Move to Jamaica? More Rastafari, More Jamaican vibes, my roots and culture

Should I move to Jamaica?


Every thing in my life tells me that I should move to jamaica? What do you think, should I? Last year I thought about it every day about 15 times a day. I kid you not. For a whole slew of reasons. Mostly I think the most high was trying to send me there. And he told me so. But of course I didn’t listen once again to my intuition….and doubted my self. Now I kick my self because knowing what I know , I could have been much happier there.

Here are my top 5 reasons for wanting to move to jamaica

For my jewelry (roots and culture) I  have a much better market, more Rastafari people and more Jamaicans and Caribbean

  • I have a family home there … my mother would like one of her children there
  • we could allow tourists to rent  our Jamaican family home to generate some income
  • More Rasta and Jamaican vibes (Reggae music, jamaican food, rasta parties etc)
  • many more single Rastafari men live in Jamaica….who approach life in the same manner as me
  • My astrology chart said my life would be better if I move to jamaica

So, why is it even a question in my mind….?


I am Afraid of the unknown…I am afraid of not knowing how things work. I am afraid of not being able to predict what my future will be like in Jamaica. Here in Canada, everything is streamlined. I know somethings in Jamaica are about who you know, or they have a more relaxed way of approaching things. I am afraid of having to get use to the market instead of the Grocery store….and so many other things. But I know I wont really know unless I try  it out….kind of like when I started my dreadlocks….lol

Am I running away from something?

The answer is yes. All that I want and the responsibility of it all. I am running away from that. In a way going to Jamaica is also a form of giving up (in my mind) things are progressing for me but the responsiblity and the time line just scares me ( and pisses me off) some times. Like this book, on “how to become a Rastafarian” I have just now printed it from my computer, to edit it. Why did it take me so long. Before this point I felt like I was getting no where with it…..Now that I see it as a hard copy in front of my….I know the train is moving…but it is just happening so slowly.

My Grandmother did not like living Canada

My Granny before I was born, use to live with my mom and Dad to help raise us. Apparently one day she had a conversation with my Mom, telling my mom that she was going back to Jamaica to live. My mom recounts my Granny saying something like “….Jamaica is my home….I’m not gonna let Canada kill me…” or “…Im not gonna let Canada work me to death..!” Some how she got a piece of land in Jamaica and that is where our family home sits today. As I am writing this I feel said because I know every part of what my Granny spoke to my Mom on that day is true. When I use to visit my Granny in Jamaica, her and my Grandpa were so at piece. Could you imagine, having your own property, and never having to move. Waking up to the hot sun and the rooster call every  morning. What a nice life. I want that life too.

My biggest Nay sayer is Mom

My biggest naysayer is my Mother. Sometimes I wonder if she is afraid of my success. She has way too much passion behind her response to me every time I say I want to move there. It’s almost like she sees in my something she wished she had. She can come up with huge reasons why I should not do it. One thing I have in my mind is…”God, please do not let me die on Canadian soil!” I want to die in Jamaica. That was also something my Granny use to tell my mom….lol So my Mothers biggest argument is….those people want to rob you as a foreigner. Like give me a break, you dress like you have nothing obviously, which I don’t…and dont flash gold or silver jewelry around…and you will be fine… the people who you have nothing you of value. Even if I do make money it wont be tun of money. I will only sell Rastafari and Jamaican colored jewelry for goodness sakes. How enticing can that be for someone who wants to rob someone…I mean really. And I am a girl. Like calm down mom, and stop dumping your own insecurities me.

My heart is in Jamaica too! 

I just feel like every day when I wake up and walk down the street, that this, is not my rightful home. It has every bit to do with what I feel in my heart. The good thing about it is this is not motivated by any other person such as a boyfriend or pressure from parents, so therefore, I know this is purely my desire.

I know once I touch down in Jamaica for the first time by my self as an adult, I am gonna wonder “what the hell took me so long?” That is not good, its like wasting time, and being completely aware of it.

What about Failure in J.A.?

I don’t really think about Failure when I think of moving to Jamaica, because I feel any thing I do in Jamaica, anything that does or does not work out for me, will be a “win win!” Why, because I will have hot whether and the beach to visit, more Rastafari men and women to relate to, and my own culture surrounding me 2 hours a day 7 days a week. For me as a Rasta, those things are priceless. So what do you think based on all you have Just read, should I move to Jamaica?

3 thoughts on “Move to Jamaica? More Rastafari, More Jamaican vibes, my roots and culture

  1. I do not believe you doubt the possibilities of success, but I do feel you doubt your ability to make the best decision based on outside family influence. Your mother seems to be concerned with you connecting with your roots and becoming one with mother Jamaica. But from what you speak you have already made the connection mentally and spiritually. How about you test the waters before moving full time. Spend maybe 2 or 3 months there. If you see that all of your worries were unfounded, make the transition.

    1. I appreciate your input.
      Yes I have definetly already made the connection spiritually and mentally….I will go and try it out for 2 or 3 months to feel the vibes etc
      Thank you
      Jah Bless, Ras Tafari

  2. ha, ha, i have to laugh at the grocery store comment. when i think of moving out of the states i think the same thing!!!!! i am not from jamaica, but my dream is to retire on an island(maybe way sooner that retirement age standards, lol). i don’t think american life suits me 100% . but you become accustom to things and think you can’t live with out them. i think, unfortunately, that is babylons way of keeping us in the system. believing we can’t live with out sliced bread? i like the idea from the post above. go for several months and then make your decision. do tell how it goes!!!!! safe travel, jah guidance

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