how to become a rastafarian: Rasta culture, Rasta beliefs, Rasta livity….rasta book coming soon

be a rastaI have written a new book called “how to become a Rasta” I am just in the process of finishing the first rough copy. I swear sometimes I forget how to speak in english. That is besides the point. Hey its friday everyone and I had a very tough morning so bear with me here and forgive the spelling mistakes ok? ok good. I have a book on Rastafari, for all of you…it hasnt been officially published yet, but I am so excited. It only took me about 5 weeks to write and covers many of your questions and curiosity on Rastafari and Rastafarian people. I have a friend who knows a lot of the history and facts on “The King” I am just waiting on his input and then I shall begin to put the book into its final draft. I hope this is making sense I hardly had any sleep last night. Any way here are some of the thing I have in my book…let me know if this is something you would be interested in reading or not….you guys have been my inspiration truly. I love you all.

  • how to become Rastafari What it truly means to be Rasta
  • Raising your child as Rastafari
  • How to cook like a Rasta
  • Daily Routine of a Rasta
  • Starting and maintaining your Dreadlocks
  • The meaning and Use of Marijuana in Rastafari

and so much more….I love you all, For now check out my reggae flags, and rasta flag, blog post

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update on Rasta how to become book: March 29th 2011

the more I writ this book, the more I realize there is to write. Please be patient with me. I want this book to be interesting and informative. Very informative, so this is taking longer than I thought. Patience is a virtue they say. My response is, who needs virtues. No just kidding.

Thanks for your patience everyone. including…

  • How to Choose your Rasta name
  • How do Rasta feel about Karma? Do they believe in it?
  • Should you convert to Rastafari for your boyfriend or girlfriend?

and much more. For now please read a poem I wrote about what Rastafari truly is to me from the deepest part of my heart. Click here.

another update on the how to become a Rastafarian book

I wanted to share some excerpts from my book with you all while I am in the process  of writing it.

Here is an excerpt from the section entitled….”Your body is your temple….”

“…Rastas do not eat red meat, we do not smoke cigarettes, we do not drink alcohol, nor do we participate in promiscuous sexual activity. The body is your vehicle for the time that you are in physical form. We Rasta believe that the spirit is connected to the body, the body is connected to the mind, the mind is connected to the soul….we believe that to disrespect your body (temple) can lead to other forms of self disrespect, which may inhibit your entry way into Zion (Heaven)…”

Here is an excerpt from the section Entitled “How to dress like a real Rasta Woman”

“…Rasta women wear their hair in dreadlocks, you cannot call yourself a rasta and have loose hair, that is just not going to work. We keep our hair in locks, and we do not curl it or put color in it, only maybe to cover up grey hairs, but that’s it. We keep other chemicals to a minimum too…” Personally I use only one hair product in my hair, well 2 if you count shampoo…but that’s it.

Hi guys I’m so happy today….the date is June 23, 2011

I just create my table of contents last night, for the how to become a Rastafarian book, I’m sure I will do some editing but here are the basics….Im so happy to share this with you…

  • True rasta woman, true rasta man and deep Rasta people – What they do…things a deep rasta does not do
  • prayer fasting and meditation – how to pray meditate and fast a like a Jamaican Rasta
  • Fasta facts about Emperor Haile Selassie
  • Dreadlocks, how to get them and options for maintaining them, there meaning spiritual biblical and other wise
  • Children of Rastafari (removed)
  • I have left out one special chapter as a surprise because this is a huge part of Rastafari, but never discussed I believe because born rasta just do it naturally therefore not giving it a second thought. (removed because it was too huge)
  • Is God Black?
  • Rasta Knowledge – what born rasta know and now you can too. Various things on the meaning of life and the various types of Rasta etc
  • Health and Diet – How to eat like a Rasta and why(removed)
  • situational dealings – how rasta handle certain unpleasant n situations.

and of course….

  • Rasta beliefs/ FAQs

I love you all

Rastafari is the truth for all from all four corners of the heart.

Jah Rastafari!

I have just written an article called “how to be a Rasta” 10 quick steps to become a rasta, check it out.

  • I have just added tips and advice for “Rasta to Rasta” code of conduct


  • How to understand Rastafari for those who just want to understand but don’t intend to be Rasta.(removed)
  • I love you all.

I have just add how to submit to your Rasta King and how to submit to your Rasta Empress.

I love you all…..

Trying to finish the book….takes time man

but one thing I can tell you for sure as long as there is breath in my body this book will be finished by the end of september….

Rastafari lives.

Today is July 26 I have added a new part to my rasta book

Rastafari Pledge: becoming a Rasta

I wrote this because I had a terrible argument with a so-called “Rasta” friend last night who I believe is missing some very important parts of what it means to be Rastafari. He seemed angry with me the whole time we were talking but things just got out of hand when he started to talk down about Jamaica. I wrote this pledge so that people understand that to be rasta you must have

  • self-love
  • self-respect
  • love and respect for other
  • and most of all…
  • self-control

Rastafari is not something you do because you want to be militant about black / African history and points of view. You do it because your heart is overflowing with God and love…I love you all thank you bye for now.

August 19 update:

rastafari beliefs cover

I have removed some parts of the book I was planning to include for various reasons

  • it was redundant
  • I want to use it exclusively in my next book
  • it wasnt so important to the topic

Im sure the information that is included will still serve the purpose as the first Rasta book of its kind. I am happy to say the book is almost complete, just a few more steps. I am getting tired of looking at the same 20,000 over and over again….lol. I love you all! New e-book now available ya’ll “How to become a Rasta” go to my online Rasta Shop

Table of contents….

  • What it takes to enter Zion
  • What exactly is a Rasta?
  • What is Rastafari
  • Rastafari is not a Religion
  • Before you become a Rasta
  • How to become a Rasta
  • –          10 Self Questions
  • –          The Nazarite Vow
  • How to choose your Rasta name
    Things you are not allowed to do as Rasta
  • Things Deep Jamaican Rasta do not do!
  • How to dress as a True Rasta Woman
  • –          5 reasons Rasta women cover dreadlocks hair in public
  • How to dress as a True Rasta man
  •                 5 Reasons Rasta men cover their hair too
  • The use of internet television and Cell Phones as a Rasta
  • The Meaning of Life According to Rastafari
  • 10 Great Reasons you should become a Rasta
  • Is God black? Was Jesus Christ Black
  • How to Meditate pray and Fast like a Rasta
  • 10 Emperor Haile Selassie Fast Facts
  • Rastafari Poem
  • My Child Says He/She is Rasta – 6 Tips
  • How to Raise your Child Rastafari
  • A day in the life of a Rasta Giving Praises
  • Rasta way of handling things
  • Why am I a Rasta
  • Dreadlocks
  • Rasta to Rasta Code of Conduct – 5 tips
  • Rasta Greeting and Salutation
  • How to Submit to your Rasta King
  • How to Submit your Rasta Empress
  • How to convert to Rastafari
  • –           Rastafari Pledge
  • Selassies Appeal to the League of Nations
  • Must Know Bible Verses
  • Rasta Beliefs and FAQs
  • 10 Steps to become a Rasta (Compressed)

How to Become a Rasta the book.




To see all books by Empress Yuajah, check out her “Rasta Books: Jah Rastafari Livity & Religious Books” Page.

21 thoughts on “how to become a rastafarian: Rasta culture, Rasta beliefs, Rasta livity….rasta book coming soon”

  1. i think that your book would be amazing as long as you don’t put anything about “hating gays” and “women belong as slaves” becuase some rastas do believe that, but its not cool. but yah that would be really cool. peace

  2. Liokung forward to the book to help guide me through life.

    I have gone thru a very rough time and want to change and i believe in my heart embracing the rasta way will open up my mind.

    How does one make a rasta name for themself?

    Is it in the book also?

    1. I am so glad you asked that question. I will include this in my book. The way you choose your Rasta name, is either you choose it straight from the bible, or as I did with my name you can use jamaican words. Try to choose some thing that has the word God in it. Mine is Yuajah. Yu (you) a (are) jah (God).
      Respect and love to you.

      This is actually a very important part of Rastafari, once a Rasta accepts and embraces him self as Rasta, 9 out of 10 will change their name, its like shedding an old skin for the new.

  3. I just want to say that the dreadlock part, dont like it, as rasta is not hair, HIM did not wear dreadlocks, so you suoudlnt tell people that hair is mandatory for rastafari, as profet gad said, you are not saved by hair and food, but by faith in jeshua, and rastafari, blessed!!

    1. Its not something I can really explain to someone who isnt a born Rasta.
      The dreadlocks is the fullfillment of the commitment, to follow Rastafari. You can follow your own rules…
      Bob Marley said in one of his interviews…”you cannot say you would like to be rasta but you wouldnt like to have this (holding his dreadlocks in his hand)
      watch the video here.
      Respect, Rastafari.

  4. I can not wait until the book is ready.

    Wiuld you be thinking of alao making a mini pocket daily guide/prayer book to carry around easily when away from home?

    Love,Raspect and JAH Bless

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