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White Women Dating Jamaican Rastafarian Men

white women rastaman There exists a world not many of us are aware of. That is the world of sex, love, lust, and prostitution between white women, and Rastafarian men. Yes, you read that right. Sex, love, lust, and prostitution. Now I want to tell you what you are about to read is not true for every Rastaman, or every white woman. this is only true for a small percentage of Rasta men, living in the Caribbean islands, and, the white ladies, who travel to the Caribbean islands in search of some “fun in the sun!” Learn the truth about Dating Jamaican men

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Let me  bring you up to speed. Every year hundreds of thousands of white women, travel to the Caribbean islands in search of, not just Rasta man, but black man, for a little “roll in the Caribbean sand.” Why are these white women doing this? I don’t know the reason why,  I can only speculate. Probably because what happens in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean. Maybe they like the way the Caribbean men “do it!” Maybe they want a man with some flavor to his skin, and some spice in his veins, to make them feel “extra pampered.” What ever the reason why these white women are doing it, I say “it’s about time my Sista, it’s about time!”

 the life of a white woman – just speculation folks


many white women, particularly in western culture have pressures that I my self, as a black woman, was completely unaware of until I gave it some thought. I think, (correct me if I am wrong in the comments) they feel that they always have to be “on.” Or that they must fit into a mold of expectations by society, or that as a mom, as a wife, etc. there is very little room for some real authentic “me time.” So, perhaps traveling to the Caribbean islands, to spend some time with a laid back easy-going Rastaman, is the fastest, most relaxing way to enjoy a Caribbean vacation, and get some  R and R.

the life of a Rasta man

Many Jamaican Rastafarian men, live very simple, stress free lives, keeping in line with the teachings, of Jah, and their spiritual beliefs, of non – violence, natural living, and praising God. Rastafarian men usually react the same way to almost anything. If he doesn’t understand a persons emotions, he may stare at the person, If a person is uncomfortable with him, he is too wrapped up in the love and power of “Jah” to even allow such a thought. If a woman is interested in him, and wants to take him to bed, he was looking for a conversation but has no problem “going with the flow” There are few things that get a Rastafarian man to re-act. His attitude about life is….to “let God handle the situation.” With that, a Rastaman is relaxed, and easy to talk to. He may just be the perfect antidote for a stressed out, frazzled white woman who seeks a calm caring companion.

The word on the street on white ladies and the Rastafarian men of Jamaica  

The word on the street is that these ladies are paying these Rastafarian men to spend time with them. Ok this must be like guys who are “dreads” not real Rasta, although some of them might be real Rastafarians who want to make some extra cash or an easy living for them selves. Thank the lord for tourism huh….lol. The reason I used the word “dating” in the title is, I am sure that after spending some real-time together some of these white woman and Rastafarian, may very well, fall in love with each other. Here comes some more speculation, are you ready for it? But, I don’t know that the relationship could last, seeing that western culture and beliefs, and Caribbean culture and beliefs are so different. It could work if the woman moved to the Caribbean and totally took on the Rastamans way of life. But for him to go live in western society would not only be hard on him ( the Rasta in the relationship) but also hard on the woman because the role of the man, in Jamaica, and In Rastafari, are different from the expected, role of a man in western society. I know this because I am a Canadian born Rasta, raised by Jamaican parents. Currently living in Western society. I am soon about to change that by the way.

tips for the white woman on loving her Rastafarian King

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  • Know that his Rasta beliefs are strong – God is number one to him, you must know everything else comes second. Including you and your needs. If you ask him to go against his love for God, and or his spiritual beliefs, your relationship could be in jeopardy.
  • You are the woman he is the man – Not all Rastafarian men follow this but some do. Sometimes it is expected to allow him to take the lead regardless of who has more money or who is “smarter.”
  • You are the woman – This also means you should know your duties as a woman, such as cooking and cleaning.
  • All thoughts and feelings must be shared. – This is very important to a Rasta man in a love relationship. He loves with God in his heart and expects his mate to be open and honest with him.
  • Know that if he is a real Rastafarian Man… – If he is a real Rastafarian man, his spiritual beliefs is not something he can take off and put back on, and he expects you as his woman to also respect his beliefs in the same manner.
  • 99 percent of his decisions are based on his spiritual beliefs – He sees the world through the eyes of God, and his decisions are based on the knowing of the world, and the love that he has in his heart for man kind.
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Why do white women love a Jamaican Rasta Man….

White women love Jamaican Rasta man for various reasons. I am talking about the ones that visit Jamaica, the ones that are married to one, the ones, that meet Rastamen when they visit Jamaica. A Rasta man for me is very hard for me to not be attracted to. He is honest, natural and real. He is usually black, and kind. His essence is that of someone who is accepting, loving and easy-going. Couple that with the “tale” that black men are “larger” (notice I didn’t say myth) and that they grow their hair very long in Dreadlocks, and if you are lucky he has a nice Jamaican accent, if you don’t fall in love with this man, perhaps you wouldn’t fall in love with any man. Also a Rasta man is different, and women are natural “nurtures!” loving the unusual is in our DNA.

so how do I feel about white women dating Rasta men?   

I am still trying to figure that one out. Not in terms of me having a problem with it, but knowing what I know about Rasta, I know there are not many who would date out side of their spiritual beliefs, let alone outside of their race. Some Rastafarians believe in a “black love” meaning that they date only within their own race, and others believe if you have love in your heart you date who you love regardless of color. Personally I am split down the middle. I believe in “black love” for my self, however I think that interracial is good for mankind, and that love is the most important thing. So, I guess for me, I don’t care who loves who, and what color they are, but for me, the man who I would be willing to call my “king” would have to be A) black and B) Rasta.

I asked a close female friend about her thoughts on white women dating Rastafarian men, her response was ….”from what I know about Rasta…they are not real Rasta!”  That gave me something to think about. I have respect for this persons opinion cause they grew up in Jamaica and spent more time around Rastafarian than I did.  If anything bothers me it’s not so much Rastafarians dating outside of their race but outside of their spiritual beliefs. How does a Rastaman or Rastawoman handle that. When Jah makes you who you are and you know the person you wake up to every morning knows nothing of this very special experience, and way of life that you live. Any way that’s it from me….

Man needs a woman, naturally

Sometimes I wonder if the reason why a Rastaman dates a non dread is because he needs the touch, love, and care of a woman. So, perhaps her ethnic background and black man black woman cartoonspiritual beliefs are secondary. I also know that Rastafarians don’t believe in one night stands. I am not saying we don’t participate, but it is rarely something that we seek, or intend to create, with that, a roll in the hay becomes a long-term love relationship. This will be good news for most women. Any who, those are my thoughts on that.

rent-a- rasta

I was checking out the internet the other day and that is how I found out that many women are travelling to the Caribbean in search of a few rolls in the hay with a black man or a black Rasta man. You can visit the website for more information. But I will try to include a video clip here. Create a personal ad Seeking a Jamaican man at www.jamaicanlove.org 




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