Rasta Shop: Rasta lion Flags, Big Jamaican Flags, new online!

Rasta Flags, Jamaican Flags, Shop Online, for Jamaican Rastafari Accessories. Flag with lion

What is the new Rasta  Shop called….?

The rasta shop is called rasta flags shop, and is located at www.rasta-flags-shop.com, here there will be more to come, for now there are 3 main flags, bob Marley on the jamaican national flag, the typical rasta lion of Judah flag, and the jamaica flag.   In the future there will be…

  • rasta lion flag boxing gloves to hang on your rear view mirror
  • bob Marley, lion of Judah, Ethiopian dog tags (these are beautiful)
  • jamaican and Rastafari umbrellas good to keep the sun out of your face, the jamaican one looks amazing
  • rasta lion flag accessories
  • rasta lion flag and bob Marley patches
  • rasta lion flag and jamaican bumper stickers

More on what the “Rasta Shop” has….

I want people to know that they can find all kinds of Rasta and jamaican (reggae) accessories and paraphernalia here. When you think “jamaica” style anything, I want you to visit my online rasta shop.

The meaning of the rasta stripes colours, red yellow-green


The meaning of the Rasta stripes is to pay respect to God or Jah. It is also representative of the Ethiopian Flag which has great meaning in the Rastafari spirituality. We Rasta wear these colors as a personal representation of love, unity, and our spiritual connection to the Almighty. Many websites will tell you that….the red represents the blood shed of the African people, the yellow represents the sunshine that lifts up the African land, and the green represents the, the lush nature of the African continent. I have my own interpretation of these colors.

  • Red Rasta Stripe – The love of the Rastafari heart
  • yellow Rasta Stripe – The hope for all humanity that there will one day be unity
  • Green Rasta Stripe – The nature that God (Jah) has given to all of mankind all over the world
  • When you own the Rasta Flag, and have it displayed for everyone to see, you are telling the world that you have love and hope for human kind to unite, that Jah is welcome in your home and in your heart. I want to buy my Rastafari flag now.
  • Read more about the overall meaning of the Rastafari flag, here you will learn that Rastafari really is for everyone. Check the link


the meaning of the jamaican flag colors – black green yellow


 rastafari and jamaica flags and information

The meaning of the Jamaican Flag colors are as follows….

  • Black jamaican flag color – Representing the black people of Jamaica
  • Yellow jamaican flag color – representing the hot sunshine of the beautiful island of Jamaica
  • Green jamaican flag color – Representing the Green nature of Jamaica

What else will be available at the website….you should really check it out…in the future there will be ….some really cool rasta products, like….

  • Jamaican flag Handkerchiefs
  • Jamaican flag Umbrellas (this looks so cool)

and something else really cool, that when I get it I’m just gonna put the picture here for all else to see. I will give you a hint it has the jamaica flag on it….lol.

Who runs this rasta shop?

I run the rasta shop online, along with a dear friend of mine who is also Rastafari. So it is rasta run and rasta owned.  So if you have any questions, comments, or problems you can always email me. Please remember my website is new so there will be some kinks in the beginning. With time they will get ironed out.

What quality are the flags they are selling?

Top quality nylon flag material. Very light weight and beautiful. I own both the Jamaican flag, to represent my heritage and jamaican culture, and the rasta flag, to represent my Rastafari spiritual beliefs. If you are a jamaican rasta man or Rasta woman,  you should have both flags too. If you are not. You can get both anyway because they are both beautiful.

Can I buy a bob Marley / Ethiopian flag, with rasta stripes?


Yes, You can also get a Bob Marley flag and or an Ethiopian flag from the Rasta shop too. The only rasta jewelry so you can definitely purchase those at my shop website as well, I just need some time to post them up . In the near future I will have

You most certainly can. The bob Marley flag that i have available is on a Jamaican symbol. So it’s the bob Marley “freedom” flag. Bobs head, on a rasta flag, in the middle of the jamaican national  flag. Its beautiful really.

What other jamaican Rastafarian accessories are available?


There are plenty of other jamaican accessories available like necklaces and hats. I will get some photos up for your to view them and choose the ones that you like to buy.

Can I buy some Rasta jewelry, like rings, and earrings there?


Yeah for sure. I currently make some beaded rasta earrings and rasta necklaces…so some stuff will be hand-made and some stuff will be manufactured…

  • rasta earrings
  • rasta necklaces
  • rasta bracelets
  • soon rasta hats
  • rasta hair accessories
  • rasta sweat bands
  • rasta patches

and many other rasta accessories

truth is the rasta hats are gonna take a while, but I will have those too.

I want a rasta lion flag, or an Ethiopian flag, but I am not a Rasta 


There are plenty of people who are not rasta who own a rasta flag with the lion,  or a bob Marley flag, or an Ethiopian flag, simply because they like the colors. You don’t have to be rasta to own the flag. Displaying your Rastafari, bob Marley or Ethiopian flag in your home shows you respect the culture, and like the way the flag looks. The same way you would buy a beautiful piece of art, only these flags are special and have historical and cultural meaning.

Can I become rasta?

you most certainly can, buy your flag today, grow your locks, and don’t eat meat and treat all “life” with respect and dignity. Read more about how to know if you are Rasta on my rasta shop home page.

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