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How to date a jamaican man: advice for non jamaican women

Jamaican men culture and family

Jamaican men…his culture and family is number one to him. It is important to show respect for all things related to his culture andJamaican men: Dating a Jamaican man Jamaica, especially his family. He may do some things that to you don’t seem necessary. Like putting a lot of lotion all over his body, or talking loudly with friends when they are having a good time, or playing reggae music really loud in the car while he drives. It’s not just your Jamaican man who does these things, it the majority of the people of Jamaica. In Jamaica your family is everything. They support family members 100% in any and all things. So, sometimes to others it may appear that we do too much for a family member, but this is what we as Jamaicans are used to. My straight advice to you, dating a Jamaican man, “Keep you opinions too your self” just be a good listener, allow time to smooth out any situations pertaining to his family.

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tell him when he needs some hygiene grooming

jamaican menAs black people, we tend to have a very low threshold of when we sweat, and  when that sweat starts to “stink!” The upside to this is “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice!” and you know what I am talking about ladies. Personally I adore the smell of a sweaty black Jamaican man, but I know not everybody does. It is important if you are dating a Jamaican man, to be honest and tell him “honey you need a shower!” In Jamaican culture, honesty is soooooo important, and it is expected. Especially regarding issues of hygiene. Our mindset on bad breath, body odor, or food stuck in between the teeth etc is…its better somebody you know telling you, rather than somebody you don’t know, having to tell you. That makes sense! Cause if someone you don’t know has to tell you have food stuck in between your teeth, then the embarrassment level is very high. So, always tell your Jamaican man, if he needs hygiene or grooming, then give him a kiss, for a job well done.

 know how to cook Jamaican food, to keep him strong

If you plan to be in a long-term relationship with a Jamaican man, it is wise to learn how to cook Jamaican food. Why? Because to Jamaicans food is how we “get strong”, and rightfully so. But we know, being raised by a Jamaican mother, That only certain “yard food” can make us feel strong, and nourish our  body, for optimal health. If you are not Jamaican and can cook Jamaican food, you will score brownie points from all his family members. I don’t care if you have to buy a book to learn how, but just do it. I have a recipe on this website for “Ackee and Saltfish” if you want to check it out. Besides if you can cook our home dishes, this will be less reason for him to call his mom, and to go over to her house for dinner, I just tell you this in case you want to see less of her….lol

give your Caribbean stud his freedom and personal space

Jamaican men need lots of freedom and space. Even when you are in the same apartment and house together. This is our culture, we spend much time with friends and family away from our partners.

getting your Jamaican boyfriend to do what you want

For a woman who is not Jamaican, sometimes dating a Jamaican man can be a challenge. If he is doing something you don’t like, here is how to handle the situation

1) Tell him you don’t like it, and how it makes you feel. Be honest about your feelings, (sad, lonely, unattractive, like crying etc) Don’t let this result in  a long discussion you are just informing him.

2) If he does the same thing a second time. Tell “I don’t like that!” Tell him why, in a short sentence. (It makes me feel sad) but, this time tell him what you will do the next time he does the same action.

3) If he does the same thing a 3rd time, you must follow through on what you said you would do, if he did it again. This action must cause him some pause, and cause him to reconsider what he is doing to you. It must be drastic! and swift!

be your self don’t try to “act black”

Black people in general don’t appreciate it when a woman who is not black tries to act black. Here is something you should know. If your man wanted a black woman, he would get himself a black woman. He wants you, so be yourself and don’t try to act black.

be very clean, this is  important in Jamaican culture


There is a lot of emphasis in Jamaican culture on cleanliness. We also believe that as a woman, you have extra responsibility to make sure your “crevices” are clean and fresh. So be sure to keep your body clean, and smelling fresh, many Jamaican men will appreciate it.  Check out these cool places to buy Jamaican clothing and accessories online.

how to get your Jamaican man to marry you

To Jamaican people being able to trust you is really important. Never repeat anything he shared with you intimately, neither back to him in the heat of the moment or to friends or family. Your affairs are your affairs, keep his secrets a secret.

Always keep the house clean. Show him that you know how to hold down the fort. If he is with you and you are not Jamaican, but can still keep house like a Jamaican woman, you score points big time. Make sure thing that shouldn’t be on the floor are not, and always make sure the dishes are done, and oh yeah, keeping the bath tub clean is really important in Jamaican culture.

Cook Jamaican food! As stated earlier this is really important to do and do well, I recommend buying a Jamaican cook book.

Never cheat on him! This is also very important! Jamaican women tend to have too much class, or non at all. You don’t want to mimic the behavior of the ones that have non at all. For the traditional self-respecting Jamaican woman, sleeping around, or “free for all fornication” is a no-no. So be sure if you did, or you do cheat on him, DON’T LET HIM KNOW. That is if you expect to marry this guy.

Last but not least, shower daily. Even if you are staying in the house all day. This is so important to us. We Jamaicans put a huge emphasis on personal hygiene. You must wash daily. We believe (as Jamaicans) that the anatomy of a woman, means she must take special care to be and stay clean, especially between the crevices. So take head shower daily and wash those crevices with particular attention. New dating site…. !


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