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how to know if you should become rastafarian: 10 questions

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Wondering how to know if you should become Rastafarian? Are you wondering what it all entails and if it’s the right thing for you to do?….here I have written some things for you to consider before following this way of life.

Rastafari comes from the heart…

how to tell if someone is RastaDo you feel in your heart the Rastafari livity is right for you?  You will now follow the way of life of the Rasta people. To start the Rasta livity and then to, stop the Rasta  livity, is a sin in Rastafari. So, know that if you begin and accept this way of life…it is forever? To call your self Rasta, is not just about wearing Rasta colors….it is a spiritual mindset, a life acceptance…a spiritual way of life, that comes from the heart.

Lock your hair and accept whatever comes?

dreadlocks cleanPeople won’t always like or accept you as a Rasta. They may not like your appearance. They may view you as a rebel of some sort, with your hair in dreadlocks. Are you willing to accept these judgments?  Some people think that to be Rasta is a group venture, or something you do because your significant other is a Rasta. Rasta is Rasta when nobody is looking. We never turn it off…even when we are put down for it….we just accept the negativity of Babylon…and keep the ways of Jah and Rastafari in our lives. Are
you willing to do the same?

Your friends and family may turn against you

Many Rasta  will tell you that their family turned against them once they started to lock their hair and embrace the Rastafari spirituality. This is especially common in Jamaican and Caribbean  families. I believe your family turning against you is just part of the process of drawing closer to Jah. He wants you to depend on him, and him only. This was certainly true for me. it truly hasn’t been an easy journey.  I also have a friend who’s family did the same thing to him (he is Jamaican as well) He said once he started accepting him self as Rasta and teaching the livity to his younger brother, his mother kicked him out of the house, with nothing. Just something for you to consider.



Ready to give up some so-called, “simple pleasures?”

You don’t mind being the only one in the room who is Rastafari

cropped-Bob-Marley-900x1600.jpgBelieve me if you live in America, it may happen often that you are the only one in the room who is Rastafari.  A lot of this will depend on your life style and day-to-day activities, of course. Don’t be surprised if you are the only one who is Rasta in any given situation. I find people respond fine to me as long as my dreadlocks are not showing. Once my locks are showing, some people seem to treat me even nicer, and some just want nothing to do with me. You see you must understand many people have preconceived notions about Rastas, and some have preconceived notions about what it means to have dreadlocks. Just wanted to give you a heads up that you may be out numbered sometimes. Just remember Jah is everything, and Zion our home.

Willing to give up late nights, and drug abuse?

Late night parties and drug abuse seems to be the in thing now a days. I meet many people who say ” I did this drug, or I haven’t tried such and such a drug yet!” like for real??? Late night parties and drug abuse, or light drug use….is not a part of the Rastafari livity. We make exceptions for Rasta  gatherings and marijuana, but that’s it. The Rastafari spirituality is about purity, and cleanliness, this is why we do not smoke cigarettes. We feel that staying out all night, is an abuse to the body. We also feel that late night partying does not often lead to anything good. We avoid clubs and bars unless they are Rasta oriented. Could you cut out the club, and bar scenen, and refrain from any type of recreational drug use?

Read your bible and follow the commandmentsconvert to rastafari

Rasta like to read our bible. Many of us like to carry our bible with us when we go out. It is important if you are thinking of following the Rastafari way of life, to read the bible on a regular basis, and make an effort to understand what you are reading. The commandments of the bible, is something we Rasta take very seriously…Here they are for you to consider to know if you should become Rastafarian. Rastafari Empress women dress respectable

Rasta Women Cover up for Jah

rasta cover dreadlocksOne thing I forget to mention on my blog, that is actually written in the bible is….Rastafari women don’t wear shiny jewelry, nor do we fancy up our hair. Ok maybe not never….but it is important to remember that to be humble is the name of the game. We dress for the lord. We don’t dress as if we are stepping out of a hip hop video. We are conservative, feminine and simple. As a Woman are you ready to do the same?

Are you willing to teach the Rastafari livity to your children?

rasta childRastafari is an all-encompassing spirituality. This is the reason it is known as a way of life and not a religion. Rastafari starts with the most high and permeates everything we do. Including what we eat, how we dress, how we wear our hair and what we teach our children.  Again, Rastafari is all-encompassing. I am in the process of writing a book for you to read more until then….ask your self if this is something you would like to teach your children as well. Even if you don’t directly teach this way of life to your children, through  your actions you are teaching it to them, because children, sense, see and hear all that you do and say, and feel.


Rastafarian beliefs on Universal Love:

For a Rastafarian love is everything. There are two things that a dread cannot separate, that he hold dear to his heart, the first is god, the next is love…this includes all type of love, and love for all. A dread loves like no body else. He is true, accepting, and remains constant. Love to a Rastafarian, once started just grows from his heart. Rastafarians love their romantic partners with every part of their being, and enjoy it. We love with honor, peace, and respect.

Rastafarian beliefs on Money and Employment:

Rastafarians believe everyman must live how he chooses. But we know the best way for a man to make his money is by doing something that he loves, and by sharing the word, and his love for God. The best occupation is to do one of these things. Rastafarians know they are here to serve God and that is why flexibility and creative independence in his work is so important to him.

10 questions to know if you should become Rastafarian …Rasta_Way_of_Life_Cover_for_Kindle

  1. If my boyfriend/girlfriend and i broke up (the one I converted to Rastafari for) would I still keep the faith?
  2. do I love Jah with all my heart morning noon and night keeping his words and desires for my life in my heart?
  3. Am I willing to stop unproductive behaviors to keep my spirit “clean” in the eyes of the most high?
  4. Am I willing to be the only one in the room who is Rastafari at times?
  5. Do I know enough about the Rastafari Livity to call my self Rasta? here is 5 facts about Rastafarians
  6. Am I willing to accept Emperor Haile Selassie As God?
  7. Can I say no to meat, pork bacon, pizza, etc whole heartedly embrace vegan diet?
  8. Can I truly say I love everyone on the planet regardless of race color or  class?
  9. Can I be humble and walk away from arguments, conflict, etc as a Rasta?
  10. Can I accept my self as Rasta without seeking the approval of others?


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