I met a woman from St. Vincent…

black-woman-thinkingSo here is what I am really getting at….I just wrote a blog post entitled Do black women give themselves a bad name…? I really want to break down my experience with this woman…and I want to tell you my thoughts every step of the way.

Before you say it…I will…yes I know not all women from St. Vincent are the same…..I know that already ok!

So, first I want to tell you that growing up, I used to think that people from the other Islands from Jamaica were different from Jamaicans. I assumed their music was different, their thinking was different, they didn’t know so much about Rastafari, they did different things. As I got older, and began to embrace my faith on a deeper level, I began to see all black people regardless of where they were from as my family, and someone I wanted to share the light of Jah with. So I decided, if you are caribbean…well the Culture can’t be that different right?

I met a woman from St, Vincent. Before we officially met, I actually avoided her as much as possible, because I could see by the way she interacted with other people that she was…

  • a bully
  • aggressive
  • domineering
  • belittling
  • Verbally abusive
  • Threatening
  • Scary

But I thought to my self ok leave her alone. She tried a couple of times to talk to me….keep in mind, I carry the light and it is my duty to share the light with my people. So, One day I decided, I would stop shutting her out, and eventually have a conversation with her about Rastafari.

  • Slowly I could see she only wanted to discuss one thing….other people!!!
  • She had no other desire for any other topics
  • She would spew hate and gossip from morning until night
  • She would use foul, sexual language in very disrespectful filthy ways

I was troubled…but I decided to press on. “She can’t really be like that” I thought…maybe she is just trying to impress me. When I bring her the light she will see and know that she really does not have to behave like this…

Dirty Pictures – Filth for the mind

One day we are sitting and chatting…she says she wants to show me something on her cell phone. (i feel sick thinking about it)

She shows me a photo that some guy sent her of just his penis. I was so fucking offended! ok. Some other day we are talking about how this girl we know got a Tatoo. I told her I am not into Tatoos cause that is a sign of Satan, and that in the bible it says you must not have or get a Tatoo. So she says I want to show you something….she shows me a picture of a black girl with some tattoos. She is nude, facing the camera and crouched down in like a dog “lay down” pose. So you can see her face and her back, but no anus, or vagina, or breasts or anything like that. Fine. I told her…I really don’t want to see any dirty pictures. Two seconds later, she says, ‘look at this” She shows me a picture of a man sticking his tongue out, about to do oral on a girl and you can see her Vagina. Highly, highly offensive shit to a Rastafari. Those photos disgust me. I couldn’t believe she was keeping these things in her phone. “For what purpose?” I wondered. Those images stayed in my mind for days.

Raising her son to be a thief

So this same woman from St. Vincent explains to me that. No females are allowed to go near his Father. That if you are a woman, including his Mother, and you try to sit near his Father, he will give you one sweeping push away from his Father…- and the kid is 5 years old! Makes no sense to me. Wait I am not done. So she also tells me that whenever they go to the grocery store, she allows her son to pick food of the shelf, open the package and start eating it. She does not pay for it, or mention it. She says the cashier does not usually ask any questions. She does not understand she is training her son to be a thief. Not good. Not good at all. I felt so bad for the little boy and wanted to tell her, but this is a woman who is very sensitive, and whose answer to being offended is to fight. So, I was trying to find the right words at the right moment…boy I wanted a long time.

In the mean time…

In the mean time I am thinking I am going to bring her the light and encourage her to become “clean” as we call it in Rastafari. The Bible says whoever touches pitch gets (dirty) black. So, the whole time I was feeling so filthy hearing her gossip, and her abusive threatening words of how she was going to cause physical harm to other people….( I feel sick thinking about her)

Can a person really be this corrupt? Before meeting her, I had no idea there were Caribbean woman like her. No Ia m serious. I had no idea. My closest friends have always been a white woman, or a black man. My experience with this woman from St. Vincent has caused me to feel very uncomfortable around black women in General. I have had to disconnect the friendship. She spews filth and threats from morning until night, her jokes are serious, she is extremely insecure, and just doesn’t even know how to be a good person. I learned…there Gods children, and Satan’s children – for real!

I was getting to something more, but I will leave it there for now. I don’t think I will try to be friends with a woman from the Caribbean again….well, Jamaicans, yes….but not from anywhere else. This is my opinion I am entitled to it. Like I said there is another element, you can figure out what it is…no more St. Vincent women for me.  I found this woman to be the epitome of TRASH!!!!!

  •  Weaves to no end
  • Tight clothes every day
  • Very hot-tempered
  • Spewing swear words early in the morning
  • referring to people as animals
  • TRASH!!!

I think some people are broken. And, I think a lot of them do not know they are broken, and some do. I think deep inside her she knows something is wrong, but she covers up the “wrong” with tights, make up and weave. Thinking as long as I am attractive everything is ok. I totally intended to say the whole truth, about some very yucky things this woman is doing. But I will spare her…Black Women lets be aware of our behavior, lets represent our selves in the “best” and not the “worst” light. Most people are expecting us to fail already. Lets not fall into the stereo types ok?

Sorry for sharing this trash with you….I hope this helps someone in some way, maybe her.




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