Rastafarian Beliefs Explained

Rastafarian beliefs Explained…Once and for All.

It has come to my realization that many do not know what Rastafari is really all about. Even to the people of Jamaica…they dont know what we represent. Most Jamaicans have a better concept of Rastafari than most people in western society but, some do not. so I will settle the curiosity for you.

Rastafarians are all about God…This is a Rasta Mans number one priority above all else. From this love for God the Rastaman, gets all his beliefs, all his values, all his rules for day-to-day living. Before I go on I want you to know…these values come from within the Rasta man, not from without. Any Rasta man that tells you he read a book and became a rasta, was not a true dread to begin with in his heart, and who knows if he can ever be. Rastafarians read the Christian bible on a regular basis. This makes them feel nice….and helps to keep them in a Rasta – god – love state of mind!!!

Rastafarian beliefs on Universal Love:

For a Rastafarian love is everything. There are two things that a dread cannot separate, that he hold dear to his heart, the first is god, the next is love…this includes all type of love, and love for all. A dread loves like no body else. He is true, accepting, and remains constant. Love to a Rastafarian, once started just grows from his heart. Rastafarians love their romantic partners with every part of their being, and enjoy it. We love with honor, peace, and respect.

Rastafarian beliefs on Money and Employment:

Rastafarians believe everyman must live how he chooses. But we know the best way for a man to make his money is by doing something that he loves, and by sharing the word, and his love for God. The best occupation is to do one of these things. Rastafarians know they are here to serve God and that is why flexibility and creative independence in his work is so important to him.


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Rastafarian Beliefs on Life After Death:

Regarding life after death, a rasta man believes in heaven, or “Zion.” We believe each man will be judged according to his deeds. Based on this judgement, the creator decides where he goes. Rastafarians having a faith, that is from God by god, only focus on “Zion” therefore you will rarely hear a Rastafarian speak of “hell”

Rastafarian Beliefs on Love and Relationships and Marriage:

Rastafarians believe a loving relationship is healthy for any man or any woman. However we know that it is also beneficial to stay “single” to serve God. This is to be able to serve him without distraction. It can be a laborious inner battle for a dread to have a long-term relationship with a non dread if that person does not choose to become a dread him or her self at some point in the relationship. Again this is because nothing ever comes before “Jah” for a Rasta man…and he needs to know his partner is on board so that he may share his love and devotion to Jah with his partner, instead of only in privacy.


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38 thoughts on “Rastafarian Beliefs Explained”

  1. Id like to get a little deeper into the beliefs and ways of the Rasta, theres not much I know but Im open minded and willin to learn

  2. My website is on its way up as we speak. However, I wanted to comment on the fact that these characteristics of a rastaman are characteristics that define who I am. I never understood why I “do what I do” & “have done”. Even to the point of not being able to commit but for so long in relationships. Its like after a certain time period I begin to miss the time with just me & God minus any distractions. I just wanted to comment. Keep tryin the website. Got a powerful album about to drop called Exodus.

  3. Hey guys,

    Can anyone tell me if Ratafarians worship the same Jahveh as in the Mosaic bible? If that is the case, do Rastafarians worhip Jahveh in the same way as Jews do? If so, to what extent?

    Thanks for the answer and I hope I don’t offend anyone by asking. I have no knowledge of Rastafarians at all 🙂

    best regards from Norway,


    1. Rastafarians dont “worship” anything. We “believe” in God other wise known as “the most high” or some refer to him as Emperor Haile Selassie, of Ethipia. Rastafari is a spirituality. I never heard of Jahveh. God, is known by many names to different people. There are two types of Rasta…knowledge Rasta and heart Rasta. To a heart Rasta, Jah is the most high and that is that. To a knowledge Rasta, they may provide you with a more factual detailed answer.

      Rastafari and Jah Bless.

  4. I couldnt really be in relationships because i would always get side tracked away from god. I always believed we should love everyone to our fullest potential and forgive with arms wide open. Peace to ya <3

  5. Greetin’s & blessin’s 2 all, I discovered ths site on ths day & so far, I appreciate all of wht I hv read. As 4 myself, I am on a journey 2 discover & truely figure out why I find myself being pulled 2 Rastafarianism soo naturally ????… I mean, I haven’t read any books on rasta but recently I did purchase a book frm a dread called: “My Life & ethiopia’s Progress Vol. 1” which is an Autobiography on Emperor Haile Sellassie 1… I hope w/ all of my might 2 become more informed & enlighten in tha ways of Rast-far-I…. jah Bless

  6. I have just now stumbled upong your comment….sorry for the late reply. Rastafari is something that is spiritually inherited. So that may be the reason why you are drawn to this way of life. Rastafari is good for everyone…this is a spirituality of truth and light.
    Much love…and may Jah continue to guide you on your spiritual journey.
    Rastafari is Love. Bless.

  7. Was searching for info on this subject out of curiosity and came to enjoy your site and reflect in the short visit. I saw my inner self reflected here in many lights. I feel very much that your observation on heart and knowledge. You read this and see much of yourself already here (minus the theology) and there is your heart. Some folks want a manual. That’s knowledge. God and love, that’s it. If you’ve found a partner that has this in their heart you’ve found the only gold on this earth that matters. I’d love to see a “Rasta Reflections” type book later on. That might help the heart rasta understand him or herself better. – Peace from California, USA

  8. I am a Christian believer and have recently been searching the belief of the Rastaman as i love the reggae music and often wondered what alot of the words used meant..in regards to the Rastaman beliefs…What about Jesus? Does a Rasta believe that he is the Son of God? and the Saviour of the world?.. does the Rastaman have any awareness of needing forgiveness of sins..or is the belief based on how well one serves God whilst on earth is what counts?? Please if anyone has any info, im very interested. Thanks

    1. Different Rasta believe in different things. Many Jamaican Rasta were raised as Christian…I believe in Jesus Christ and all the philosophies surrounding his service. I also believe in Selassie and his teachings.
      Perhaps someone esle will also provide thier opinion.
      Jah Love.

    2. I am a rastawoman and I believe that we all have the love for God that should be the number one era in our life. However, there are many that portray that they are rasta or in this sense a christian. No one in this world today will ever know the right way of religiion, but if we all continue to hold a strong faith in God as one being over all we will all be “like a rasta at heart”. Think about it? We are all living in a man’s world. We use their computers, telephones, vehicles, aircrafts, seacrafts etc. As far as growing dreads is concerned I believe it’s the right way because in the early days combs weren’t thought of, so everyone must have had woolen hair, like all the bibles say about God. So if we are supposed to be God-like / Christ-like, we are created in his own image. God says in the Bible he gave the world to the wicked! And he tells his people to come out of the world! What does that sound like to people? The media, music industry, movie makers/actors and actresses work under the wicked world that God speaks about, because it involves a great deal of money. And what does God say about money? “For the Love of money is evil”. We are all supposed to be living by nature but man of this world has made that highly impossible. Everything goes in a circle where it all boils down to having money again, and this is something we should’ve all learned to do without from the beginning of time. That’s just my opinion. Thank you.

  9. I great you to da most high one. I love Rastafari & Jah in Heart but i was prohibited from da school, from my family to today I,m free from home from schoolI a Rasta in heart could I start my dread lock or stay as i was but spritual Rastafari?

  10. Hey, how are you doing? The information u provided was very helpful. How do u know for sure if being a Rasta man/woman is for you?

  11. im a 17year old girl and i hve always wanted to be a rastafarian,i always collect the ganja pictures and reggae songs,im so much into rasta.what can i do to join the rastafarians,i am determined to do everything.

    1. Rastafari is a state of mind, a love of everything, a love of Jah and a love of yourself, you join us in your state of mind. Educate yourself and follow that true love brings true peace. Respect every creature and every person and you will become closer to Jah. ‘Spect.

  12. Hi, my son is a Rastafarian, this is all new to me. I want to understand more, because I want to support him on this journey. Any suggestions?

  13. Nice article,what puzzles me however,is why everyone is making rasta some small christian group that just like dreads-the author included. . I believe, it really matters not your birth,i.e whether yo mama rasta or no. . Rasta is mainly about love,true love- the love u have because u want to, because it brings u peace..and not because u r afraid God wil smite u dead if u lack love. I therefore do not believe rasta mean one should be christian or whateva.. The love i talk about is natural, it requires no promise of immortality to bloom-it blooms becos the possesor wishes it to. . The rasta loves everyone and everything good. . Currently, everyone makes it like only christians can be rasta,i believe not,i believe anyone can be rasta so long as they are willing to nurture and keep the love growing. .Muslim,kabbalists etc all can be rasta-its all about the love,the humbleness,the love of peace,love of the next person. . . Putting the bible as a necessity to be rasta only complicates things-the rasta is a free spirit,a seeker of truth. . . Peace.

    1. On the one hand, I completely agree. On the other hand, however, I have to disagree. I disagree because the only verses most modern people claiming to be rasta can quote from the Bible are verses that can be translated as God wanting us to smoke weed and get high. I agree because I also know that there is a lot more out there than what we know as the christian Bible. The modern Bible was assembled from texts and other manuscripts that were chosen for the sole purpose of being able to apply to everyone. Unfortunately, there are still more books missing that explain more than what we have learned from the Bible. My point in all this is that based on the research I’ve done on this subject, I’ve met only 1 person in my life I can honestly believe is rasta. He lives his life freely, yet does nothing to make anyone question who he is or what he believes. The rest of the people I’ve met claiming the same thing, I simply see as posers who use Rastafarianism as an excuse to listen to Reggae and smoke weed, without following any true Rastafarian beliefs.

    1. Rastafarian is about this:
      All Black people are Jews {Original Hebrews}.
      Our Desert Fathers wrote the bible for the devil race.
      All white men are devils or demons.
      White women are exempt.
      God is Black.
      Jesus Christ was a Black man.
      The Virgin Mary was a Black woman with child.
      We are one with God now and forever.
      God has many Names, Jah being one of them.
      Anyone can be a Rastafarian.
      Good Luck and God Bless! -The Rastamon

  14. Greeting! In All things, Giv thanks! Love di Reasoning… But, Rastafari is Universal Love; Universal Peace; Universal Consciousness! Di LOVE of The Most High, in di Image & person of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie-I, reigning supreme in I & I heart. Rasta nuh discriminate based on colour, race or creed! ……

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