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jamaican flag, jamaican flags, jamaica flag, jamaica flagsI have had this Rastafarian religion, and Rastafarianism website for over a year now. Can you believe its been that long. So I figured to make things run a little smoother, and give you a wider selection of information to read, I should put all of whats available on the front page, and not only that, provide a forum for you to ask question and find information and find other Rastas to get to know.

Rastafari religion??? Maybe not so much

Many people are unaware, that The Rastafari religion, is actually not a religion! Rastafari is a spirituality, or a “spiritual mindset.” We have no strict prayer times, or churches that we must attend. Each Rasta does what he or she feels is right from the heart. We are a loving people who try to follow the ways of “the Most High” (Jah Rastafari)  And we do this willingly in our daily life. This is why Rastafari is known as a “way of life!” Not a religion.

Rastafarianism and why there is no “ism”

Many people call our spirituality “Rastafarianism” but a Rasta man or Rasta woman will tell you there is no “ism” in Rastafari, we just are who we are, and again this is not a religion. I have never heard a Jamaican person refer to my spiritual beliefs as “Rastafarianism“, which indicates to me that this was made up by someone who has no knowledge of Rastafari.  We are Rastas, and our beliefs and way of life is called “Rastafari” no “ism” please.

5 Interesting Facts about Rastafari

What is a Rasta man?


Rastafarian Beliefs come from our hearts

Rastafarian beliefs are not something every rasta looked up in a book and made conscious decision to follow. Want to know the really cool thing about Rastafari beliefs. Every rasta pretty much has the same beliefs, like I said not educated on the subject. But, yet somehow we all believe the same thing. You could even find this out by meeting one Rasta, and asking him or her a question, and meet another rasta, and find that 9/10 you will get the same answer. Isnt that cool. All our beliefs are from what we feel inside, spiritually.

Rastafarians and love…

rasta love and dating forumdating a jamaican rastaman, learn how to here! Most Rastafarians are single! unfortunately this is true. Why? you may be wondering to your self. The reason is most of us prefer to date someone who is “Rasta” just like our selves. These spiritual beliefs tend to be rare. Therefore most of us are single. Many Rastafari men will date a woman who is not Rastafari and then later ask the woman to “convert” to his spiritual beliefs. Is this fair? I am not the one to judge. But I know this happens a lot. Me on the other hand I refuse to do that. If the guy was not embracing Rastafari before I met him, then I am not interested. If he does it just because I want him to, then that would mean it’s not coming from the heart. Is it really meaningful then? Read about how to convert and become Rastafari here.

  • Finding my Rastafari Strength After a bad breakup

My new rasta forum includes rasta dating

Hey guys! My new Rasta forum will include Rasta dating. So…If you are single, and Rastafari…You can create  a post about your self and what state or city you live in. Put a pic in your profile…and see who gets back. I don’t know if people will actually do this. But I would, and I will be doing it. There are so many beautiful single Rastafari men out there, and I want them to know I am single and Rasta too! My forum might not be totally available once you get there, but you can check it out and add it to your favorites and come back in the future. There is will also be many other topics like cooking, relationships…etc….Come and create or join a discussion on my Rastafari Jamaican Forum!

Rasta clothes – Rasta shops – Rasta Flags – Online

rasta flags for saleDid you ever wonder where is a good place to get African type clothes and products? Me too! So you can visit my jamaican rasta  forum for more information of check out this blog post. Or just click here for a list of good Rasta shops online. Lord knows “good Rasta clothes are hard to find” lol or Get a Rastafari Lion of Judah Flag Here.


“Rastaman vibration” what is the Rastaman vibration?

bob marley jamaica flag
bob marley jamaican flags on sale

The Rastaman vibration is something only a true Rastaman or true Rastawoman can feel. Well, that is not entirely true. We can feel it…and through or feelings, or words, or creations, we cause others to feel it. The rastaman vibration is something very special, spiritual, loving, beautiful and special. Its sort of like feeling amazing…and full of love. that is why Bob Marley wrote so many songs about love, and good positive vibes, because he wrote his songs from his own personal “rasta man vibration!” Jah Rastafari!

The Rastafari movement and what it means…


The Rastafari movement, I believe was a back to africa movement, that never happened. It was started by Marcus Garvey, who wanted Africans to reclaim their roots culture and land. Marcus Garvey was also a Jamaican, and also seen as a prophet to many Rastafarians. He once made a play in which he stated “look to africa, for the coming of a black king!” Then there was Emperor Hallie Selassie of Ethiopia. Right now for me I am not on a Rastafari movement, but I do seek to create awareness. So people can know the truth and have the right to make choices based on all information, instead of just “some” information.

“Rastafari jah” what does it mean?

When a Rasta man or Rasta woman says “Jah Rastafari” we are paying respect to the Most High. Because we know the Most High created everything. So, we must give our thanks and praises. Most Rasta pay respect to Emperor Hallie Selassie I the first. Rastafari Jah! You see…and just for the fact of that. I give thanks and praise. Jah Rastafari!!!!

bob Marley and his Rastafari songs of togetherness and love

Bob Marley is an example of what it means to be a true Rasta man. He wore dreadlocks and he free formed them. The work he did, was all about Rastafari love and togetherness. He encourage people of color to unite. He sang songs of universal and Romantic love. Rastafari is about love, it’s about freedom, it’s about the almighty Rastafari Jah. Rastafari has always been and will always be. Just like mr Bob Marley him self.

Dreadlocks and Rastafari sexiness

dreadlocks are sexyI believe Dreadlocks are a huge part of Rastafari sexiness. I was afraid that once I showed my locks people were going to look at me weird. In actuality, since I started showing my dreadlocks out in public, I feel more beautiful and more accepted by others. Bob Marley was a beautiful man, but his dreadlocks made him that much more appealing I am sure. When I see a man with locks, I definitely check him out.  If you want to learn how to get dreadlocks rasta hair, just check out this link.

why does jamaica make so many rasta man?

What is it about the island of Jamaica giving birth to so many Rasta man? Hmmm I don’t know the answer, but I feel it has something to do with the deep Christian faith among the people of this great island, and the reggae music. Bob Marley who was a super star rasta reggae singer, was born and raised in Jamaica, and never left. I am very proud of my Jamaican roots. Living in Jamaica is very inspirational on many levels, and Jah is one of the biggest influences over the people. I give thanks.

What does it really mean to be Rasta?

What does it really mean to be Rasta? Plenty of people call them selves many things that they know are not true. I assume people do this to impress others, or because they want something to be proud of. Read about my dating experience with my first “rasta man” we look at the faith differently. No body’s way is better than any body elses. Here I explain what (to me) it means to be Rastafari

Vow to take if you want to become Rastafari click here.

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  1. Hi I felt that it was important that I had to post a note on this forum b/c I have dreadlocks. I have read so much about them, what they mean and where they originated from and why, I feel like I should cut them b/c I can’t say that I have them for the rostafarian belief and I’m sorry but I love this belief because it is so beautiful and calm

    1. I could see how you would feel that way…Its your hair, you have to walk around with it on your head. Do whatever is going to make you feel most comfortable in your own skin. If you want to keep your locks, then keep them, if you want to cut them then cut them.

  2. And If I could I would of joined this belief a long time ago I have grew up in this world of illusion and it has takin a lot from me so I feel that I would not be holdin this belief the right way you feel me?

  3. i checked ot sum othr sites on rastafari b-4 this 1, n-cluding wikipedia. i was n-spired by the music via 3rd world & bob marley & the wailers decades ago-even used sum b.m. music 4 the kindergarden graduation-1996?
    as i read about the heritage & history (this is the 1st time) i realized the general b-liefs of natural-organic living, universal 1-ness, simplicity, r all convictions that i have & aspire 2 n-creasingly m-brace as i walk this spiritual journey. (i usually wear the hair of me scalp short-natural) i 2 have a ‘christian’ background. the difference with the awakening that i have xperienced which causes me not 2 b known as a ‘christian’ is different from the rastafari b-lief that the ethiopian emperor (highly nspiring man) is/was God ncarnate.
    it is based n the biblical text principles & facts, science facts & logic & the observable reality.
    i agree that the principles of rastafari cum 2 the heart from the Creator & those so moved r thus united by spirit not religious dogma/tradition. i shall plan 2 post a writing on fb n ‘notes’ (n several days prhaps) 2 xpress further this perspective, 4 any-1 nterested…titled I & i. thnk u 4 this site it is nformative & nspiring.

  4. You have a very good website, very informative and congratulations on your first anniversary of the site. I look forward to reading many more of your posts One Love!

  5. . I see so much of the Rastafarian culture being used or displayed by people who don’t even know what it is. How do you feel about that?

  6. hi, my name is felipe and i am a scholar at Centerville High. I have a project where i have interview someone that has a different religion and beliefs than i do. I have always been interested and fascinated on the Hasta religion, and i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give up some time to answer some of the questions i have. i would appreciate it very much, and it not only help my project but it would help me understand your point of view. Thank you very much, and my email is felipedealmeida92@gmail.com. thanks

  7. I was with a man that is a “Rasta” and I respected that and I fell in love with him. It seems to me that he didn’t feel the same because he didn’t tell me the truth. I will not lie in front of the Farther i then started to tell him a lie because I felt he had betrayed me. It doesn’t mean that all Rastas are the same. But the Important thing is to tell the truth if you want that woman to convert as “Rasta” and she will just come out with it first and foremost. that is a true “Rastafarian.”

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