Rastafarian Beliefs on "Life After Death"


Rastafarian beliefs on life after Death


This is a very interesting topic. Dennis brown, a popular rastafarian singer of Jamaica, sang a song I dont remember the title. In the song he sang “if you want to live on, you got to live right” Oh yes, the song is called, let love in. I am 31 years old….this is my favorite song of my entire life of 31 years. There is not one to beat it. I will include the player so you can listen to it too.

Rasta Mr. Dennis Brown – “Let love in”

So, that is what we rastafarians believe, if you want to live on you got to live right. If you are looking for information on hell, you wont find it here. The reason for that is very simple. God prepares his messengers only for the positive and only for the best. Let me put this another way. Lets say you want your 6 year old son to be a lawyer when he grows up. It would be wise to get him accustomed to reading law books and things related to law. It would be unwise to provide him with information on “how to make triple x films!” So you see this is how God see his children and his messengers. He provides them with the information and the know how to succeed. And only to succeed.

With that said we believe in “zion” or heaven. A place where god roams! His love, his energy, his light, his strenght, his power, his being, sorrounds you in zion. And any others too who do his work and focus on fullfilling his wishes. We all go to zion.

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Regarding hell, I had a dream one night. This was during a time in my life when I could have been doing more productive things with my time. The reason I remember this dream is because it was so sad. Upon waking up I thought if there is a hell, that was it. I felt like God was trying to tell me what could potetially with my soul if I continued down that path. Which brings me to another point. Not all karmas are worked out here. Sometimes they must be worked out on the other side. So, if you are reading this that means you are alive, if you are alive, that means you are still learning and you still have a chance to get right with God. Well, not you, but your soul.

So rastafarians believe in life after death. A spiritual life, with God. However there is something I should take this opportunity to mention. There are many things people do which do not assist them in maximizing their success on their spiritual journey.




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  • Abusing others
  • Inappropriate forms of fornication
  • taking what does not belong to you
  • lying about the actions of others
  • saying that God does not exist
  • proclaiming your self as an atheist

These are just a few of the things that can cause the soul not to be the best spiritual self.

The most important things to excercise in life are

  • love
  • forgiveness
  • acceptance of self and othes
  • work on gods behalf
  • kindness and considersation

If you are concerned for you and what will happend after your death. Start now. Ask God to forgive you for your sins. Start making choices that are in line with the teachings laid out for us in the bible.

  • Carve out a certain time everyday for prayer
  • Call someone and tell them you love them
  • Call someone and tell them you forgive them
  • Ask for forgiveness from someone

So, really the answer is, concern your self with the most high. The highest man upstairs. Concern your self with pleasing him, and life after death wont even be a thought for you. Except to think how beautiful it will be to be in the presence of the most high “Jah” It doesnt get better than that. There is a song, I found on the internet. Its called “rastafai” by “Rastafamily” In one line he sings. “…we’ll visit you forever more. With Confidence my dear with confidence.

Rastafamily – “Rastafari”

I love God. He loves everybody. If you call on him, he will be there for you. You just wants you to depend on him. He wants you to be his and no body elses. It is my firm belief God is always calling us. Meaning trying to get us to do his work in our lives. Few of us are aware of this and few of us ever really get to know the true power of God.

You could do this things just as a start in correcting the sins of your past. All in love remember love. This is the highest value in the rastafarian spirituality. One love and Jah Bless.

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