rastafari you fill the need of my soul: What it means to be rasta in a poem

rastafari: you fill the need of my soul

rastafari is my strength: When I feel weak I turn to you, for you are always strong, you never steer me wrong, my love will always be true to you.
rastafari is my god: God you are always there, you never reject me, you only love me, how could I turn my back on you. You love me with such patience understanding and persistence. you stay true to me and I stay true to you.
rastafari is my love: no human will ever love me like you. You have known me since my conception. I have made many mistakes, and underestimated you love for me, but there you were lovin me more and more every time.
rastafari is my center: You give me direction in all areas of my life. You know whats good for me even before I come to you. You keep me centered, give me strength and the inner knowing to go on in tough times. You give me purpose in my life.

rastafari is my confidence: Wherever I go I know your love, I know you never forsake me, you always listen, and you always know. For this I am always confident, for thru you I know my self, and my purpose

rastafari keeps me inline: You let me know right from wrong. I stand strong in you. Others do not understand, but you chose me, and this is an honor, that I too, must honor. Read Rasta Way of life

rastafari is God, and God is love!

Jah rastafari!


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    1. There isnt really such thing as Rastafari Church. You may be able to find such things in big cities. Some say that attending the ethiopian church is how you attend a Rastafari church. Personally I dont find this to be the same thing. Rastafari is about the heart and comes from the heart. I recommend reading books on Rastafari and reading the christian bible. Also visit here often to get perspectives from others. I am working to make this site interactive and informative so please visit again in say July of 2011 for some new improvements in that direction.

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