start dread locks soon for all you newbies.

I made this rastafarian jamaican website in the hope of bringing rastas together, educating those who want to know more about the lifestyle, and spreading the love and word of Jah to all people. I hope you like it hear. Jah bless, peace, love, Inity, and Unity.

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. blessed love sistern u are doing a wonderful job Praise JAH

  2. Nathanael Haile-Mickael October 12, 2010 @ 10:28 am

    Greetings to Her Lovelyness Empress YuaJah RastaForI,
    This is my first time to be on this page and I&I love it.

    Good Job! Jah Bless und BIG BIG BIG UP!

    Love & Respect

  3. hay wass up Yuajah……first of all i just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for creating this website….cuz u thought me a lot of things!!!!! i was born in shashemene,ETHIOPIA………and i grew up around Rastafarian……and i notice one thing about them…they all about LOVE….!!!!!!! and i believe these world,would be better place,if we see the world,the same way as the Rastafarian do.
    anyway ima try to find you on facebook ait……….JAH BLESS YOU MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Michelle ajahs mabaso November 9, 2010 @ 5:25 pm

    Hail jah i am a 15 year old gal fwm soweto and i fel in love wit africa at 13 and am stl going strnger thanks 4 inlightining us young and old big up

  5. empress? impressive! and did u know “Yuaja” is Swahili for “here She comes?”. to kenya your positive vibe has reached… jah love!

  6. empress make it possibility for to here your voice any how by voice or any how

  7. Blessed Love Empress,

    It is refreshing and a welcomed pleasure to come across such a real perspective such as yours.

    Please continue to write from your heart.

    Jah Guide

  8. Hi,
    I just want to say that i have nough respect for you and what your doing and have accomplished.
    Im west indian, im from suriname and im 31 years old. I had a feeling in my heart from long ago and ever since i was looking for something that i knew or didnt knew existed. But ive went thru christianity, buddism, hinduism, but all that lead me here. And it was longtime ago. It makes me feel just right and fullfilled. If you know what i mean. Im not a rasta but i know my heart feels like one. Every night i have to read. And ive always loved Bob Marley but a couple of months ago, i started to read all his books on everything. One link led me somewhere and another link led me somewhere else. Now, its all i read, rastafarians is my next book that im waiting on and also no woman no cry, the rastafari roots and ideology and becoming a rasta. If your book is out yet, please send me a link so i can get it too. Its hard to live in a world that doesnt understand what the true meaning of life is. Not money, not material can fullfill me. Everyone has god in their hearts but not all see it or know it or even if they do, they dont even try to respect it and live by it. But that’s how the people will learn one day. I enjoy all of your sites. I think you are an amazing person. I cannot even express how helpfull it was to find this site. I already ready most of your articles. Please, if you read this, im interested on one of your bracelets. Meaning, i bought all sorts of rasta’s bracelets in the past but they either broke or just came apart or something. I would appreciate if you made one just for me by your own hands because i know it will be blessed. I have really small wrist. A normal size bracelet (i think normal is size 7) wouldnt fit me. My ring finger is like a 5. A size 6 or 5 3/4 bracelet maybe. Maybe you can make it for me or know where i can find one that doesnt come off so easy or break. I would like to wear it all the time, i have one on now but its a sailor knot one. Still big tough. But its like a part of me now. Im sorry my comment is long but im just happy that i found something that i can relate to.

    Thank you and respect out to you,

  9. Greetings and Blessed Love Empress, I just happened upon your page and I must say so far what I have seen has really impressed me… I sighted up Ras Tafari in August of 2002. And to say it has been an easy trod for I would not be completely disshonest.. Six years into my trod I fell away from my path and cut off my first set of locks to appease the people around me…. But in those 3 years that I went astray the whole time I still felt a deep connection to Ras Tafari… Well to make a long story short last year at the age of 34 I made a dicision to get back on this path… And the reactions I received from people that didn’t know before was immediate and sometimes downright mean… Which I expected because people fear wht they don’t overstand..Anyways Empress keep holding firm in your works… Jah guide and Protect u always… Jah B.

    • I appreciate you sharing your story. Yes, I experience the same thing from people. I told my self to just keep holding strong. Cant let babylon divert my heart from the one and true, Almighty Jah Rastafari

      Much Love, Jah Bless

  10. Thank you so much for creating this site. I am new to this Rasta way of life but am extreamly excited to be on this journey!!! I would appreciate any & all advice & knowledge. Peace & Blessings to all!!!


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