My new Astrology Readings Website – By a Rastafari Woman

My new Astrology Readings Website!

I have a new astrology readings website. Yay! I have been using astrology in my own life for over 14 years and love to do readings for my self and others. In my own astrological birth chart My Jupiter ( planet of expansion, abundance and luck) sits on the degree of “the astrologer. I figure it’s about time, for me to share this unique talent with others. Rastafari is the everlasting love of my heart, astrology readings are my personal gift to the universe.  Oh yeah my new website is

My first experience with astrology at age 16

You may be wondering, How did you ever get into this “astrology readings” thing in the first place. Well, when I was 16 years old, I wasnt feeling so well and had to spend the evening at home. My mom took me to the drug store, and at the check out counter were some books on all the zodiac signs. I picked up the book on my zodiac, paid for it and brought it home. I laid down in bed and began reading that book. I remember thinking, wow this is so accurate, it described me to “a T” and as they say, the rest is history.

My addiction to astrology books

Since that first experience I began to collect books on astrology. All these books gave me different perspectives on the planets, how to do readings, and the meanings of the zodiac signs. The very best books on astrology I ever came across were found in the Montreal public library. Those books had history, and information, and had barely been used. One book in particular called “The round Arc” of Astrology, provided me with the most detailed intelligent information about astrology. This is a reference library so this book did not become part of my collection. Anybody that knows me knows astrology is my first love, and I cannot help but talk about it.

I started learning about the planets through life experiences

I bought astrological software when I was about 22 years old. To be honest when I first got it I didn’t know what to do with it, and I am one of those people who, doesn’t like to read instructions, so for the first few months I just played around with it. Clicking here clicking there. Then I started to look at my own chart and look up the meaning of the location of the planets in my own chart, in the many astrology books I had. This helped me a lot to be able to actually read my birth chart and astrological transits. Now, I know pretty much immediately what the planets mean in a particular house. Every now and then I do look up meanings just to be sure, I still got it…lol

Astrology is my heart and I want to share this knowledge with others

For many years I have been helping friends to figure out the personalities and characteristics of potential boyfriends before they actually dated them. Astrology is a tool. Like anything else, it is not intended for you to put all your hopes into the answers it provides, it is more like a guide, used to inspire you and let you know what opportunities you could be taking advantage of. Astrology has become a part of who I am, and now I want to share this tool (astrology readings) with others.

The zodiac signs and their Characteristics

Studying the zodiac signs has been a lot of fun for me. A wise person once said even the best teacher continues to be a student. I continue to learn about the zodiac even after 14 years of study. Its fun and seems to please something inside of me. Maybe my desire to understand the human mind, maybe my need to learn about something that is fun fascinating and helpful. Or maybe I am fascinated by the fact that astrology really does help us to understand another persons characteristics and personality traits. I started my before I started this one. It wasnt easy, but it was well worth it. You can check it out if you are curious to know more.

here is a brief description of some of the information you will find there….

  • Aries are fun, friendly and self starters
  • Taurus, is stable, helpful and caring
  • Gemini, Gemini is chatty, aloof, and make great best friends
  • Cancer are fun, funny, and love the domestic life and place family first
  • Leo are fun to be with, love to live life to the fullest, and they hurt easily
  • virgo are smart, intelligent, and well-organized
  • libra are flirts, social, and thrive when in a relationship
  • Scorpio are deep feeling, always helpful, and good with money
  • Sagittarius love their freedom, very optimistic and are well liked by many
  • Capricorn are outgoing, make great leaders, and place family values and finances first
  • Aquarius are friendly, very helpful, and love to try new exciting things
  • Pisces are loving, caring, and always willing to help out a friend in need

I provide spiritual Guidance through Astrology

The main reason why I have decided to do astrology readings professionally ( ) Is because life can throw anybody a curve ball, or have you questioning whether or not you are on the right track. Sometimes we just need some answers to some very important questions, or some encourage ment, to help us achieve our goals. So, if you are feeling unsure about something and want some answers, or perhaps you just want a little guidance, perhaps I can help. There is a different type of astrology reading for just about anything. A move, taking a new job, new love, marriage, love affairs, money and finances, luck and gambling,  all kinds of things. So, if you want answer contact me through my website.

My Rastafari beliefs and astrology readings

My Rastafarian spirituality helps me to do my readings with integrity and honesty. I focus on the positive as much as possible in my readings. If I see something that is not so positive, I will mention it to my client, but be sure not to make it my focus. Rastafari is about love, respect, honesty, and appreciation among other things. Therefore my goal is to treat my clients the way that I would want to be treated in a reading.

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