Being Rastafari is about what you don’t do!

King Selassie I

Many people think that if they do certain things, such as wear their hair in dreadlocks and smoke Marijuana, then they are Rasta. Rastafari is just as much about what you don’t do as well as what you do. There is a purity and a cleanliness factor to the faith that cannot be denied. It is about maintaining the spirit of Jah the Almighty, uncorrupted, and following in the footsteps of our Ancestors. Rastafari is spiritual. It is not Physical. Religion tells us, read this book, pray this many times. But Rastafari it tighter…



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Rastafari requires more as a Faith

What do I mean by tighter? I cannot think of any other faith that requires more spiritual commitment than Rastafari. It is an awareness. Awareness of how you treat…

  • Your body
  • Other people
  • Your Home
  • Your Children
  • Your Life as Empress or Ras King
  • Your Mind

Some people think well, if you follow the rules of the Bible you are Rastafari. It’s much deeper than that. I want to teach Rastafari of the deepest level to my people. (Jamaican People) We are the original Covenant people. So, there are many things we are not allowed to do if we want to…

Embrace the faith on the deepest level and show the Most High the utmost respect.

Every Rastafari Prophet knows when he has done something to break the holy and sacred Covenant. I find many Rastamen now a days don’t care.

Lets get more specific

Lets say you decide to embrace the faith. You grow your locks, you beat a drum, you cook Ital, you know God is black…You are Rasta!!!! Wait not so fast…why become rasta

If you continue…

  • To masturbate
  • To sleep with people who have unclean wicked minds
  • To disrespect your own community
  • Talk down to women
  • Show off about your money etc.

Sorry to tell you that is not the Rastafari way…..People don’t know about the dont dos. They only know about the dos. There are more dont dos than dos as Rasta… way more! But it is written on the Rastafari heart. Something unseen, something only felt and know by each Messenger. If you want to know what is not allowed in depth. You will have to spend time around a Rastafari Empress or King man.

Rastas are not allowed to….

grow dread locksRasta is Humble….

Rastas are humble, we do not show off. Remember Bob Marley. Remember how casual he dressed?

We love our heritage and people…

You must never disrespect your own community as Rasta. Weather you are Spanish, Asian, White, Black. This is an absolute No, No, because it means you have no self-pride.

We appreciate women….

We do not disrespect women because we know all women, especially the black African woman is the heart of all Creation.

We dont sleep with just anybody….

We Rastafari are also very choosy about who we mate with, because we understand the very basic principle that who you lie down with, you will become more like. This is one of the laws of Nature. Your mind and way of living will affect their mind, and their mind and ways of living.

We don’t Live in Lust…

We are not allowed to live a lustful and sexually perversed based lifestyle.

We dont beleve in one person sex….

As Rasta Masturbation is not allowed because we practice self Restraint in all things, and masturbation, is dirtiness and corruption of the mind. Eventually you will behave as a mad person. Uncontrollable, and easy to anger.

My Job to deliever the Message….black man black woman

I know it is my Job to teach the faith to the people. Some of them will not accept it. Some of them will. If this all sounds crazy to you. Go and read the King James version. There are many people like me, chosen to bring the people to Jah.

I have a friend who insists it is ok to do the things he does and call himself Rastafari. We have had the same argument over 20 times. I keep telling him he is suppose to refrain from certain activities. He insists that it is ok. He even makes up parts of the bible that are not there just to justify his own behavior, which I believe he knows is wrong, through me. Anyway sometimes you tell somebody something, and they have to hear it from a second person before they accept it as wrong.

What is Rastafari about?

The Rastafari Livity is about many things….but the basics are…

  • A deep love and responsibility to serve and improve the black community
  • Love and Trust Jah, and know he is watching over you
  • Keep the Mind Body and Spirit free of corruption and dirtiness

Keep putting out positive and loving Energy so that loving and positive (and clean) energy comes back to you.

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Oh yeah I forgot…you are not allowed to yell at people as Rasta, and you are not allowed to put people down. I forgot. when you do that you disrespect King Selassie I as a Representation of him.

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Rasta Books

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Rasta Meditation handbook

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