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Rasta Colors: Meaning in Rastafarianism

rastafarian godAs a Rastafari woman the “Rasta Colors” have special and significant meaning for me. When I was young, very young, say 2 and 3 years old, my mother and father were running a reggae music store. Behind the counter hanging up on the wallwere these eye catching Rasta hats, Rasta belts and even sometimes Rasta t-shirts. I know it sounds weird that I could remember those things from such and early age but I do. The memories are very vivid in my mind. Perhaps the “Red Gold and Green” made those memories more playful in my mind.

What the Rasta Colors Represent

Now that I am older and know why I was born into that environment, the Rasta colors hold a deeper meaning for me. In general the red yellow and green worn in Rastafari signifies The blood shed of the African people, The sunshine of the African land, and the lush Greenery of the African continent. But for me its much more than that, much more than that.

Here is a more in depth list of the meaning of the Rasta Colors

  1. King Selassie I – God of Rastafari
  2. Africa – Land where Jah placed his first created man (Ethiopia)
  3. Love – Rastafari is love
  4. Spirituality – Spiritual awareness of Jah and universal oneness
  5. Victory – Good over evil
  6. Unity – All people united under Jah
  7. Strength – Standing strong in babylon
  8. Jah – The creator, African presence
  9. Endurance – Be firm
  10. Beauty – Beauty in Jah creations
  11. Nature – Jah is nature
  12. Vitality – Ital is vital

What I see when I see Rasta Colors all together, as a Woman of Rastafari

 When I look at the Rasta Colors all together, it means love, it means strength, it means a “recognition” of who I am as a woman of Rastafari. Jah made me and these colors signify his love for me and my love for him. I will where red Gold and Green for as long as the Most High has me on this planet.

How Rasta Identify Eachother on the Street: Spiritual colors of Rasta

Many Rastafari people’s identify each other on the street by these colors. This is not on purpose, but it shows that we have the same love in our hearts for Jah, the same feels for our identity, and the same love and hope for humanity. I get excited when I meet another “dread” wearing red green and gold. Why, I don’t know, But I have learned from experience that what the most instructs me to do, I must do other wise there is a deep spiritual price to pay. I will Love my “Red Green and Gold” Forever. Now if I can just find a boyfriend that feels the same way as me I’ll be fine…lol

Rasta colored womens clothing online

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The Ethiopian flag and Rastafari Colors

lion of judah copy2You could say we get these colors from the Ethiopian flag. I think this is true, however we feel these colors are significant from the heart. But if you are the type of person who likes facts, then the Ethiopian flag is where we get the design of these colors all together.

How do Rasta Colors make you feel?

How do the Rasta colors make you feel? Do you get excited too? Do you love to see these colors together? I just recently bought my first Rastafari scarf with these Rasta spiritual colors on it. I feel it was something I should have added to my wardrobe a long time ago.

The correct order of the Rasta Colors

The correct order of the Rasta Colors is actually Red, then yellow and then green. Here is the explanation, straight from a book on flags. The People who are printing the Lion of Judah flag are printing it upside down…Rasta know this…

King Menelik ordered the first Rasta colored flag of Ethiopia

“Emperor Menilik II adopted Ethiopia’s, tricolor flag of horizontal stripes in 1897, in reverse order to todays flag. It changed to the present sequence in 1914.

The 3  Major Rasta Colors are….

  1. Green stands for the fertile land.
  2. Yellow represents religious freedom, while
  3. red symbolizes the blood shed in defending the country.

African unity in the Rasta Flag

The Pan-African movement used the colors of Ethiopia, Africa’s oldest independent nation, to symbolize African unity. The central golden pentangle with four radiant rays was added in 1996. It represents equality for all Ethiopia’s people. It is set against a blue circle to denote peace and democracy.

According to legend, Menelik I, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, founded Ethiopia in c.1000 BC in ad 321, the kingdom of Axum introduced coptic Christianity. In 1930 Ras Tafari Makonnen was crowned Emperor Haile Selassie.”

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9 thoughts on “Rasta Colors

  1. I’m not one that was “born rasta” and I was raised “Christian”. I followed it, like a sheep…for many years. Around the time I was 14, I started to rebel, and it was no surprise to my family. I started smoking herb to calm down and meditate on my life. It numbed the worries and rules of men. I was a child again, and I was free to roam my own universe. I have been confused these last few months, after having publicly tell my former pastor, that he is teaching lies to the people of my town. During a Sunday service, no less. I hadn’t smoked in a long time, but I started again, a few months ago, and I finally see what is in-front of my eyes clearly. More-so, I finally accept the truths of this world, and I began knowing that I was strong and that JAH was going to always be there. No matter what! It’s been hard these past weeks, I’ve been in and out of the ER a couple of times, almost homeless and hungry. I’ve not doubted my JAH, in my heart this whole time. With or W/O Herb, it was hard, but I’ve been getting stronger. Until recently, I thought Rastafari was about Jamaicans praising herb. Lies I’ve been taught, in my life, but more than a simple plant. The SCOPE of the lifestyle and being, the relationship with JAH is so intimate and beautiful, I’m almost coming to tears as I’m typing this, I feel a strong sensation all over my body and I fell Irie. This is good vibrations. mon. Dis rataman be flowin on deh rivers of space and time. JAH hands move along the surface of my head, and I am reborn. Not just once, but multiple times a day, a week, a month or year. It changes over time, and stays the same. I am pushed away by devils, but angels stand with open arms. I and I gonna live this life to the fullest, and pain will be shared with those of importance. I am still in the vibe of being lost. It’s not right, I know, but there’s always something out there, that wants you to fail. All of this, is how I feel about hte simple life of ratsa, the colors themselves are do not rise the same feelings, but they do make me feel proud, that with so many evil nations/govornments that fly a flag to show off their livestock and way of life. That we have such beautiful colours and badges of common brotherhood that we can unite under, for men to see. I feel good when I see the colors, whe I am asked If I am rasta, I get escited. If I were to meet another true rasta, the same would apply. These colors are gifts, so we should show them with pride, and love! JAH RASTA FARI GLORY TO JAH, OUR GOD AND LORD. Jesus Christ The Saviour / Sacrifice , AND OUR Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God and King of the Kings of Ethiopia: Emperor Haile Selassie I !! JAH RASTAFARI. JAH BLESS !!

  2. i am not from Africa or Jamaica or even Ethiopia but ilove these colors and i wear them proudly bc it just so happened that these have always been my favorite colors and when ifound out they had so much meaning to people iwas like well hey we were all created equal so why should it matter that my skin color is pasty brown [hispanic] and ihave long brown hair., if icould be anything other than mexican it’d definately be Jamaican its a beautiful island filled with beautiful people ! and Bob Marley is my idol not only for his awesomely mellow and happy go lucky music., but bc he truly lived the life of a rastafarian ! and proudly !! it should be the few the proud the RASTAFARIAN ! (: <3 red yellow and green for life yo!

  3. am from East Africa in Tanzania peace land and i am maasai tribe, i like rasta movement may jah blec me 1 day i wish i will be in jamaica land of rastafary..watagwan all

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