Rastafari Vs. Religion (from book)

(from the book – Rastafari Spirituality for African Americans)

Religion vs. Rastafari

Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Catholicism are great Religions, But only The Ras Tafari way of life, promotes the Natural Beauty and upliftment of the Black hue-man. We as Black hue-mans have our own….

  • Economical
  • Spiritual
  • Dietary
  • Familial
  • Social



Rastafari is the proper choice to cater to the spiritual needs of the black man, black woman and black child, and black family as a whole of which any “Religion” does not address.


Jah say…

“I send my messengers to deliver my message of love, strength and remembrance. Be wise my Kings and Queens, and follow the lead of the prophets I have sent for you. Rastafari is your rightful way. ”


The Black hue-man and Religion

:There is no reason why a Black skinned coily Haired hue-man today, American, Jamaican, Canadian, African, or otherwise, should choose to follow a Religion. Religion may be and is detrimental to the Black Hue-man in the following ways….


Feelings of Inadequacy: Religion may cause the black hue-man to feel inadequate in comparison to others who are of the same ethnic origin As his Religious Messiah/Prophet.


Low in Self Esteem: Religion may cause the black hue-man to become low in self-esteem as his appearance doe s not resembles the appearance of his religious God. He may silently telling him self, “My people are ugly”, In regards to his own black African Appearance, and believe that he is unworthy of Respect and Success.


Spiritually Frustrated: Religion may cause the black-hue-man to feel spiritually Empty and frustrated embracing his Religion, as his Religion may feel more like a job, a chore, something he is doing against his own desire… rather than something that is personal, pressure free, and uplifting.


Hopeless about life: Religion may cause the black – hue-man to feel hopeless about life, as he dedicates himself to a religion that, acknowledges not his people, his culture, his identity, his history, nor the positive contributions of his black ancestors, who paved the way before him, but to refer to them as “ex-slaves.”


As a kinky coily haired dark-skinned hue-man…Rastafari is your Rightful Faith, straight from The Most High, to his Rastafari messengers (all born Rasta), to call all Black People to follow this way of life.


A very wise Rastafari friend of mine, from England says…”The Chinese have their Chinese God, The white man has his white God, and the Indians have their Indian God…. Black people are the only ones who follow a God that does not look like them!”

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