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 Natural King of the Jungle

???????????????????????????????????????A Black Jamaican man is the “natural king of the jungle.” Not only is he full of Melanin, which gives him his gorgeous skin complexion and many other innate qualities, not only is he full of testosterone and proud of it, not only does he have the equipment and stamina, to sexually satisfy his female counterpart, and can prove it, but, he has also been raised “not to be defeated.” You see, from a Jamaican man is just a small boy, he has been told by his cousins, uncles, mom and dad, “don’t let anybody beat you!” The Jamaican man prides himself on his physical Strength, Sexual appeal and, Stamina. With his physical Strength, and mindset to win, the Jamaican black man is a natural, and very proud, King of his domain.


Interesting Foods of Jamaica
jamaican star apple
Jamaican Women are Really 
Soft Puddy Cats….inside!
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How to cook for a Jamaican Man
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Dating a Jamaican man can be challenging?

I’ve heard many women say that “all black men are dogs” and that there are “no good Jamaican men left.” As a Jamaican black Woman, I believe there are plenty of single, kind hearted, monogamous, Jamaican men around. You just have to open yourself up to meeting them and start going to more places where Jamaican men are, in order to meet them. We women also have to start taking responsibility for our thoughts and behaviors, which influence the type of men that we attract. If we find dating Jamaican men a challenge, perhaps this lies in our perceptions of Jamaican men, which therefore creates our experiences.

New to Dating a Jamaican Man?

Are you new to dating a Jamaican man? If so you are not alone. Many women have visited The Island of Jamaica for one reason or another; and have come away with a heart full of love. However many of these women, are clueless when it comes to how to respond to and handle a Jamaican man. If this is you, you can breathe a sigh of relief; this book was written for you! If you have met your Jamaican King abroad, don’t worry, you too can benefit from the information provided in this book. Sit back relax and that was he beginning of my book, “How to Date a Jamaican Man.” buy it on Amazon.com

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10 Reasons Jamaican men 
Love White Women
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Jamaican Curried 
Shrimp Recipe
jamaican curried shrimp

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