Rasta man (jamaican) – how to date him how to love him

How to love a Jamaican Rasta man

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rasta man love sexy men
true rasta man Dennis Brownnow is not about them. I am writing about the “true” Jamaican Rasta man. The kind who is humble, considerate, and gentle. The kind any woman would fall in love with. But these men are not always easy to be with, for many reasons. To sum it all up. If you are not Rasta your self, a Jamaican Rasta man may be difficult to deal with, and hard to understand his motivations.

Be gentle with your Rastaman

Be gentle with your rastaman, he is special and a true gift from God in the deepest meaning possible. Forgive him when he hurts you and is unaware of it.

Give your Rasta man space to be him self

Give your rastaman space to be him self. If you are not Rasta, this is of the utmost importance to keeping your relationship with him healthy and thriving. Not giving your rastaman space is a very fast road to having him run away from you.

Give him lots and lots of love, but be pure and clean spiritually


how to love a rastaman
give rasta lots of love

Give your Jamaican Rasta man, lots and lots and lots…did I say lots? ….of love. The only way your “true” Jamaican rasta man is going to reject your love is if he feels you are not good for him. Which usually means you are acting like your life is to serve the man “downstairs” instead of the man “upstairs” and that we Ras do not accept. So, give him lots of love and affection, and loving attention. If you have a true Jamaican rasta man in your life ladies…believe me you don’t even need a television set, if you catch my drift. Jah makes beautiful things.

Bob Marley had many lovers and many children

Bob Marley had many lovers and as a result had many children. This was his own personal choice.

bob marley had many wives
bob Marley had many lovers

There Rastafari men who don’t even have one lover, there are Rastafari men who are very faithful, there are Rastafari men who wouldn’t even think to cheat on their women. Those men are probably with women who value the faith, and value themselves, among other things. You also have to remember, Bob Marley was a Superstar! Superstars have groupies, and we all know he is not the first man to have a baby with another woman outside of his legal marriage – and he wont be the last!

Are all Jamaican men promiscuous


are all jamaican men promiscuous
jamaican men sure are sexy

There are a lot of Jamaican men who are promiscuous. But I have said it before and I will say it again. I truly believe this is because in places like Canada and the United States they get spoiled. Very spoiled. Most of the women accept this bad behavior, so the men do it because they are getting away with it. One or two bad experiences and we women feel all the men are like that. But truly a Rasta man – a “true” Rasta man is not like that, I know that from my heart. Because The Most High created him to know “right from wrong”

Many women are attracted to the Jamaican Rasta man


Many women are very attracted to The Rasta  man. Some say its the hair (dreadlocks) I say its his inner self that attracts women. The innocence of his soul that is showing, ok yes. Combined with the dreadlocks, and some dark beautiful skin, this is very alluring. So, ladies don’t complain, if you wanted him, and you got him, just know to see someone and to know them are two different things.

My own Jamaican Rasta man, at least I hope ??

Can you believe I don’t officially have my own Jamaican Rasta man? I tell you what being a Rastafari  woman and dating, Is not an easy thing. The other day a guy from Bosnia of all places picked me up. Yes! Bosnia. These types of men are always attracted to me. That’s not what I am supposed to be typing about. There is a guy I met about 2 months ago, physically he is exactly what I asked the most high for. But can we have a relationship? I don’t know. He is in Jamaica right now and will return, in April of this year. He did seem nice ….maybe we can be an item, a Rastafari couple is a beautiful thing! Rastafari!

 So why does the Jamaican Rastaman have a bad wrap in relationships?

 There are some Jamaican rasta man who “take advantage” of the fact that women find them so attractive. Most are not like this. They no Jah is always watching and always listening and do not wish to be a sinner. This is the truth ladies. So please do not judge the whole bunch because of a few rotten ones. Rastaman knows right from wrong more than any other. And treating people with respect is a big part of our spirituality. Want to know if the Rastafari way of life is right for you….click here.

So whats the verdict on the jamaican rastaman?

There are many who are gentle and have good intentions. If you are a Rastafari woman you increase your chances greatly of having a loving fulfilling relationship. There are some who are “too in love with woman” and therefore sleep around. Knowing who we are and knowing what we Rasta know, these men are the exception and not the rule.

If you have a true Jamaican rastaman in your life, you are blessed you may not know it. But you are blessed. Oh and you don’t have to Jamaican to Rasta, but this is the type I am most familiar with as a Jamaican Rastafari woman.

I hope this article was fun and informative.

Jah Rastafari. Emperor Selassie I the first.

21 thoughts on “Rasta man (jamaican) – how to date him how to love him

  1. Blessed love my sistren. I truly enjoyed reading this article and am deeply in love with my Jamaican Rasta man. He is everything you described and more!!!

  2. Yeah this is quite informative,I am a Rasta Woman who’s never been with a man before, just had a lot to deal with, but now I am ready, spiritually, emotionally and physically, there is a King that i like, i just dont know what to do to get his attention, ay ideas…

    1. My sista. Im a rasta women from south africa. Once thing i’ve learned from life……. never make the first move. it is not dignifying for a woman to make herself available to a king. at all times be a woman. Jah guide us at all time if only we follow His guidance through the spirit. Meditation is an answer! Pray and Jah will lead the way. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. and a wise woman is a crown on a man’s head. i pray for you. Blessed day!

  3. So you say that true rastaman deal with cocaine (Dennis Brown)?

    Have you ever meet a person who is addicted to cocaine and noticed what happen to their mind? Sure not gentle and humble, It makes you egoistic and violent.

    Besides that how many songs from dennis brown are about rastafari, selaisse or whatever?

    He is a genius and great artist for sure, but no true rasta


  4. I have been with my Jamaican man for about a year now. When I first met him, we started off with us just getting to know each other and having sex. Then when I caught feelings it progressed from there. Me and him both love each other. But I am the only one in love in the relationship. I do all the things you have said above and more. I please my man. He has never cheated on me but lately he tells me that he do not want to be with me because he feel like he is not ready to be in love again after his last girlfriend. Which was a big cheater. She cheated on him all the time. She cheated on him for a long time like years and he knew and still stuck around. His life was messed up because he did everything for that girl and she in return hurt him like he has never hurt agian. I understand where he is coming from and I do not want to rush him into loving but I just want my baby back. I want my Jamaican man to be my Jamaican man again.!! A little more information; he said that he broke up with me because I started acting too much like his ex….Now I am lost because I thought I was being a great girlfriend. Never cheated on him. Let him hang out with his guy friends. Cook for him. Clean like no other.!! Keep everything in order. Now it’s like after everything we have been through he leaves me. Can you give me any advice on what next to do or what would help my relationship with him.

    1. He is just giving you excuses for not wanting to be with you. He just doesnt have those special feelings for you. Dont take it too hard. I am in the same boat honey. Another one will come along with some time. There are plenty of fish in the Sea.
      Jah Bless.

  5. Your post made me laugh out loud! You got picked up by a Bosnian! HA I am a Bosnian woman with a Jamaican man! 🙂 How funny is that! I think your post is very true Rastaman are full of love, affection and MY man always makes sure I get mine first, if you know what I mean! Thank you for standing up for the Jamaican men because they are God fearing, love their mama and if they truly love you will freeze hell over for you! I have been with my man for 3 years now and he never ceases to amaze me! Although I have heard all the sterotypes and racial comments before they never cease to surprise me either! But God has been on our side and our love grows stronger every day! Stay humble and Blessed!
    Love Seka

  6. i am in love with a rasta man i been to see him and had a raw and came back to england i have spoken to him since he said he do love me but he wont show it its the fist time i have been with a rasta man

  7. i am with a rasta man its my first time i went to see him and we had a raw and i came back to england i have spoken to him since he says he loves me, but i dont no if he is just saying it ,he is a lovely man he always phones me he told me he do love me but my head feels mixed up i do love him and want to be with him but when i go back to see him we raw

  8. I have alot of Rastafarian male friends,almost all of them arent dating,they say they wouldnt date Rastafarian women becz most of them are stupid and immature,is this true?

    1. There are two types of Rasta, those who are faithful from the heart, and those who give themselves this title but really…just sport the look. A true Rastaman hopes and prays, each day to find his perfect love, His Empress, his one and only, sent by The Most High.
      Much Love, Rastafari

  9. Hi, i found ur article an interesting read. I met a Jamaican during the last week of last year and we had a lovely outting on New yrs eve which was really fun.
    I must admit, He is VERY sexy, i think highy sexed. He wants to get physical with me in less than a wk of meeting each other…. this scares me. I want to get to know him more, but he seem frustrated that i dont want him to have his way with me. He told me up front he has a 2yr old kid which i dont mind cos i love kids any way and that he likes me and wants a relationship with me since he is no longer with his baby mama, but the problem am having is he wants to come to my house and be physical with me which i cant seem to get him to see things the right way, which is me going over to HIS house. Though he currently lives with his aunt who helps him take care of the kid.
    Pls is this how Jamaican relationships are or is he testing me?
    In as much as i like him, the r/ship is quite young, i can just quietly take my fragile heart back into its shell peacefully…. cos i dont get this.

    1. I had to think about how to respond to this.
      click this–>>>http://www.jamaicanrastafarianlove.com/how-to-date-a-jamaican-man-advice-for-non-jamaican-women/
      Love and Blessings, Rastafari

  10. Your comment about the Bosnian man made me laugh as well! I am a bosnian woman dating a rasta for the first time. I think its important to approach any new mate in your life with compassion and love, understanding, but especially if there are cultural differences. I have found my bf to be very humble in life, and most importantly, very positive and it’s working great! I have learned so much about rastafari culture from him, I love it! You may give the Bosnian a chance, you might have more in common than you think!

    1. Thank you for sharing. Unfortuneatly I never did hook up with that Bosnian Guy. I thought he was cute. He had nice full lips and a very cool accent. I felt very comfortable with him. Like he was seeing me the person…you know?
      Who knows maybe there is another great Bosnian Guy in my Future, would be cool if he were Rastafari too….lol
      Love and Blessings.

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