White Women Dating Jamaican Rastafarian Men

white women rastaman There exists a world not many of us are aware of. That is the world of sex, love, lust, and prostitution between white women, and Rastafarian men. Yes, you read that right. Sex, love, lust, and prostitution. Now I want to tell you what you are about to read is not true for every Rastaman, or every white woman. this is only true for a small percentage of Rasta men, living in the Caribbean islands, and, the white ladies, who travel to the Caribbean islands in search of some “fun in the sun!” Learn the truth about Dating Jamaican men

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Let me  bring you up to speed. Every year hundreds of thousands of white women, travel to the Caribbean islands in search of, not just Rasta man, but black man, for a little “roll in the Caribbean sand.” Why are these white women doing this? I don’t know the reason why,  I can only speculate. Probably because what happens in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean. Maybe they like the way the Caribbean men “do it!” Maybe they want a man with some flavor to his skin, and some spice in his veins, to make them feel “extra pampered.” What ever the reason why these white women are doing it, I say “it’s about time my Sista, it’s about time!”

 the life of a white woman – just speculation folks


many white women, particularly in western culture have pressures that I my self, as a black woman, was completely unaware of until I gave it some thought. I think, (correct me if I am wrong in the comments) they feel that they always have to be “on.” Or that they must fit into a mold of expectations by society, or that as a mom, as a wife, etc. there is very little room for some real authentic “me time.” So, perhaps traveling to the Caribbean islands, to spend some time with a laid back easy-going Rastaman, is the fastest, most relaxing way to enjoy a Caribbean vacation, and get some  R and R.

the life of a Rasta man

Many Jamaican Rastafarian men, live very simple, stress free lives, keeping in line with the teachings, of Jah, and their spiritual beliefs, of non – violence, natural living, and praising God. Rastafarian men usually react the same way to almost anything. If he doesn’t understand a persons emotions, he may stare at the person, If a person is uncomfortable with him, he is too wrapped up in the love and power of “Jah” to even allow such a thought. If a woman is interested in him, and wants to take him to bed, he was looking for a conversation but has no problem “going with the flow” There are few things that get a Rastafarian man to re-act. His attitude about life is….to “let God handle the situation.” With that, a Rastaman is relaxed, and easy to talk to. He may just be the perfect antidote for a stressed out, frazzled white woman who seeks a calm caring companion.

The word on the street on white ladies and the Rastafarian men of Jamaica  

The word on the street is that these ladies are paying these Rastafarian men to spend time with them. Ok this must be like guys who are “dreads” not real Rasta, although some of them might be real Rastafarians who want to make some extra cash or an easy living for them selves. Thank the lord for tourism huh….lol. The reason I used the word “dating” in the title is, I am sure that after spending some real-time together some of these white woman and Rastafarian, may very well, fall in love with each other. Here comes some more speculation, are you ready for it? But, I don’t know that the relationship could last, seeing that western culture and beliefs, and Caribbean culture and beliefs are so different. It could work if the woman moved to the Caribbean and totally took on the Rastamans way of life. But for him to go live in western society would not only be hard on him ( the Rasta in the relationship) but also hard on the woman because the role of the man, in Jamaica, and In Rastafari, are different from the expected, role of a man in western society. I know this because I am a Canadian born Rasta, raised by Jamaican parents. Currently living in Western society. I am soon about to change that by the way.

tips for the white woman on loving her Rastafarian King

rasta singles, rasta datin

  • Know that his Rasta beliefs are strong – God is number one to him, you must know everything else comes second. Including you and your needs. If you ask him to go against his love for God, and or his spiritual beliefs, your relationship could be in jeopardy.
  • You are the woman he is the man – Not all Rastafarian men follow this but some do. Sometimes it is expected to allow him to take the lead regardless of who has more money or who is “smarter.”
  • You are the woman – This also means you should know your duties as a woman, such as cooking and cleaning.
  • All thoughts and feelings must be shared. – This is very important to a Rasta man in a love relationship. He loves with God in his heart and expects his mate to be open and honest with him.
  • Know that if he is a real Rastafarian Man… – If he is a real Rastafarian man, his spiritual beliefs is not something he can take off and put back on, and he expects you as his woman to also respect his beliefs in the same manner.
  • 99 percent of his decisions are based on his spiritual beliefs – He sees the world through the eyes of God, and his decisions are based on the knowing of the world, and the love that he has in his heart for man kind.
  • To get more Rastafarian beliefs click here.

Why do white women love a Jamaican Rasta Man….

White women love Jamaican Rasta man for various reasons. I am talking about the ones that visit Jamaica, the ones that are married to one, the ones, that meet Rastamen when they visit Jamaica. A Rasta man for me is very hard for me to not be attracted to. He is honest, natural and real. He is usually black, and kind. His essence is that of someone who is accepting, loving and easy-going. Couple that with the “tale” that black men are “larger” (notice I didn’t say myth) and that they grow their hair very long in Dreadlocks, and if you are lucky he has a nice Jamaican accent, if you don’t fall in love with this man, perhaps you wouldn’t fall in love with any man. Also a Rasta man is different, and women are natural “nurtures!” loving the unusual is in our DNA.

so how do I feel about white women dating Rasta men?   

I am still trying to figure that one out. Not in terms of me having a problem with it, but knowing what I know about Rasta, I know there are not many who would date out side of their spiritual beliefs, let alone outside of their race. Some Rastafarians believe in a “black love” meaning that they date only within their own race, and others believe if you have love in your heart you date who you love regardless of color. Personally I am split down the middle. I believe in “black love” for my self, however I think that interracial is good for mankind, and that love is the most important thing. So, I guess for me, I don’t care who loves who, and what color they are, but for me, the man who I would be willing to call my “king” would have to be A) black and B) Rasta.

I asked a close female friend about her thoughts on white women dating Rastafarian men, her response was ….”from what I know about Rasta…they are not real Rasta!”  That gave me something to think about. I have respect for this persons opinion cause they grew up in Jamaica and spent more time around Rastafarian than I did.  If anything bothers me it’s not so much Rastafarians dating outside of their race but outside of their spiritual beliefs. How does a Rastaman or Rastawoman handle that. When Jah makes you who you are and you know the person you wake up to every morning knows nothing of this very special experience, and way of life that you live. Any way that’s it from me….

Man needs a woman, naturally

Sometimes I wonder if the reason why a Rastaman dates a non dread is because he needs the touch, love, and care of a woman. So, perhaps her ethnic background and black man black woman cartoonspiritual beliefs are secondary. I also know that Rastafarians don’t believe in one night stands. I am not saying we don’t participate, but it is rarely something that we seek, or intend to create, with that, a roll in the hay becomes a long-term love relationship. This will be good news for most women. Any who, those are my thoughts on that.

rent-a- rasta

I was checking out the internet the other day and that is how I found out that many women are travelling to the Caribbean in search of a few rolls in the hay with a black man or a black Rasta man. You can visit the website for more information. But I will try to include a video clip here. Create a personal ad Seeking a Jamaican man at 



Readers Comments (56)

  1. Dear Sister, thank you for this article, it was very informative and answered some questions I had been asking.
    I am a white (Irish) woman, and I am an athiest. I have been dating a Rasta Man for just over a month. When we first met, I didnt think to myself, “I want to date a Rasta or he is a good looking black guy, I thought what a beautiful, sweet, gentle Man”, He is true to his culture and his beliefs and I have great admiration for him. I keep hearing the phrase “interracial” which really disturbs me, as I see only one race.

    • I really do hope you get my reply. I found your perspective on the use of the word “interracial” refreshing. I had always felt the same way. We are dividing our selves further by basically using the word in a way that says if we are of different color then we are a different “race”???? I like to use the word “ethnicity” and “interethnic” but not many people are using that, for the sake of the article I use the word “interracial.” However now I will reconsider using that word.
      Thank you,
      Lots of Love and Peace to you.

      • Peace and love, thank you for taking the time to reply, I think the system, the establishment etc…. wants to make us believe we share no common ground, it is very happy to seperate us, it teaches us to see our differences, instead of focusing on what makes us the same. What makes us the same is not skin color, religion, politics or any other man made box, it is love and respect for each other.

        There is a quote from Jimmy Hendrix which I love…….. When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

        Peace, love and respect always


        • Yes that makes total sense. However as a Rastafarian I believe thats whats written in the bible must be fullfilled. These times must take place…so things will not “improve” I was wondering if you have any direct questions for me, regarding Rastafari, or the Rastafarian you are dating. I would happy to provide some insight for you.
          Love, Respect, and Unity

      • How can u prefer a race when u fale in love? For me love is something we can’t explain what happen between how can we have a personal preferance? And I did not say that black people who just date blacke people are racesit and white people not! Mabe racist is even the wrong word for it, its just egnorant people and I am realy sorry for everybody who can not walk with a open mind and heart truth ower world. When we start to love each other no mather what color we have than we gonna change the world to something bether..

    • Grow up, the lot of you. Man is man ans woman is woman. Life ain’t about colour. The beauty of every human being is within.

      However, true Rasta don’t eat pork and don’t lay with them. White women are turned on by “dreads”. By using the term dreads, I am referring to all those wearing dreadlocks. Don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone with locks is a Rasta. A lot of the time it’s fashion and can even be part of their trade eg; beach boys in the Caribbean and throughout Africa.

      Rasta’s don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They live their lives as naturally as possible and in a peaceable fashion.

      Jah, Rastafari


  2. Sorry I was distracted before I finished my comment.

    I think there is way to much emphasis on color, religion, culture, politics etc….. and I think this causes a lot of misunderstandings and problems in the world.

    Thankfully I am not bound by any of these beliefs and only have love in my life and my heart.

    Thank again for this article.
    Peace, love and respect always xxx

  3. Hi, this was very interesding to read and I do agree with many things. I am a white woman and I had two relaion with black rastaman. One was jamaican and the other brasilian. If people say a rasta who date a white woman is not a rasta. than I ask myself how can it be important what colour someone got if jah createt all of us egual? But I think most rasta specialy in jamaica who date european woman aren’t rasta at all. If they date white woman for monney, than it is prostitution and that has nothing to do with rasta. I just went ones to the touristy places in jamaica, what I saw was beachboy and not rastaman. What I found realy interesding is that most of european sex tourist are fat, old and not realy pretty. So I think its the onley way for them to get some love ore bether some sex what they can’t get at home. My personal experience was that it is very hard for european woman to be with a jamaican man, culture is very different and specialy if the woman is used to be independent and egual as a woman, its almost impossible to handle it. Jamaica man say, behind every strong man is a good woman, we would say next to a strong man is a good woman. i think this has nothing to do with black and white, much more with culture. My brazilian king was black too, we had a beautifull relation and not a bit of all this cultural problems, mabe because its just closer to each other.
    Anyway, interesding page, was a plasure to get true it!
    Jah bless

  4. I am a black woman and my man is a Jamaican Rasta man. He is a Nyahbinghi. True Black Rasta men will only date Black women.

    • so than racism is part of being rasta? Ur right, I think many rasta agree with this. Me personaly will never respect or tolerate a religion or culture who is based on differences and racism. Jah createt all of his children egual, we are one race, just different complecion. How can somebody who is saying that beleve in god, being racist? I don’t know what love than suld be, if it is a question of colour not of real feelings.

      • It depends on the Rasta….sorry to respond so late….Some believe in strictly black love (a personal preference) some believe if you love someone, their skin color shouldnt matter. It depends on the individual….Not Rastafari. Besides if you are black and you love to be with another black person….does this automatically make you a racist? Why when whites only date white they are not racist. But if black only dates black they are racist? I pose this question to anybody reading this.

  5. “Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more signifigance than the color of his eyes, Mi say war!”- Speech taken from H.I.M Haile Selassie (King of Kings Lord of Lords Lion of the Tribe of Judah) and adapted to Bob Marley’s song “War”

    Wake from yuh darkness sistren n bredren an bestow no more ignorance pon mi Rastafarian righteoussness, Bingi nah real less he follows the teachings of H.I.M.

  6. During my Reggae Sunsplash excursions (four consecutive years, early 90’s), I always knew where to find my Rasta friend. We knew it could never lead to an overseas relationship with long-term plans, but we enjoyed respectful companionship and intimacy. He taught me some fundamental things about Rastafari, I admired his peaceful demeanor (and lovely dreadlocks), and monetary compensation was never discussed! He did have some Biblically rigid ideas about what is and isn’t acceptable in bed, but he was knowledgable about doctrines and quite comfortable in his faith and proud of his culture. I’m white, yet he never hesitated about being with me. Wonder how he’s doing now…

  7. salut a vous la communauter rasta je viens vous annomcer que je suis a la recherche dune femme rasta comme moi pour fonder un foyer stp fait moi signe si vous ete disport je vous passe mes cordonner email tel +23775145006

  8. keepit up ras men

  9. morning i am a american woman of color and i am interested in a rasta man. i am thankful for the information that you have provided. we haven’t started dating, but he is giving me signs that he is interested. i want to approach the situation carefully. i ve been in a relationship since i was 17 and i am now 43. it is a little scarey for me and i dont want to make any careless mistakes right from the start so again thank you for the info. Linda

  10. i am from neighbouring trinidad. i am mixed, indian and spanish and my husband is a rasta. speaking from experience no man can love like a tru rasta. i have had other relationships but none like the one with my husband. i will see a million men collectively but only a rastaman will catch my eyes and make my head turn.

  11. Love given to me from a Rastafarian man, is the single most beautiful experience of love I have ever received. I don’t believe he is aware of the strong impact his continuity of care and tenderness have on this woman. I don’t need to reach for him, his gentleness and words are now within me every day. I love the man and my love and respect for him grows constantly.

  12. Sister Yuajah,
    I have seen your website – you are a beautful spirit and very positive individual, may the almighty bless you. I am writing because I took a trip abroad, met the most inspiring rasta organization working to help people out of poverty. This was nearly a year ago – and cannot stop thinking of this day. Am married – but felt deeply connected to their goals and plans in a way that was truly unknown to me. I think the thing that struck me was that I became a vegetarian at only 11 years of age, have always been concerned for the environment and holistic living, and working towards development, food securty, etc…., and then I met a full organization of people who believed and lived this way, was in awe – anyways, am so drawn to the culture, though know I do not belong. Yet, can’t forget what I saw, and how I felt when I was there. Feel hopeless … very sad.

  13. Sister Yuajah,
    A friend of mine told me about your article and said I should read it. I am white, I partner is black Jamaican, and we both have Rasta beliefs. Before I met him, I was drawn to Rasta, long ago while I was in high school. I started eating more ital, growing locks, and just being more natural, as well as reading the bible and living more spiritually. I have been questioned on these beliefs, just for being a white woman. “How can you believe in a black religion and support the negativity towards whites?” Well, knowing Ras Tafari and rasta livity, it is not what color your skin is or where you may be from, but what is in your heart and what truth you know and hold as truth. I don’t see Rasta as a “black religion”, but a belief of love and support for whomever may embrace it. I have been lucky to find a partner in another ras and not just as a “black man”. He is one of the most caring, compassionate, loving, amazing men that I have ever had the chance to meet and spend time with. He is a devoted, caring father and would do anything for any of us. It hurts to see the looks and hear the words from outsiders sometimes, but you know what, all that matters is that we have love for each other and our family and families.
    There are many ras out there who say it is wrong what we are doing, but who are they to judge? This world and people’s views are what i try to teach my children as to ignore and take in stride. I agree with the post from sorcha-i dont talk about our children as interracial or biracial or multiracial or whatever other words are out there…they are children of jah and loved by jah. we are not in an interracial relationship-we are in a loving, caring, devoted relationship and work hard to overcome the hardships that come from it, but make us stronger day to day.
    sorry to post so much, but this is my day to day. my friend said that it was worth the read and i thank you for that.

    • right on sista! i do have some thoughts to put out there that i don’t think people are questioning. i think people need to understand history. without the understanding of history and evolution this question on dating outside your race is futile. there are jews who are very conservative that won’t date out of their race. this is to preserve their heritage, they see it as way of exterminating their genes. the same for some strict rastas who believe they should stick to their own race for the sake of preserving a culture. and with 400 yrs of slavery, survival mode, brainwashing of an african people, white men raping black women, etc….has evolutionized some people into thinking they need to preserve black identity. times are changing though and i feel as though there are true rastas out there that will date outside their race as well. i think it goes based on how conservative you are in any religion. look at fundamentalist muslims verse less conservative muslims. i believe you just have a right to date who you want and who you may be most attracted to. all of this questioning of who is right in this issue is why i can never be one religion, all the fighting over who is right and who is wrong when in reality religions are all the same fundamentally. but don’t get me wrong, there is much beauty in rasta and many teachings im attracted to and im happy for anyone who found their spiritual path. mine is that there is one god, who wants us to live our best and doesn’t judge us based on how we practice it. and best to you in your struggle with day to day race issues. they exist and it is hard, but your a stronger person for confronting them!

  14. Hi i was just scanning around when i saw your blog. I believe that most white women engage in relationships with black men because there are simple. Meaning there are have simple lifestyle. I love black men, i am not black but i do think there are really interesting and fun to be with.

  15. nyadonna allen March 3, 2011 @ 3:20 pm

    Know the words of his majesty……..H.I.M.

    white or black, what a petty view point in such serious times. Above coment from Kiki is the truth of the matter. Who is anyone to judge the union of any man and woman of any race or belief system. It is nothing more than gossip and foolishness, it is bearing false witness. set examples as rasta woman, as empress, as queens of this world. the pictures used here of white woman and black men are not photos of rastafari people. they insult both white and black rastas. the sex trade in jamaica is for dreadlocks not rasta. it is for common people that seek common thing, sex, money, company, new shoes, whatever it may be. rasta is livity, blessed.

    • Thank you for your opinion,
      Blessed love.

    • empress tru divine March 8, 2011 @ 9:30 pm

      JAH bless sistrin..I am caucasion and I see this kind of behavior everywhere in the states…When i do get to go out every so often I see this happening..maybe not for money but I see people hooking up and leaving with each other and it doesnt matter what color you are….People need to have more pride and respect for themselves…period!!! you dont have to go to jamaica to do this..they do it here all the time..its too sad…I guess what I am sayin is,” women…respect your body and dont believe everything u hear…The body is a temple..Thankx for the mesage ..your words where kind and soft sppoken…give thankx and praise to the ALMIGHTY

  16. empress tru divine March 8, 2011 @ 9:18 pm

    Ok i have read the post and I have never been out of my country(usa)..i cant speek for every white woman but i speek for myself…i met this gentlemen who I feel is my KING…He is from jamaica and is living in the usa..he has been here for over a year and is establishing his self quite well here…we met once with no physical connection between us if u get what i am saying…we talk constintly and I am going to visit him soon where he lives in the usa..he claims to be rasta and I am caucasion…we talk alot and about everything..He is 8 years older than I and i knw of his children and there ages…I am falling inlove with him and its not from us physically being together…..mentally we are attracted to one another…and spiritually…i believe in the same as he does and am open to his way of being rasta is not a religion but a way of life…i guess my question is Why do so many people have to put a color on love…i have lots of sistrin that are of african descent and they love me for who I am and have no problem with me…i am however a very strong woman and I relate more to the african woman because I was raised around the african community…..i feel and have always felt more connected to the african culture than my own…Would you consider me wrong on that? Just looking for opinions on this matter and some input…anyway…He is not my first rastaman as I was married before and am going thru a divorce…i was with a man who claim to be rasta but in the end he cheated on me and that I will not put up with..any comments would be great…..
    thankx and blessings… love

    • Your words were so beautiful to read. Rastafari is of the heart. As you said you were raised with the black community, therefore if you accepted, loved, and embraced this, your heart will be spiritually African. Love is not about color. Love is of the heart. There should be more people like you. Jah bless you and your heart. You are truly loving and open. Yes, Sistren some call them self Rasta, and dont follow the teachings of the Most High.
      Give thanks and praises for the Rasta King that has come into your life. The love of a true Rasta man is an absolute blessing. Take your time, and enjoy getting to know eachother.
      Much love to you.
      Rastafari is the truth, everytime.

      • empress tru divine March 8, 2011 @ 9:50 pm

        Rastagirl Yuajah…i am so thankful for the post back…Being the person that JAH has made me has not been easy…As i told all I am caucasion and at times it has been very hard for me in the white community…i have gotten rejected for jobs because of my hair and looked down upen because i date outside my race..But all in all i forgive those and show nothing but love in return..I feel that racism and ignorince is taught to a child and it is not their this is all they know…I really apprecite your words of kindness and It really ment alot too me….I live in a small town in texas and it is so hard sometimes..i stay on the net alot and srround myself with JAH people…i dont get involved in the world outside because where I live they do not accept me much at all…just to hear some words of kindness from a sistren has ment alot to me…MUCH LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO U AND FAMILY….ONE LOVE…UNITY

        • I faced the same thing when I started wrapping my hair. Now that I wear my locks out and let them fall freely in the open, I find that it is my own people (mainly women) who have a problem with me. Its unfortunate. All in all whenever I have a problem, I take it to the Most High. Rastafari is strength. The Most High is always watching and always listening. I love Rasta people to have a place to relate and reason. I put up a Rastafari forum today…. I always like to connect with Ras Sistrens, and the Rastafari community, we need to stick together as a support system.
          Love is the true Soldier.
          Rastafari Lives.

  17. I’m from Barbados and im intrested in Rasta men but at the same time… what if i like a different ethnicity also? Then its turned around in gender, since im a woman does it make the situation of loving another skin different, or does it not matter because im a female?? I’m very young and in this time period mixed ethnicity’s are all over, so please reply, I need answers. Another thing is im a christian (born one) and no matter if u call the father lord, god, allah, or Jah; they all bless our father and are just names, so cld u tell me how important the religious aspect of it is. Thanks

  18. I am so glad y ou asked. Whoever told you this or wherever you got this information…its false….Im tired of white women and American women going around saying, in forums or in conversation, that women in Rastafari are unequal to the men, and therefore treated as less then by their men.??? As far as beating goes this is a first time for me and I cant believe people are believing this sh*t. I express my self in this way not specifically to you Sistren, you are just asking an innocent question. I express my self in this way because Rastafari is a spirituality of love and equality and it is offensive to to hear people talk about it like…. its something less than. I can only think this was started by a rasta man who wanted to dominate his white or American woman. Black Jamaican Rastamen dont dare try sh*t like this with Black Jamaican rasta women.

    Rastafari Sistren.

  19. All praises to his Majesty Haile Selassie the 1st, conquering lion of judah, king of kings and lords of lords. I was looking for a certain site and stumbled apon yours, alot of the comments are more about ones ethnicity than anything else, you keep bringing up that as a black women you would not marry or date a man who was not black , but is that not a contradiction in terms because to be a Rasta means loving with an open heart , Rasta is not about the colour of your skin, Rasta is a way of life, Iam a Ras women, I have always dated the Rasta man, all the rasta i know are big men they are not a youth or pickney, i have been married to a ras for over 10 years, we have 2 beautiful joys and blessings that Jah blessed me with which our are children. I have pictures all over my house of the lion of judah and Haile Selassie, I have locks too. I have been a rasta women for many years, i cover my locks just like a jamican women would. Iam white and my husband is black jamaican, everybody even my husband treats me like a true rasta, all the ras i know call mi a ras, they put me next to them not below them, To all those that say to be a Rasta you have to be black and date a black women those people have a distorted view of what Rasta is, some Rasta call themselves rasta but they are not..they walk through the street with a gun, and if it come to it they will kill you or beat you, but these are Dreads not rasta, as to say that you would only see a black man as your king is racist in itself

  20. Any white woman that wants a black man is confused with a low self-esteem…

    • I watched an episode of Ricki Lake about Interracial dating…one of the panelists said “…if you love your self, you want somebody just like you…”

      Raspect, Love.

    • You say ” Any white women that wants a black Man is confused with a low self esteem ” . So that must mean any black man who wants a white women is confused with low self – esteem.. A lie dat, you just talk with a racist point of view, you talking Bullsh*t

  21. You say that any white women that wants a black man is confused with a low self – esteem, so that must mean that any black man that wants a white women is confused with a low self – esteem. A lie dat, you just racist, you talking Bullshit !

  22. If rastafari believe so strongly in god, why would they prostitute themselves to white women, to earn extra cash, most of the comments were from black women, who clearly are unable to.accept that a white woman can love a man, other than for sex, his colour or his creed. I would further advise, many Jamaican men come to England, rastafari and non rastafari, with the sole intention of approaching a white woman, or any woman, the intention being to obtain their stay, in the case of the rastaman doing that, I suggest he asks Jah for guidance on his deceit, also we are all jahs people, or do some Jamaican think hes exclusive to them. Jah bless and guide us all.

    • I want to make a comment to all the people who claim that to be a Rasta you have to be ” Black ”. Bob Marley is one of the most well known reggae artists, Bob Marleys father, Norval Sinclair was a white Jamican of mixed and english descent whose family came from Essex, England, he married Cedella Booker a Black Jamaican, Bob Marley faced questions about his own racial identity throughout his life, he once reflected. ” I dont have prejudice against myself. My father was a white and my mother was a black.Them call mi half – caste or whatever, mi don’t dip on nobody’s side mi dont dip on the black mans side nor the white mans side, mi dip on Gods side, the one who create mi and cause mi to come from black and white. ” Does that mean Bob Marley was not a rasta because he was of duel heritage? No it does not, Bob Marley was a Rasta, Bob Marley was a true Rasta. True of heart, love, and nature. I also speak of the people I know who knew him, who grew up next to Bob Marley, they grew up playing football with bob Marley in Jamaica, they would go to his house, all the people I know who grew up with Bob were Black jamaican rastas, they classed Bob just the same as a Black man, so if we are to take what you say of the Black rasta literally, to you who believe that to be a rasta you have to be fully Black then Bob to you would not be a rasta because he is of mixed race, which is completely ludicrous. Not alot of people know that Bobs father was white well now you do i hope it will open up your minds, from a corrupt way of thinking. To all of you who say that to be rasta you have to be black your teachings are not his majestys. They are your own teachings which are the teachings of satan

  23. Rastafari girl Yuajah, Grace , peace and love followed by abundant blessing from H.I.M. I find your blog to be very insigtful to those who seeks advise or have questions about Rasta and/or Rastafari! i am a Bredhrin from jamaica who spent most of my adult life in the USA and other foriegn land! I Left JA when i was 18 am now in my late 40s, ever since i was a young boy i was drawn to the teaching of the Rastaman, Love for God, Loving fellow humans regardless of color, creed, status or position! Eating right and healthy, staying away from excess alcohol and any drugs that would cause you harm or even become fatal I embrace the concept and way of rastafari when i was 19 yrs old because of those reasons, grew my locks for the past 25 years, read my bible regularly, expres love to everyone i meet and had a chance to share a word or two with, even those who are hateful and true racist! for me Rasta sees no color in love, no hate or anger toward fellow bredrins and sistrins, truth and honesty is at the forefront of all my conversation and i pray for all mankind on a regular basis. Now i have a question for those who wish to comment! but i want t o first make clear! i do not hold the teaching that the king of Ethiopia is Christ our LORD, i believe he may have been from the linage of King Solomon, King David son, but in no way the Christ who Saves! R.A.S.T.A for me is Righteous Activist Serving The Almighty! in my eyes Christ was the original and truest Rasta, he was acceopting of all , loved all, and still continues to love US All, White , Black , Yellow, Brown, etc…… Note i said i am RASTA! NO Diss to my many Rastafari Bredrins and Sistrins, but because of the many who say they are Rastafari and sell themselves, indulges in many acts that only hurt and cause harm, emotional and physical, i denounce the nane rastafari for myself and just consider myself a RAS or most radical RASTA!!!!!!! So the question is, would i be considerd a fraud or fake? I think not, pure love for God and fellow human are the qulification to be a Rasta in my humble opinion, with LOVE there is no place or time for prejudice or hating, he who practices such thing are sons and daughter of the Devil! If you are truely loving at heart with a deep and passionate desire to LOVE God and help those who are less fortunate, giving of yourself without expecting and earthly reward then i believe you too are RASTA BECAUSE YOU ARE SERVING OUR KING OF Kings. And that in my estimation is the true essence of RASTA living in the 21st Century! Blessing to all who read this post! PS. To all you white ladies who hjas love for the Rastaman, do be intimidated by those who look down on you are frown, you are truely bless to have a Prince as your mate who place Jah first, a Man of such conviction will Love you just as much as Christ our KING command him and wantt him to love you! Blessings and Love accompanied by Jah Peace! Let just Practice LOVE, Anything else is Folly! Wenth… 2011-7-3.

    • You positivity vibrates.
      Thank you for your loving and kind words….
      If you are a loving and kind person, who accepts others, and desires love…for all humanity….this is what it means to be a Rasta
      thank you for your kind words
      please feel free to visit any time.
      Love and blessings
      Rastafari Lives.
      I love your definition of Rasta, I talk more about my personal definition of Rasta in my book….

  24. everyone comes of the glory of god and because a man has locks is he a priest u can see a mans face but not his heart … people love who who they wanna love all we can hope for is that its true and sincere./

  25. Yeah I think they come from two completely different worlds. Relationship is doomed from the beginning.

  26. Stone Selassie-Ruan August 25, 2011 @ 4:29 am

    These whores were not true Rasta. None of Selassie seed would subject themselves to this devilish behavior. Just cause a man has locs don’t make him bredren. True Rastaman don’t deal in no prostitution.

  27. Rastafari is a black livity. De Nyahbingi guidlines say no intimate relationships with whites. Which means as a black man I only give brotherly love to a white women and when I look for a wife she has to be black. If u rasta u hafe proud of yo blackness, September 6, 2011 @ 7:28 pm

    De Nyahbingi guidlines say no intimate relationships with whites. Which means as a black man I only give brotherly love to a white women and when I look for a wife she has to be black. If u rasta u hafe proud of yo blackness, if u proud of bein black den u’ll go fo black sexual partner. What hepened to de black consciesness rasta people. Remembe de prophet Marcus Garvey.

    • Thank you for your comment. You speak the truth.
      When I try to explain such things to people they want to turn around and call me a Racist….
      Jah Ras Tafari.

      ….I mentioned more about this in my “how to become a Rasta” ebook, $7.99….I say…Selassie had a Black Queen, Empress Menen….Many Rasta now adays look to the life of The King as an example of how to live. This aspect they ignore….

  28. Edward A. Clarke October 20, 2012 @ 2:06 am

    Love yourself first then others.

  29. Just returned from 10 days in Jamaica. First visit. Met a Rastaman. I’m white older woman. He and I spent the entire time together and he has asked me to return to Jamaica and live with him and see what happens between us. I am interested in getting to know him better and learn more about Rastafari from him. I am open to converting not only because it is his spirituality I’m attracted to, not only his gorgeous physique and naturalness. I want to order the books you have written but I do not have a Kindle. Is there any way I can get a hard copy?


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