Empress Yuajah


  • Name: “Empress (Yuajah)”
  • Age: 36
  • Current Location: Toronto
  • Heritage: Jamaican
  • Place of birth; Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Religion: Rastafari Way of Life, Spiritual Living
  • Talents /  Obligations: Jah , Writing, Rastafari Music (DJ) Blogging; Jamaican Love ( www.jamaicanlove.org ) & Jamaican Rastafarian Love ( www.jamaicanrastafarianlove.com )

How long have you been a Rasta?

I have been embracing the Rastafari Livity for about 6 years now. But I have been a Rastafari from my birth.

How has being a Rasta effected your life?
I believe being a Rastafari has effected every aspect of my life. In some ways not so good. but in other ways amazing. I feel blessed by The Most High, but living in Babylon is still not easy. The truth remains, I stay focused on the Light.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up as a child in Toronto, Etobicoke. Then as a Teenager we moved out to Mississauga, Ontario, still Canada

Have you never lived in Jamaica?

No, I never lived in Jamaica, but I always wanted to. Since I started embracing the livity I felt like Jamaica is my  home.

How did you get the Name Yuajah

Well its something I chose my self. As a Rastafari, once you embrace the faith you feel a natural “urge” to give your self a “new Name” Just like the Bible says. So, I chose something that had the word Jah in it.

Any Talents or Hobbies?
Not really. I was writing music heavy when I was about 16, but didn’t really take it serious back then. Not till I was about 31. I was always creating “African art.” I loved the look of the hair wrap, and the kinky hair, and the shape and curves of African women. So I created most of my art based on these images. Looking back I now know that,  that was just the emergence of Rastafari in my life.

I started blogging also about the same time I started my locks back in about 1999. I have been blogging about Rastafari Culture and the Rastafari Livity ever since.

What are the names of your Jamaican Rasta blogs?

I have 3 Related to Jamaica and Rastafari Culture

  • Jamaican Love
  • Jamaican Rastafarian Love
  • Jamaican Love Blog

Where are Your Parents From?
Both  My Parents are from Jamaica.

Are they Rasta too?
No, both my Parents are Christian.\

Do you have any other Rasta in your family?

Well I do have a half sister who is also Rastafari, but I did not grow up with her. So, if I have other Rastafari in my family I dont know about them. I am the only one I know of pretty much.

You make music…what type of music do you make?

I make Rastafari Reggae music.

How did you get started in that?

It was really something spiritual. It wasnt like I set out to do it kind of just happend. Its the thing I love to do the most in life. It makes me feel really good inside.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to embrace Rastafari livity?

Yes, its not an easy Road. But if you walk with Jah and keep his commandments, he will walk the walk with you. Then you will know that Rastafari has been worth it. Only at the end.

when did you start writing Jamaican / Rastafari books?

I think I started writing books not too long after I started blogging about Rastafari on Jamaican Rastafarian Love. I wanted to write about Rastagfari but I didn’t believe any body was gonna read it. It turns out there are a lot of pleople who want to learn about Rastafari Culture.

To date what are your book titles?




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