18 Things I love about having my Rasta Dreadlocks!

lock your hairNo Styling Necessary

Having dreadlocks, I get up in the morning  run my fingers through my dreadlocks, spray some moisturizer in them, and go. When I use to wear weave, I would spend 1 hour alone just on my hair trying to make it just perfect. I don’t miss those days at all. Now it takes me 5 minutes to style my hair in the morning.

Jamaican people feel at ease to approach me

I have been approached by Jamaican people for any number of reasons since having my dreadlocks. I like it. Most approach me to discuss Jamaican culture, some just want to ask me for directions. If these people assume that I will be nice to them and try to help them as much as I can, they are right.


I Get defined as Jamaican aloud

jamaican flag, the jamaican flag buyOne time I was on a long distance journey from Montreal into Toronto. A Haitian guy and his son were sitting across the row beside me. I knew they were Haitian because I could hear them speaking creole to one another. Suddenly the son asked, where is she from? The Father responded “Jamaica” without even asking me. LOL. But I think he assumed this because my

href=”http://www.jamaicanrastafarianlove.com/rastafari/rastafarian-flag-meaning-red-yellow-green-lion/”>red yellow and green

Rasta bracelets were showing too.

Another time, I was walking towards the Toronto reference library on Yonge street just north of Bloor, and a guy behind me just starts saying Jamaican! I laughed loud enough that he could here me. He pulled up beside me and asked “am I right?” I said “yes of course you are right.”  He said oh good.

People salute me as Rastafari

rasta flagMany men, mainly bald head Jamaican men, just shout out “Rastafari!” when they see me. I like this too. One guy came right close to my face one time and just whispered it. I politely said thank you, and kept on walking. I appreciate when A total stranger acknowledges my spirituality. It makes me feel special, happy, and honored.

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Easy to wash

My hair is so easy to wash. I just wash my Dreadlocks, and get out of the shower. When I had braids I would be concerned that washing my hair would stimulate my new growth to show, and then my braids would not look so slick at the roots. My dreadlocks are me, 24/7 me. When wet and when dry. The same. As a black African woman, having dreadlocks makes washing my own hair, easy.

I don’t need a comb

lock your hairOne of the basics of locking your hair as Rasta, is to give up the use of a comb. One day I was at my Mothers house, and she asked me. Did you borrow my comb. I had to remind her. Mom I don’t use those things. My dreadlocks give me freedom from combing, which I don’t feel Black African hair was meant to be combed anyway s.

Natural earthly look

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the look of dreadlocks on black people. I always felt those people’s hair (Rasta people) looked like tree branches but in the form of hair. I always knew I wanted that hair. Dreadlocks have an earthy look, one that I find so beautiful, even on my own hair.

My Dreadlocks are a Symbol of Freedom

rasta man kingMy Dreadlocks are a symbol of freedom. Someone recently told me back during times of black slavery that the female slaves were told to cover their hair? Well, I now show my natural hair in honour of those black female slaves. Plus dreadlocks are a symbol of freedom from the constraints of Babylon, and the lengths black women go to have hair that is not natural to their people. I am free from all of that.

Represents my Ancestors

As Rasta, my dreadlocks automatically represent, honor for my Ancestors. I love my dreadlocks for this reason.


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Embracing natural lifestyle

Dreadlocks to many people represent a natural lifestyle. There are some people who are not Rasta, who wear dreadlocks, and embrace a natural lifestyle too. I like this because it feels right. Nature is our biggest source of life.

Low to no, Maintenance

My dreadlocks are low maintenance. When I use to weave my own hair I would have to do things like, save the money to buy the weave, make  the time to visit the weave store, set aside time to sew in the weave. Whew! What a task. Then there is taking the weave out. Another chore. Now. I twist my locks about every 3 months, I wash them about 1 to 2 times per week. I moisturize them when I feel like it. That is  low maintenance to no maintenance. I love my dreadlocks for this reason.

My hair is finally long

My hair is considered long. Many people tell me this. I like it. I never really saw my self with long natural hair before my dreadlocks. Its pretty cool, cause I had always dreadlocks smelladmired others who wore their hair long. Male or female. I believe long hair looks good on everyone. There is something abundant and natural about it.

My love for Jah comes first

I am finally acknowledging my love for Jah first. I am not following others who cut their hair and worship the God of Money. At least that is how it is in my mind. I let my hair grow long in honour of the Most High Jah.

I get a lot of respect as Rasta Empress

meet rasta black womanIn Jamaica I felt like Jamaica was made for me. I got so much love and respect as Rastafari Empress when I visited Jamaica. In a sense I felt protected because of my locks. I knew nobody would bother me, and would feel comfortable with me wherever I went. One girl saw me and just lit up when she saw me I felt so honoured  I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to speak Patois with an English accent so I said nothing. I regret that. I should have honoured her Highness too, with a few words.

My dreadlocks are a Myth Buster

Rasta CoupleMy dreadlocks are a myth buster. I have actually heard people say. Black hair does not grow. This is so ridiculous. My hair is about a foot long. When I started my hair was about 5 inches, that was 3 years ago. I love my dreadlocks, because I feel it can help to inspire other black women to go natural, by showing them the growth of my hair, and that black natural hair does grow.

I can sweat in my dreadlocks no problem

I sweat and don’t worry about it any more. When I had weave or extensions my concern was that I couldn’t was my hair if I sweat cause it would ruin the weave. Can you imagine that. Having to think about that. Now I sweat and just hop in the shower. No problem.

Rastafari men go crazy for me

rasta love and marriageThe best thing of all. Rastafari men go crazy for me. I love it. Sometimes they see me from afar and yell something out with the word Rasta in it. I feel so happy and special when they do this. actually don’t tell anybody, but when this happens I blush and pretend I don’t hear them. read how to become a rasta on amazon.com

Love bless, Rastafari.

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One thought on “18 Things I love about having my Rasta Dreadlocks!”

  1. I absolutely love my locs. My confidence is so high I have to remind myself to be humble. Im happy to find this page because I wanted to share and see if others have found the beauty and freedom that I have. Now that I do have this loc experience I look around at other people and can not understand why more people don’t loc their hair. I don’t know any other person with locs. I smile more. I feel more exotic, more free, more clean, more natural, more ready to go, more aligned, and way more powerful. All from a hairstyle. I used to be burdened. styling can be very expensive and time consuming re-coloring, perming, relaxing, straightening and curling, cutting and ugh the obsession with product. Now wet or dry I am the best me.

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