Rasta Flag: 10 Meanings, Benefits, and uses!

Rasta Flag: 10 Meanings, Benefits, and Uses!

#1 Rastafari Meditation (use)

Jah likes when we take time out for him. Gaze at the Rasta flag noting all points for about 1 minute of its beauty (color, meaning, lion etc.) Then once you have completed this step. Lay down on your bed, on your back, for 20 minutes doing nothing. Just being still. Jah knows…he will reward you for taking the time out, to be with him.

#2 Ethiopian Royal Energy (Benefit)

Royal Energy if positive, can be very beneficial to ones life. My Rasta flag helps me to see my self as more valuable…and teaches me that I need to respect my self at all times. The lion on the Flag Represents King Selassie I himself. Hang your Rasta flag in your bedroom and one in your living room. Doing so brings Ancient Royal energy into the home.

#3 Raise your Vibration (benefit)

When I Relax with my Rasta Flag after a long day, it helps me to replenish the energy that I spent. You know those days that leave you feeling depleted by the time you get home. Your Rasta flag can quickly make you feel better. Raising your vibration in this way, can help you to attract more positive experiences in life.

#4 Rasta Prayer (use)

The Rasta flag may be used for prayer. Do this in whatever way suites you best. I like to lay mine beside me as I pray. I find it gives me that connection to the Most High even stronger. I use a flag of 5×8 size. It’s so big and colorful, in Red Yellow and Green….beautiful.

#5 Victory (Benefit and meaning)

The Rasta Lion of Judah Flag is a symbol of Victory. It reminds of King Selassie I fight to keep Ethiopia under his rule, after the invasion of Italy, by Mussolini. Ethiopia is still called Ethiopia Today. Royal Victory. This Flag is a symbol of strength leading to victory.

#6 Rasta Love (meaning)

Rastafari is a faith of love. We love life, we love our self, love Jah creations, and love Jah. This is a photo of Empress Menen and King Selassie I in their Royal Attire.

#7 Ancestors Connection (Benefit)

Another Benefit to hanging the Lion of Judah Rasta flag in your home, is that it helps one connect to their ancestors. Because the flag is Ancient, and tribal, holding Davidic, and Solomonic roots, it naturally reminds us that connection to our ancestors is natural. So, Hang the flag and just allow the connection to your Ancestors, happen on its own. Connecting with our ancestors, keeps us grounded. Even if you are non-African, it still helps to connect to those we are related to, who have resided on the earth before us. Culture is Culture, Ancestral is Ancestral. To the left is a picture of King Selassie I Father, Ras Makonnen.

#8 Rastafari Unity (meaning)

“Unity” is one of those nice meanings of Rastafari that others should follow. We need more love and world unity. Rasta believe that all humans, all nations, all people, of all classes, need to unite, to help the earth, and make life more loving and more harmonious. As Bob Marley said “One Love.”

#9 Rastafari Earth (meaning)

The Rasta flag is a symbol for the earth. Through this flag we are reminded that life has many facets. That the earth is a part of our life. That the planet is one of our main sources of nourishment. When we love and respect the earth we will get more out of life, as we create balance on the planet. This is also part philosophy of “natural living” and of Rastafari Livity.

#10 Rastafari Strength (benefit)

The Rastafari lion flag, is a symbol of strength. The lion is strong. He wears a crowns. This is not just any lion, but a lion of dignity and wisdom. The lion Reminds Rasta to wear his crown with dignity, and to seek wisdom, on the journey. If you are ever feeling down, just gaze at your lion of Judah flag on your wall. It can provide you with wisdom and strength, to push through. Buy Lion of Judah Flag! here. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. May Jah guide and bless you on the journey. One Love.

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