rastafari: rasta man, rasta hats, rastafarian beliefs

Rasta man and his beliefs in God

Many “Rasta man or Rastafarians, usually men, are seen wearing dreadlocks, “Rasta Tams”, “Rasta hats”, or “Rasta wear“, smoking weed, chanting, saying things like “irie” There is a lot more to any true Rasta man beyond the obscurity. Rastaman believe in God. For many, this is a hard fact to swallow. How can someone who looks so different believe in something that is so common, and so simple? The reason is Rastafarians take a very down to earth, realistic, natural approach to loving God. We know that God is in the unseen, therefore, we dress a little different because we understand what is spiritually important, and what is not.

Rastafarian beliefs

Rastafarians do not have beliefs. There are no hard and fast rules to this culture, this way of life, this spirituality. We have values and principles, that we hold dear to our hearts and try to instill in our children. Here is a list of just some of the Rastafarian values.

  • God adherence to the rules of the bible
  • one love for all races
  • natural living
  • unity for all mankind
  • appreciation and respect for all forms of life

These are the main beliefs or values of the Rastafarian culture. From these we get all the other values as well.


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Rastafarians and the topic of marriage:

Once again the answer is very simple. We Rastafarians do not have any hard and fast rules regarding marriage or anything else really. We believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that we can marry if we want to, or not. In Rastafarian relationships, we do not place a lot of emphasis on marriage. Simply because we believe a marriage does not make a relationship. We know a commitment to be with someone comes from the heart of that person, not a piece of paper with their signature on it.

Rastafari the religion…not a religion at all???


The Rastafarian religion is something I hold very dear to my heart. I am pleased to share my knowledge with others who want to learn about Rastafari and the word of God. Lets get started. “Rastafari” is not a “religion.” I must make that very clear. We do not follow a strict set of rules laid out for us written in a book somewhere. The only book we follow and believe in is “the bible” We read the same bible that people of “christian” faith believe in.
Therefore Rastafari is a “way of life!” It is a daily choice to follow our hearts and live the life we can feel, sense and know, “jah” (god) wants us to live.

Rasta hats popularized by Bob Marley

Rasta hats have become very popular now a days. Bob Marley popularized the “Rasta hat” back in the late 70s and early 80s when he would sing live, or appear on album covers wearing the Rasta man hat. Red, yellow and green, proudly displayed. Many of his fans soon quickly followed. Now the Rasta hat is worn by many, Rastafarians and non Rastafarians alike as a way of showing a down to earth, naturalist lifestyle. Click here if you are looking for a place to buy rasta hats.

The many ethnic backgrounds of Rastafari

Rastafari is a spirituality of the heart. There for there are many Rastafarians who are not black, and who live all around the world. Rastafari is for everyone. As long as you have a love of god, a love for people of all races, a belief of kindness and peace towards your fellow-man, then maybe you could be or you are Rastafarian your self. Here is 10 Questions to know if Rastafari is right for you.

Many Reggae Music artists of Jamaica are Rastafarians

Reggae music is a big part of Rastafari. “They move together.” Rastafari needs reggae, reggae needs Rastafari. These two feed off each other. There have been so many hit reggae singers out of jamaica who were and are Rastafarian. You have Capleton, Damian Marley, and Sizzla to name a few. Of past you have Mr. Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk, and Jacob Miller, all these guys are my favorites. Rastafarians are a big part of reggae music culture, and jamaican culture.

Origin of Rastafari beliefs

Many Rastafarians became Rastafarians because they could feel the spirituality of Ras Tafari in their hearts. Therefore, I don’t have hard facts to present to you but the ones you will find in many places on the internet. Many Rastafarians believe in Emperor Haile Selassie, who was a black king crowned in 1930 in Ethiopia, and that he is from the same lineage as jesus christ. that is really all I know for hard facts. Other than that we get most of our beliefs from our hearts, and the word of God. To read about the God of Rastafarians click here.

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35 thoughts on “rastafari: rasta man, rasta hats, rastafarian beliefs

  1. Where does weed work into the Rastafarian beliefs?? I thought it was healing and spiritual reasons. Now a days many people who call themselves Rastafarian smoke weed to just smoke it. May you clear this up for me? 🙂

    1. Blessings,
      Many people call themselves Rasta, but dont truly know what it means to be a Rastaman or a Rastawoman. For most Rastafarians, marijuana, is used for meditation.



    1. I have fallen in love with a beautiful, older Rasta man. Everything I always wanted in a man. I, finally, am loved well. And finally, my love is received as given- in wholeness without drawing back. Jah Bless

    2. I-n-I love to see that rasta is spreading without prejudice. Big Up’s to the King that thaught his Queen who she is, and thank you Queen for being able to accept guidance from your King. Sela

  3. why does it say that they have no belief’s when Rastafarians believe that God is a spirit and that this spirit was manifested in King H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, and that Jesus was a direct descendant of King David and was black.

    1. this is because when Queen ofSheba visited King solomon they had an affair and gave rise to a son who became the father of H.I.M haile selassie.The other ting is you cannot associate JESUS CHRIST with BABYLONIANS BRUTALITY thus why we take JESUS as black because what happened to HIM IS EXACTLY what was happening to the blacks in AFRICA.ABOUT spirit manifesting itself in HAILE SELASSIE WHEN YOU READ THE BIBBLE it says JESUS WAS TO COME ON EARTH AND HE would show the earthly king how to rule and by so he came in form of da king of I-THOPIA

      1. Jesus was not White nor Black, he was a Jew, which means He had olive-tinted skin. And it’s just silly to say that because bad things happened to Blacks, you can’t associate Jesus with that. His own people gave Him up for crucifixion, got the Romans to do their dirty work for them.

      2. @Hala: You’re only saying half the word. Jesus was Jewish. “Jew” is the word Germans used in the 30s and 40s.

        “silly to say” is demeaning.

        “bad things happened to blacks” is insensitive to the all-but-genocide Africans suffered under the domination of colonial Europe and continue to experience in this ongoing legacy of downpression. “Bad things” didn’t “happen.” Horrible acts were perpetrated. Innocent people were deliberately, but indiscriminately, victimized.

        When you read or hear about Jewish people giving over Jesus to the current-day Babylon, imagine yourself in the crowd shouting for his death, put yourself among those who feared the message enough to hang an innocent man for delivering it. For when you blaspheme and deride another’s beliefs, you are one of those who feels threatened and will do injustice merely for the sake of your own peace of mind. But such a peace shall never be granted you, for it is hypocrisy as surely as Babylon shall fall!

  4. yo, my name is golden, and i’m very inspired by bob and his messages, i actually love rastrafarians, i have no religion though, i’m just a free thinker, and i believe god is eternal spirit that lives in everything, and animates everything, and everything is a manifestation of this eternal spirit, and we are that eternal spirit, that is our true self not this temporary body, so i dont seperate my self from god, i am as all of us are, GOD working through a material form. What do you think Honestly?

    1. Well that is the nutshell of Rastafari. Rastafari is a spirituality which encompasesses the earth (nature) every human, natural living, and the spirit (soul) We are one with God.

      Thank you for sharing your views.
      Rastafari lives in all of us. Jah Bless.

  5. well may almighty GOD bless ya all to infinity for having said what ya fill and think about rasta livity irie to H.I.M HIS MAJESTY HAILE SELASSIE

  6. WA GWAN rasta man it has being my pleasure to share with you what you and fill about what i believe in . give ptaises to HIS MAJESTY HAILE SELASSIE DA FFIRST

  7. How are European descendants regarded in Rasta thought? What words of advice can you give a European descendant who shares Rasta values?

  8. Im new 2 rasta nowledge but i see most people hoo are onest see Jah is the truth. All praises 2 the most high.

  9. I real love the reality and belief of raster man and i am also a raster man.Big up to all the raster man people

  10. it is my understanding that rasta lives in the heart of every religion and there is much more to learn
    one love

  11. bless b 2da Most High1..greetins2 all of you,as i mare messenger of Jah i salute you in his name.
    i am very impressed wit diz website,actually 2day iz my first time 2get 2kwn site.am frm Tanzania and i practice Rastafarian in Asia(malaysia)where i seek more education,bt diz part of World thy don knw anyting abt Rastafarian.!thy only knw Weed&Bob Marley and Reggae Music.!am havin a hard time tryin 2educate thm abt Rastaman&daily life involved-wit diz website&forum i hope i would b able2 spraid da gud love&knowledge 4thm to get 2knw Rastafari life style.
    blessed b 2da Most High,may we az Rasta&great ambassadors of Jah help guide diz World frm Babylon system&show them da truth abt Rasta
    Jah Guide bless I&I

  12. first of all not all of us smoke weed irie. We also have educaitional backrouds and love bein happy with no drama. Live your laugh and treat eeryday like its everyday .

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