jamaican restaurants in Toronto reviews: Great Jamaican food places

ackee treejamaican restaurant on Spadina


Well folks…to be honest I havent actually been to the acckee tree jamaican restaurant….but I will explain. This fantastic jamaican restaurant started out in the basement of the eaton centre shopping mall. their food was fan tastic…never once had any complaints. the reason I liked their food so much was that every time I got it, it would taste the same….exactly the way good jamaican food should taste. I love Jamaican food that is cooked with all the right seasonings….and with many menu options. The ackee tree takes the cake on this…..anyway….the eaton center closed their basement for renovations…and then the ackee tree moved to spadina just north of Queen street. So I havent actually been there, but i am sure the food is strill delicious…be sure and check this one out.

ritz on yonge south of dundas


the ritz started out just above the Gay village north of Wellesly…then they moved around a few times. Now they are also located on yonge st just south of dundas. this is one of my favorite take out eat in jamaican restaurants. Heres why. When I first started embracing rastafari I was embracing rastafari in every aspect of my life. Because for me finally accepting this part of my self was like a rebirth…a joyful rebirth, and I wanted to experience it in any and every way I could. Whenever I would go to this location Ritz, they would have some nice rockers tunes playing. This made me feel like I was home. It also kind of made me feel like I had just stepped off the plane into Jamaica. I love that feeling. I love some good Rasta reggae music. So that was the first thing I liked. But then I tried the food and the service and was very happy. However….I will say the truth….These people make you feel welcome…..the food is great….I would recommend it to anyone. Go there, but dont ask for extra rice…

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the real jerk at Queen and Broadview


The real jerk has been around a very long time. I love the decor and the ambiance of this jamaican food restaurant. If you are searching for a place to bask in the jamaican culture and listen to some nice reggae music while you eat, then the real jerk on Queen st is for you. Its more of a casual place, so you dont have dress up. The staff are really friendly and are willing to do all to make your dining experience one to remember. Its not a big place, so you could be sitting very close to some unfamiliar faces. But its quaint and gets the job done. Which hopefully is to fill your tummy with some nice jamaican food. Enjoy. 709 Queen st E.

bloor st just east of dufferin- Jerk King

You must visit Jerk King. Im sure its called that for the jerk chicken, but I go there for the stew chicken and the curried potatoes. Delicious.
This place gets my jamaican food right every time. You must go there. It is a small whole in the wall, but man is the food ever worth it. They have many nice drinks too. Nutriment, Reggae rythms in the pinapple ginger….mmmm just thinking about it makes me want to go. Whenever I leave that place my belly feels alright for hours. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

eglinton avenue west.

Eglinton west avenue, makes some of the best jamaican food. I dont know the names of any of the restaurants but the food there is delicious.

Bathurst subway, bathurst and bloor, One Love Vegetarian


There is a restaurant I have been meaning to check out. It is called oneloveveg. I am pretty sure it is run by a Rasta, cause rasta love to cook nice Ital food. The restaurant looks nice. I pass it all the time but have never been in there. hmmmm. They have a webstie too. www.oneloveveg.com

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