Rastafari is not a Religion…Can I convert and become Rasta?


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Rasta Stereotypes and Myths

jah rasta prayersSome say Rastafari is a “way of life.” However I view Rastafari as neither a way of life nor, a religion but a spiritual mindset. Non Rasta people have the impression that anybody can just “become” Rasta, since it is often refered to as “a way of life.” Rastafari is deeper than, and more than, “a way of life” To clarify,  it is from the true understanding of Rastafari,  that we Rastas, get – our “way of life” not the other way around.

Most Rastafarians are born Rasta


Most Rastafarians are either born Rasta or, are born into Rastafarian families. Meaning they were raised by two or one Rastafarian parent. If yourasta child are raised “Rastafari”, then you have been schooled on what it means to be a rasta at a time when you were most “impressionable.”  Which is important because it has been said by the time you are 3, your personality is formed. If you learned the true meaning of Rasta and had examples, from parents or other family members, on what it meant to be a true Rasta “from the heart” then this makes you Rastafarian,  if you choose to accept the title.

True Rasta seeks no validation – true Rasta knows


rasta love and marriageMany women and men now a days think that Rastafari is a religion that can be joined, like Christianity, Islam, buddhism, but we are not a religion nor a way of life. Rastafari is a spirituality, a mind-set, and way of life combined into one. It takes time to become Rastafari!  It’s not something that happens when you get dreadlocks! Again, it is a process, kind of like the way native Indian spirituality, of the earth, the creator, animals, and the sun…as all one! Native American Indians,  are raised with these beliefs, and therefore it becomes a part of who they are, and a their way of life. In Rastafari, you know that you are rasta, and from this knowing you live the rasta way of life.



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What does it Really mean to be Rastafari?


jah rasta prayersRastafari is a 24/7 spiritual mind-set. It doesn’t get turned off when your Rasta Husband, or Rasta boyfriend is not around.  it is not to impress your friends, it is not so that you don’t feel left out, it is not so ou can wear african colors and look cool….Rastafari is always 24 – 7 putting the desires of God, and the word of God first in every and all things that you do. If you accept and follow the teaching of the “most high” then – dreadlocks or no dreadlocks, eating meat, or not eating meat… you are already living the Rasta way of life.

No room for wickedness or evil deeds in Rastafari


On the other hand,  If you call your self “Rasta”, and are argumentative,  full of anger, hateful, scheming, crude, vengeful, jealous,  deceptive….then you are not Rasta, even if you have dreadlocks – you are not Rasta, because your heart is not clean. You must always put God and his teachings, before wicked desires, and thoughts, This is what it means to be Rastafari!

I was not schooled on Rastafari, but I know I am Rasta? How??




Its spiritual. Most Rastas were not schooled on the Rasta way of life. Both my parents are from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, and are Christian. Bob Marleys’ parents were not Rasta, and his father was white from abroad. His children were born to two Rastafari parents, therefore they are Rasta. Even if only one of your parents are Rasta and you accept the way of life, then you are Rasta.

To become Rasta / Convert to Rastafari, 2 things need to happen….


If you were not born Rasta, or to one or two Rastafari parents then two things need to happen for you to become Rastafari

  1. You must have a constant and consistent and reliable source to educate you on Rastafari and the way of life.
  2. You must accept your self as Rasta in your heart,  and, as a way of life, and spiritual mindset.

Here are 10 Questions to ask your self, to know if you should become Rasta? Click here.

I am updating this page because my book is not ready yet. I wrote previously that I was had a manual available, I realized that wasnt cutting it for me. I am writing an all and out book. This way you will understand fully what it means to be Rastafari and why…I found some information on the internet which is about taking a Nazarite vow. I guess its like an “initiantion” of sorts. My new ebook “How to Become A Rasta” is now available online, just $7.99 Click here. and scroll to the bottom!



Work at Home Rasta! – Rasta Rules for Women

10 Facts and Beliefs of RastaWhat is a Rasta? – Rasta Books

Rasta Stereotypes and Myths

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Readers Comments (38)

  1. Thank you for your inquiry. The dread who wrote the manual, says he is making some minor changes and will get back to me.
    Respect, Love, and Unity.

  2. Hello,

    I was born in the Philippines and I came here at the age of 9.. I was raised a Catholic and ate meat.. Going to School and living in the States change my view in life. It was my first time experiencing racism, Police harassment, alcohol and etc..(Babylon) Growing up as a young teen, I always had a different out look about everything.. I thought TV was a corruption (media), I felt everyone was separated because of rich, middle and poor, and I always wondered why ganja was illegal?

    At the age of 16, I met a new girl in my class in High School.. I didn’t realized she was my neighbor and her Mom was Jamaican.. We became really close and her Mom gave me my first Bob Marley double disc with a video tape..

    It all started at the age of 23, when I was tired of cutting my hair every month so I decided to get dreadlocks.. With a little help and support from my neighbor who is now my Rasta Mom. I converted into Rastafarian, she lectured me every time I see her and she consider me as one of her sons.. I started reading more and more then finally realize that my belief as a child was a Rasta..

    It was the best thing that every happened to me.. I stopped eating meat, chalice for medication and blessed every moment that I’m breathing.. Jah know!

    Give thanks to the healing of the nation, The most High, I and I Jah Rastafari!!

    One Love Sistern

  3. George E. Perez II October 30, 2010 @ 7:51 am

    I am considering the rastafari ways. I am interested in the Rasta way of life and rasta beliefs manual.

    Please contact me through email on how to go about this.

    Respect and Love

  4. I dont know how to say this, but I’m 17 and was born into and raised in a christian church, and for the longest time i followed unquestioningly and did not pursue any sort of strong relationship with our Lord. But now as pursue the Lord i realize that the way i have lived has hindered my relationship with Him.
    Lately, i have been evaluated myself and what i could do to gain a deeper relationship with Him, and through that i have come the revalation that things have been missing. There is much hate and judgement in the christian church, and it has proven to have been tainted by Babylon.
    I know very little of Rastafari, but the little that i do know feel very very right to me.
    I know i must sound like some punk white kid looking for a new fad, but i can truelly say that, that is not the case. I only want to further my relationship with God and this seems like it is the true way.
    I need guidance and instruction, and i would be grateful to any that you could provide…

  5. johnny McLachlin November 20, 2010 @ 1:01 pm

    Thank you for the article, it was very enlightening

    I was born in the Philippines and into a Christian family, New Apostolic Christian to be exact. Ever since i was a child i have had beliefs that go hand in hand with those of the Rastafari, just recently i have started research on the Rastafari Movement and so far i am impressed. I have always had a personal connection to god and as of right now am still a New Apostolic Christian. This is because NAC beliefs also go hand in hand with mine, however some not so strongly, not like the Rastafari Movement. I would be very grateful for any help, please email me for instruction on the Rastafari faith.

  6. hi, I’m a 17 year old girl, i was born into the catholic church but i haven’t fallowed any traditions or even gone to church in about 10 years. i don’t feel like i actually fallow any of the stories that are told in catholicism or even believe in it or have that spiritual connection that im supposed to have. It seems like lately rastafari seems to make more sense, and even Bob Marley music makes a connection to my soul. At my high-school i took a world religions course and i believe that rasta is truly the religion that suits me, although I’m not of african decent and I’m white i feel like i still belong as a part of this religion. many of the beliefs I’ve already agreed with or fallowed through with for a while now, but if some one can help me if it is even possible to convert? thank you.

  7. Hey.
    I have pretty much read thru your entire site and many others, and the more I read the more I feel like I am a rasta.
    I am Catholic, but I no longer believe in the religion or an religion for that matter.
    I do believe in God, that is, and I am very spiritual, and I feel like rastafari fits me more spiritual and personalilty wise. I would like to convert to a rastafarian, but I do not know anyone that could be my mentor and guide me in the right path. And you seem to really love God and your faith..could you possibly be my mentor?

  8. very interested in the manual.

  9. Hello,
    I am very interested in the manual. I don’t know how long I have had some of the very similar interests and views as the rastas. I am adopted and I know that my mother being puerto rican and black and living around the islands, I was told of how she lived her life. Nobody said it was the rasta way of life because they didn’t even know about rastafarian. It seems that even though I didn’t grow up around her I have developed a sense of her values. What does that make me? I can tell that i need to learn. This is how I am feeling in my being, So I need all the help I can get this with.

    • You are blessed. Rastafari is about love, feeling the love of Jah in your soul, and loving your self. If you feel Jah in your heart then you are already Rastafari.
      I want to take this opportunity to let anyone reading this I am in the process of writing a complete book with much information. I am still on the first draft. As soon as the book is complete and in its final copy, I will make mention of it here on this page. Thank you to all who visit and have love in their hearts for Rastafari.

  10. would really love to get the manual

  11. Ras Emmy, a.k.a Nyabinghi January 20, 2011 @ 2:33 pm

    Greetings in the name of the most high God and His son Jesus Christ who reveal Himself in the simplicity of H.I.M Haile Selassie (Jah Rastafari)! Though this him me first time to visit this site, me must say that me like what Rasta is all about, and want to really see the Rasata businness moving fe-ever with the help of Jah in Nigeria and allover the world, though all have sin and fall short of the glory of God but yet God is still and will conitnue to be Merciful to all those that seek Him in Spirit and in Truth. (One Love & Respect to all that put God first in all them do.
    from: T.T.I. Nigeria. Jah bless u brothers/sisters

  12. I have No interest in the catholic or Christian religion but still believe in a god, I think rastafari is what i need in my life, I would be very interested in the manual or book. Judging by my research the rasta fits my personality more than any other religion I really feel like i’ve found what i need to follow, and not because kids think it’s cool to smoke weed and listen to bob marley these days

  13. Peace and Love
    So many souls ready for this light, this wisdom.
    So many souls ready for RastafarI.
    Peace and Love

  14. I have thought about Rastafari for a while,even though I don’t have anybody to guide me in person with the rasta way of life I would still like somebody to help me with this… Even though my parents do not believe it is good for me or my way of life I would still like to be part of the rasta way of life. I think rasta is the most interesting an most amazing way of life from what I have read. If you don’t mind helping me an guide me through this I would very much thankful an more than coropertive.

  15. I’m currently catholic and believe and god, but I need the Rastafari is what I need. Please, i’m very interested in the manual. thank you.

  16. Hi I’m zain and I’m an Asian, I am looked as a British Pakistani and a Muslim but i don’t really believe in that religion but have much respect for it. I stumbled across rastafari because of my friend and the music I listen to I became very interested and realised that rastafari is somethin everyone should should have a bit of. Love, peace and a belief on something good and spiritual. I don’t think you can actually convert but you can follow and title yourself as one. I would like to become a rastafari because it seems like a new taste of life something we all should indure. Dreadlocks or no dreadlocks as long as your pure in your heart.

  17. charissa patterson March 30, 2011 @ 5:54 pm

    I get so confused being a christian is pretty much the same. I love bob marley not just for his music but his work as a peace militant but with approx. Twenty one kids which mean he comitted adultry on rita is that the rasta way of life?

    • I can only explain this to you from my Rasta heart. When it comes to love and acts of love, some rasta have no boundaries. This can be seen as a good thing or seen as a negative.
      Rastafari lives, and will always be. Blessed love.

  18. charissa patterson March 30, 2011 @ 6:03 pm

    I don’t have anyone to school me either on this way of life. Both of my parents are christian and they do not have an open mind but I do feel this my way of life

  19. What does it mean when a guy wears a rastafarian ring on his wedding finger. Does it mean he is enganged to a rastafarian or is it just a symbol of something? If so what it is


  20. NubianQueen MsV May 3, 2011 @ 6:23 pm

    I have been reading a lot on being a Rastafarian. I am slowly living my life as a Rasta but I would like to link up with any Elders in the DC area that could guide me in the right direction.


  21. Victor Ramirez June 5, 2011 @ 4:11 am

    I’m very interested in livity of Rastafari. I’m coming from a Christian family. I came to understand myself as a spiritual person. I’m looking forward to seeing your book, when will it be out? Can you send me the info via email?

  22. Am Jah King by name i want to be a true Rasta man…

  23. i have no mentors or ones i look to here where i live. i live in a rural georgia town. i would like some guidance please. i have fully immersed myself into rastafari and i believe with the whole of my being. if anyone can offer me guidance it would be greatly appreciated. my email is email me any time.

    Thank you and Jah bless.

  24. hellow

    I am 17 years old and was born in Ethiopia and raised in a christian home i love god with all my heart but i don’t agree with some of the things that go on in the christin church. i have been lost for a long time and i think rastafari is what i need in my life i am very spiritual,caring and want to change the world. I have no mentors where i live but i would really appreciate any help i could get

  25. leve by your hard think whet your mind, leve whet trhem boahf and the way will come natural

  26. am seeking white girl interestin raster man

  27. I’m a 20 year old white male and have always found Rasta as the only true religion that has made true sense to me. The belief of love to all of our brothers and sisters here on Earth is a philosophy I have lived by my entire life. However I live in the southeastern United States where people around here aren’t exactly accepting to other religions such as Rastafari. Instead I’m often called a “Hippie” My knowledge of Rastafari has been growing since I began college and have been living on my own for 2 years now. However I have no true Rastfari’s to teach me the ways of the real Rasta life and mind set. I have been searching for answers all over to find how someone like myself can truly commit and become a true devoted Rasta. I eat meat now but could easily give it up because I also love the Rasta’s belief of treating Earth and its creatures with respect and allowing them to live true and pure lives. If any help can be given to me on how to fully make myself a devoted sould to Jah the almighty and become a real Rasta, I would be in internal debt because I hear Jah calling me to the Rastafari army, but I’m just a lost Rasta soul at this point.

    • I just wanted to respond and tell you, you are not lost at all. You are aware that Rastafari is the spiritual truth, therefor you are found. Rastafari is a relationship between Jah and the Rasta, nobody else. You need no guidance and no approval, just live the Rastafari livity.
      Love and Blessings
      Check out “How to Become a Rasta” on


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