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king selasse with empress menenRastafari is created by Jah and all are welcome to embrace it. The truth of the matter is….Rastafari is not a faith for the weak at heart. I understand many people embrace the faith of Rastafari but not wholeheartedly. This is fine its your spiritual destiny, but would you really embrace a faith simply because your significant other is embracing it knowing it doesn’t really mean anything to you. Please think twice about it. Rastafari is not a toy for those who are “curious.” It is a faith of Jah, Jah is God


The Rastafari Livity is a Livity of Righteousness and cleanliness. Live righteous and live clean, let Rastafari be  your guide. I Came into this faith through Jah. It was not an easy road and is still not an easy road, but I still embrace it because my spiritual destiny is something I know is real and is important to me.

I am in the process of creating a book specifically on the Rastafari way of life. The title will be How to live as Rasta. I try to include as many things that I think people want to know. Read More about The Rasta Way of Life.

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