Can Religion be bad for you?

I believe Religion can be a bad thing for some of us. There is something called “thinking for your self” which some people apparently have never heard of. If my Religion calls for me to hit, kill, or Convert others. I don’t care if that person is male, or female, black or white, young or old, of the same faith as me or not, I would question the validity of that so-called “Religion.”

Dont believe everything you read

Just because something is in a book doesn’t make it true and it doesn’t make it right. You have to use your own inner compass of knowledge and wisdom to know the truth. Religion can be unhealthy, when those who practice it use Religion to do things that that is harmful to others.

I believe Religion can be unhealthy. I was just talking with some friends recently, and I was reminiscing about the good old days growing up in Etobicoke Ontario. There was no talk of Religion. Just Freezies on the hot summer days, and tobogganing on the very cold Winter days. Now it seems every where I turn people want to express their religion…and convince me that what they believe in is “The right Religion” honestly I don’t care. I wish people would keep their religious beliefs quiet and never ever discuss it with me, cause most of what I read and here today makes me sick to my stomach.

Rastafari is not a religion

Rastafari is a way of life. I personally refer to it as “my spirituality. In Rastafari we don’t try to convert people. We do answer questions about the livity, but keep our answer short and sweet, especially when in public. We don’t look down on people who are not Rasta. We don’t believe men are superior to women. We believe in love and Jah, The Most High. We are vegetarian, many Rasta choose to be vegan. We read the Christian bible, and we have flexibility in how we dress. Women are encouraged to cover their hair, but She, the Rasta Empress has the final say. We abstain from fighting and arguments at all costs. This is a way of life….easy relaxed and loving. Learn How to Be Rasta in my new book, here.

Christian Preacher on the Street

The other day I was in downtown Toronto, and there was a Christian on the street preaching Christianity. I was so happy to see him there, as Rastafari is a branch of Christianity. I had seen other faiths in the same area handing out there “holy book” and at that time I had wondered to my self, where are all the Christians? I am proud to be Rastafari, but not to the point where I have to tell everybody every two seconds what I am or try to convince them to follow what I follow.

Your Religion may be bad for you if….

  • It tells you that its ok to kill “under certain circumstances”
  • that its ok to hit…anyone at any time for any reason
  • that war and fighting will somehow get you into heaven, and you actually believe it

Please stop and think

Please stop and think….before organized Religion, there was spirituality. That means, nature, God, and you, alone. Religion, is organized and has been altered many times by man. Whether it’s in a book, on the internet, in a pamphlet….please think if what you are really reading, doing or believing is a true service to God.

If you want to be spiritual, try feeding some birds, or saying hello to a homeless person, or donating to a Charity at Christmas time….People are doing way too many things they shouldn’t be doing in the name of their Almighty Religion.

Jah Bless Rastafari.

Want to learn more about Rastafari…

I have a book available on called “how to become a rasta.”

Jah Bless


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