Hell – Whats it like? Is there really fire down there?

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Hi, I wrote this article for those who want to know ….The truth about hell. This was revealed to me in a dream, it is very plausible.

hell is the souls Karma

What is hell? Hell is a souls karma. It means you didn’t learn the lessons you were suppose to learn, while you were in your physical body, on earth,  in order to graduate, and get into heaven.

“soul graduation…” What is this?

“It means you didn’t learn the lessons you were suppose to learn in order to graduate”….what does this mean???

The souls time and purpose on earth 

Each person / is given a certain time on earth to do his work (gods work) and learn his lessons (evolve to higher self through the choices we make) resisting temptation, holding the peace, etc basically choosing god in all instances…

During this time some of us forget about god and just live as if there is no god which means we find out only at the end of life that there is or best case scenario…we live our life with god in our hearts, and make “god like” choices and graduate, to be an angel or in god presence for eternity….

What is hell really like? Is there fire down there?


So the question is “what is hell really like?” Hell is a very simple place…there is no fire in hell! However take a “visualization” walk with me…for just a moment…i want you to picture your self on your street where you live, 10am , right outside your apartment building, or house, where ever you live,  just put your self outside of your building…..picture a hot summer day, warm and sunny outside….grass is green, trees are budding with flowers, fruit….air is clean, and fresh, you take a deep breath in.  The street is clean. Now I want you to remove all other living beings and electronics. So imagine…there is no birds chirping, there are no people talking or walking on the street, but you notice… you can fly! You can fly because you are in spirit! So naturally you fly on over to the park to see if you can find some people to talk to and get to know, there is no body there either. You stop by a few garages to see if you can find some people in there….you really want to share this nice weather with someone…there is no body there. Where is everyone, you wonder? I know you say to your self, I’ll go home there must be somebody in there must be someone…check inside your house, no body…now you are getting scared …somebody…any body…shooting downt he street…after about five minutes of searching for life…any type of life you realize…there is nobody, and there are no birds, no insects, no dogs no cats, no life forms, or anything with a face to smile back at you at all….start to feel sad…very alone…you start calling out to god…there is no reply, you call out to god again only this time you make promises about what you will do if he can just help you to find someone…making promisies. please help ill do anything….now you speak with god instantaneously and he tells you that you are here…because you need time to think about your actions….you say how long he says there is no specified time…i must go….realize you are living out your karma, the time you slammed the door in your co workers face, you didn’t forgive your mom for helping your sister, when you thought she should fulfill your wants instead, the time you chose to call up Janet down the hall and cuss her out telling her baby father was no good, the time you slept with your husband’s cusin, the time you lied and said you were raped when you weren’t you were really seeking attention, the time you didn’t open the door for that old man cause you were having a bad day and said i hate your race inside your head…now its all coming back to you and you ar filled with regret and remorse…and so you cry because you realize you are now paying for all the wrong you did and all the times you hurt other people….and you cry for days all alone in the whole wide world full of sunshine and fresh-cut green grass, there aint a damn person in sight to spend the day with, to laugh with, a smiling face….just time to think and reflect for an indefinite period of time…..thats what hell is really like…

The truth about hell is …

left to ponder your actions on earth

The truth about hell is…in hell you are alone, without love, without warmth, without affection, without conversation,without laughter, without someone to share a moment with. You feel, great remorse. Great remorse for you past actions which you instinctively know as a spirit, is what brought you there. You feel great sadness, and regret, as you continue to reflect on how you spent your time on earth and how you treated others. All the opportunities to help others, to listen, to show God that you deserve to roam in heaven….now you begin to beg for forgiveness, im sorry im sorry im sorry god, i swear im sorry, there is no reply, just left alone, with your own actions to reflect on….That baby…is Hell!

Have a pleasant day. Dont forget to treat every situation the way God would, with love, forgiveness, respect, and more love.

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