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I can remember before I even had dreadlocks, I used to go to stores that sell fabric and by a fabric I liked and practice wrapping my hair in a head wrap. Wow the early days. Rastafari was always emerging. I didn’t know why I wanted to wrap my hair, I just knew I wanted to do it. Every time I would do it, something inside of me just felt so happy. It was really my Ancestors, I know that now.

My JOurney walking in the light of Jah has not been easy. People look at me strange, they are not used to my hair. I take full responsibility for that because Jah does not want me as a woman to show my locks out in public anyway. I do not wrap my hair upwards as I am supposed to everyday. Most of the time I do what I call a lazy wrap where I put the scarf around my entire head tying it under my chin – if you know what I mean. But at least it’s covered.

I have just came upon a new preacher by the name of Dr. Cindy Trimm. She is a woman, a preacher and she is black. I tell you this so you know that I feel I can relate to her. Any way I was watching one of her videos on YouTube the other day and she said something that resonated with me. I wish I had the direct quote, the gist of it was that she wasn’t going to dumb down her own intelligence and confidence in order to make other people not feel inadequate in her presence, that the reason those people feel inadequate in her presence is because they don’t know who they are…wow…I totally agree. So, I mention Dr. Trimm to make the point that for the past 2 years I think I have been doing exactly that….trying to make mothers feel comfortable in my presence instead of walking in my greatness.

When I started this journey, into Rastafari, I never thought there would be anybody who didn’t like me, or who didn’t like me expressing my faith. It was King Selassie Iunfathomable. The love of Jah is the universe, how could anybody dislike kme loving Jah. I came to find out there were many like this. Not so much amongst the black nation, but amongst other nations. But what I have really deduced is that they do not want me to step into my own power which is a power they know nothing of. They like it when I accept myself and my history simply as “former slave.” I have bust out of these chains I have allowed myself to create and start being me again. This “dumbing down” has” affected me in so many negative ways it is time for me to walk up. I have a people to represent and to teach and to guide.

The biggest mistake humans make…

The biggest mistake humans make is to think they are bigger than god, or that they don’t need God. This is what happened to mr. Buju Banton. Jah Jah made him a Rastafari, Jah Jah made him a mega super star….so what does he start doing, drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarettes, Jah took it all away. Now all Buju has is jah. When he comes out I think he will be powerhouse of a different sort. I think he will be more humble and it will show in his music. I think he will have a lot of songs about Jah and Jah love and teaching for the people. I know this because I recently did the same thing. Jah took away all his support. I learned never to think like that.

When Jah blesses you he expects certain things in return. Don’t think you can forget about him and the blessing will still be there because they won’t. Only Satan gives gifts and does not expect anything in return…because he knows he will gain your soul. See, its a trick.

I am listening to some Dennis brown while I am typing this. Wow he is amazing. I am listening to his song that touches me the most…actually this song just sends chills through my whole body. it’s called let love in. The reason it affects me like this is that he wrote it when Jah was just coming into his life when he was real young. This song is so pure and Jah so strong in it.

rasta heartWell guys thanks for checking out my rambling. By the way I have a new Rastafari book coming out. it just has a bunch of stuff in it about the fait. I have called it Rastafari; Beliefs and Overstanding. I hope people appreciate because I put my heart and soul into explaining why we do and believe what we do…I have enjoyed writing this book. In a different way than when \i wrote how to become a Rasta. How to become a Rasta was more of a purging of my thoughts about Rastafari. This book is more about the Principles of Rastafari, some spiritual practices like fasting and meditation. Why and how Rastafari came to be, and something the world should know about the black nation as we relate to Jah.

Please know there are a lot of lies in Babylon. Even about God. Rastafari is the truth. God is not a caucasian. he really isn’t. If there is one thing I know it life…it is that God is not a Caucasian….every Rastafari knows this. This lie is killing my people. A quote from Hosea in the bible says my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. Just more proof that the covenant people are us. My people still perish because of lack of knowledge even in 2013. Sad. Wake the f up black people. Its ok. I have some plans to help you at all to wake up.

Jah is the truth. King Selassie I is the Lord and Savior of All Africans.



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