Rastafari: Spirituality for African Americans, New Rasta Blog

Hello everyone, just wanted to let everyone know, me and my Rasta website are growing up. There obviously have been some changes. Sorry I didnt inform you. The truth is I wasnt sure if I was gonna make the changes or not. Late last night, I had enough nerve to just get it done. So this is the new Rastafarian Blog. I have alot of new things to come.

I will try adding a community to the blog one where people can chat and have profiles, things of that nature. Rastas and Jamaicans need places on line to chat and share information.

I am writing a Rasta Book

The other thing is as you may already know I had written a book called “How to Become a Rasta.” It will be available on amazon.com any day now. But you can buy “How to Become a Rasta” as an e-book, just click here.  However my new Book is called. “Rastafari, Spirituality for African Americans.” I am so excited folks. This book has been a long time coming.

Some of my page headings are

  • How to be Close to Jah
  • How to understand Rastafari
  • Sex Before marriage in Rastafari
  • Polygamy in Rastafari
  • Black African DNA is Magnificent!
  • How to resist Temptaion in Babylon

…and much more

It should be Ready by Late February. I am so excited!!!!

So, thats it folks. I love you all much.

Jah Bless.



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