psychic intuition, sixth sense: trust your feelings

psychicEverybody has a sixth sense. For some the “sixth sense” is well-developed, and for others, not so much. Life is full of things we would like to know more about, before we reach, or just for knowing sake. Sometimes using the power of our sixth sense can provide us with the information that our 5 senses does not.

Recently I started getting to know a single man. He was just my type, Rastafarian, long dreadlocks, a libra sun sign. He had all the right attributes. We got connected over the internet. As time grew closer and closer, I noticed he didn’t act towards me, the same way,  that any other “dread” would. I was puzzled by this.

At the same time around getting to know this person, I was reading about the Joran Vandersloot murder. In case you don’t know, he confessed to killing a girl in his hotel room because she was looking up information about him, on his laptop. I am assuming she was looking up information on Jorans involvement in the disappearance of a Alabama native, Natalie Halloway, while she was vacationing in Aruba, where she met Joran.

As an astrologer, and having mars in Scorpio, I wanted to know more about what drove this young man of just 22 years, to murder this young woman, just out of the blue. I first check his astrological information online. You would be shocked to read what I had discovered. I will put the link at the bottom of this article for you to read it.

Back to the Rastafarian man I was getting to know over the internet. Eventually I checked his planets too to get to know a little bit more about him. I soon discovered that he has two of the same planetary placements as Joran Van Der Sloot. Apparently these placements, cause a person to conduct themselves, with a “sense of entitlement”. All I know is, this sounds like something I don’t want to mess with.

Now where is all of this going you ask? I was starting to have bad feelings about meeting with the Rastafarian gentleman over the black coupleinternet. I mean it was as if something was telling me not to go. But, I was thinking “but, he’s so perfect to me” So I was gonna go anyway. Ok…I recently had to make a trip somewhere, I had no idea that the place i was travelling to was on holiday. This messed up travel plans for many people. Anyway, I had to make alternative arrangements. About an hour before shipping out, I started to have a bad feeling. But I kept making excuses about why I should go, I even had second thoughts as we were pulling away, but I didn’t want to be the odd man out. So, I went anyway. It was one of the worst experiences of my life of 31 years. I ignored my instincts, my sixth sense, my psychic intuition, and paid, dearly for it. I promised my self, that I would never ignore my sixth sense ever again.

black jesus3I know God is always with me, and he was trying to warn me, not to go. But, even more profound than that….this experience happened to protect me from meeting up with that Rastafarian man over the internet. I have now decided not to meet him. God knew I had every excuse in the book, to go and meet this guy, so he had to show me in a “big way” not to go. It worked, I wont be meeting with him.

I learned so many lessons in going against my feelings. Here are just some of the things I learned from this experience…

I must trust my self:

In life you learn a thing or two from each experience you have. Dont drop your rules, your beliefs for anyone or anything.

Stand firm in Jah:

Some times life will throw you a curve ball. Something you didn’t expect. Just know you are not here to serve, evil and wickedness. The devil loves new recruits. You must watch your actions, and always represent the team of Jah, Rastafari

Forgive your enemies:

Those who mistreat you, know not of God. They choose to serve their ego, to lift themselves up because they do not feel lifted from within. Sometimes this may mean putting you down. However allow them their space, remain humble, for “those who exalt themselves, will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

When crossing a river, to get to the other side, don’t complain when your chest gets wet

I heard this in a video, by a very talented trio, called, “sons of Malcom” you need to check out their videos. But basically they were discussing, being an african warrior, and that sometimes you just need to do what needs to get done and not wait on someone else to do it. Sometimes when others put you down you must be the bigger person and just let it alone.

My psychic intuition:

My psychic intuition is more of a feeling than anything else. There have been times when it has come across clearer. I have realized this happens when I commit my self to a lot of prayer. I was truly amazed at the information I get sometimes. Like when my ex and I were going to break up, I knew it, but didn’t want to believe it. The feelings were that there book be a “break in time” between us. Interesting huh! And that’s exactly what happened, We havent gotten together since.

I even knew before I met my boyfriend, that I was gonna meet someone and fall deep in love. There are many ways to tune into your own psychic ability. The best way is through prayer and relaxation. Or just start out as an intuitive, this means you simply use your sense to tell  whether or not something is “good” or “not so good!”

Have you ever had any sixth sense experiences? I would love to know about them.

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12 thoughts on “psychic intuition, sixth sense: trust your feelings

  1. Good post I guess I had a sixth sense experience but I didn’t know it at that time… There was a fashion/music festival going on in my city and I was goin w/ my bf (now my ex) we were gettin ready to go when I had this feeling like I should go.. That I should stay in that hotel room w/ my bf. At that time I thought of it as “laziness” however we went and althought at first it was alright well things happened and to make it short it was the worst night for my bf (pretty much caused by me) and it cost me my amazing relationship with him… I’m still working on my sixth sense 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I’ve been feeling a little scared, not wanting to believe…but often for around a year now while im at work serving customers, or just in normal every day life i look at certain people and this doesnt happen all the time but i get “feelings” about them.

    I sometimes have served some men at work and i often feel disgusted and look at them and almost like i know they are either a phedofile or a rapist or they have hurt someone. I feel so angry with them i cant even be nice!

    And today i served a lady and straight away i got this really strong feeling she was unwell like she had a disease or illness. and found my self being very nice to her.

    After i have felt these feelings i often think im crazy and why would i think such bad things about people i dont even know?

    whats going on? i’m a little lost!!
    i dont want to think things about some men if maybe they havent done anything wrong at all.


    1. Thanks for sharing. It sounds to me like you have “the gift” If you can, use it to help people. There is a really great woman on youtube. I recommend you contact her if you want some guidance. Her name is “sunshinerose” Im pretty sure. Or type psychic+sunshine. It sounds like your abilities are really strong, perhaps this can be overwhelming. I hope sunshine rose can be of help. You can find her under the name “916suns.”

      Love, Peace and Respect to you.

    2. pls let me know what happens…perhaps when you get sorted out i may know someone who would like a reading…

      Love, Peace and Respect to you. Rastafari

  3. I had that experience few times, as I would get that strong gut feeling to go to town, and everytime I would bump into one guy. We were in love/hate relationship and we endend up parting away, but I still think of him.. I dont know if it means something..

  4. six sense and intuition just means don’t think to much if you decide about something. If you do not feel comfortable with someone then they are not right for you . Do not analyze the physical facts but rather just think are you comfortable about the situation or uneasy. Dont think and rationalize just feel. This is the trick.

  5. My intuition speaks to me in both gut feeling and my inner voice. It would usually happen when something bad happens. Well i cant say bad just as yet, more like knowing when something is going to take place, or i know im going to see someone i dont want to see or someone i havnt seen in a while; it starts off as a tingle feeling and the closer i get to it the stronger the feelling gets and it starts to feel like a sick feeling in my gut. I have had good vibes too, but tend to have more on the not so good ones.

    When its not my gut feeling talking to me, i would sometimes hear a soft voice , or think of a particular topic and out of no were realise that i didnt mean to actually think that but then either that following day or next few, what i thought would exactly happen.

    Do you think there is a way of controlling it all in some way?

    thanks for reading 🙂

    1. also, i think that i may pick up other peoples moods. i tend to notice that my moods change very quickly when im around people. again, its not all the time.

      i dont understand why i dont have this special instict all the time?

  6. I have had many 6th sense expierences..but this summer while on a dating site, I saw a man’s picture and it was like electricity. In a flash I knew this person had meaning for my life. We had a 3 month long chat conversation without meeting. One night we decided to meet. I will say that he was very nervous and I was thinking “the book” is better than “the movie” if you know what I mean. He was not what my mind had conjured up. However, we have gone out on several dates over the past 2 months with very little physical contact. He states he is not ready for a relationship right now and just wants to be friends. We are friends and have a good time together. I want more and have been very moody because he does not want more. He keeps telling me to be patient. He is a good guy and is very respectful. I tried to leave our friendship due to my increasing feelings that I felt were not being returned. Just protecting myself. But I found after 1 day that I could not leave our friendship. Mostly it is because of the lightening bolt moment I had when I saw his picture. I know there is more to this than just a relationship even if there is not a romantic one in the future. I feel to walk away from this person is going against the strongest feeling I have ever had. Could be we just needed each other at the same time to get us through our past relationships. But why such a strong feeling? I feel to walk away would be like going against nature. i question myself all of the time if I was just wrong and now am staying because of the feeling I have.

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