8 Reasons why Jamaican men Cheat

1. Cheating is a choice

Remember ladies cheating is a choice. If your Jamaican man cheats, it’s because he is choosing to cheat. It’s not because he can’t help him self. It is because he wants to do it.

2. Fatherless upbringing

Some Jamaican men grew up not having an example of what it meant for a man to be committed to a woman, mainly not having a father figure around. As adults we think we have it all figured out. But many of us are going around big in the body, but still young in the mind.

3. Poor examples of what it means to be a man

Some Jamaican men only know what they know. If a Jamaican man only has poor examples of what it means to be a man, chances are he will still practice these ways when he is in his relationship. Why should he change? Why should he do different? If all he knows is men doing what they want without regard for the feelings of his woman, or others who care about him.

4. Some Jamaican men are in ‘Kid love’

Some Jamaicans are loving with kid love. Meaning that they don’t understand that when you become an adult, to be in a loving relationship means

  • You make the commitment
  • You Stay plugged in, because of the commitment
  • Practicing Monogamy brings greater intimacy

So some Jamaican men feel that because that flutter of the heart is no longer present, he needs to ‘cheat’ in order to keep his relationship fresh so to speak.





5. Jamaican men are in demand!

If a Jamaican man cheats it’s because he can. Realistically ladies, Jamaican men are in demand. So, before you lie down with one, it’s a good idea to feel him out in terms of what type of head space he is in. Jamaican men get opportunities to have sex, and it is almost part of our culture as a man, to help a female out and not to turn her down,.





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6. ‘Jamaican men do not masturbate’


jamaican menI am a Jamaican woman, and I can tell you masturbation in our culture is highly frowned upon. We believe this is the reason why Jah created man and woman. So, some Jamaican men feel that to cheat is the cure to relieving his sexual tensions. We believe if a person wants sex, they should go out and find a man or a woman and have the sex, not put your hand on your self and get sexual relief.

Some of the benefits to cheating instead of masturbation are…

  • get a live woman, instead of a hand
  • might get more aroused with a ‘new’ woman
  • Some Jamaican men feel more manly seeing that somebody else still desires him
  • instead of breaking up over the new girl, he can have his cake and eat it too

These are just some guesses. I am not a man, but deep inside, somehow I know these are some of the thoughts of Jamaican men who cheat.

7. A woman on the side is common in Jamaica

You may or may already not know this but ‘having a woman on the side’ in Jamaican culture is common. Not that the women accept it, but many men who are say in their 40s and up living in Jamaica, with a wife, (or live in woman) tend to have a woman or women on the side. Many of the man know a man who is doing this or are doing it themselves. Therefor some Jamaican men grow up seeing this take place.

8. Because the woman Accepts it

Some Jamaican men are specifically dating women, who they know they can cheat on and abuse. I am telling you the truth How to Date a Jamaican man book coverladies. It is rare for a Jamaican woman, to put up with bull from a Jamaican man. That is why it is common now a days, that Jamaican men, date women from abroad, cause they know she will be more open and more accepting of him and his bad behaviors. In other words a Jamaican woman might hit him in the head with a Rock if he is caught gallivanting, but An American woman, or perhaps a woman of a different ethnic background… is less likely to do such a thing. Just saying.

Remember not all Jamaican men cheat!

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6 thoughts on “8 Reasons why Jamaican men Cheat”

  1. as women we to easly say it’s our fault, we could have done this better etc. etc. I want you to go look in the mirror and glue on your smile. Some days now my smile is real. I thought maybe we were taking about the same guy. After I ran away from him I changed my mind, I begged, pleaded I lost all my self respect and some money. I am lucky I found out, I was ready to come home and sell my land house, cash in my RSP’s everything and move. I to had unprotected sex because I was the one hun. he has done this to lots of women and I wonder how much money he got out of them.Walk away, walk away. Keep your dignity and self respect, I am doing my best some days it is not the best but I know I am a good person, please walk away.

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