How to get dreadlocks like Bob Marley (6 Steps)

How to get dreadlocks like Bob Marley

(6 Steps)

Throw away your combs and brushes

The first thing I did when I decided to lock my hair was to throw away my combs. It was liberating. I felt like…free and not part of the vain traditions of the world. It was like stepping into my natural truth. Throw away your combs and brushes baby, first step to organic locks.

Stop washing your hair for 1-2 months

I did stop washing my hair. I learned from watching youtube videos that I was supposed to go a whole 2 months of no washing, but I only lasted 1. Some of my locks did unravel, but I just retwisted them with my fingers, then I tried to wash my hair just once very 2 weeks instead of every week like I do now that they are mature.


stop using shampoo

– Another thing I started to do to grow my locks as a Rastafari was to stop using regular shampoo. You may buy natural shampoo, like Dr. Bronners. They have a pretty good reputation. I have not tried it myself. I am trying to remember the name of the one I used but I cannot right now. Sorry

start washing your locks with lime, aloe,

– Many Rasta use lime and aloe to help their locks from into locks. The aloe helps the locks become more refined. But I find if you keep using it after your locks are matured your hair wont look like hair, it will just look like locks if that makes sense. The Aloe takes away the look of the individual hairs. Which I personally like so, just use this mixture when you are just starting out only.

Go into the sun with your hair wet

– Be sure after you wash your locks to go into the sun light if you can. Sun light helps locks to lock up faster. I know this because I used to cover my locks when they were new and the locking process was fast, but then when my locks got long I would go out into the sun, and I foujnd that the wet hair under the hot sun rays would lock up much faster. With or without the Aloe and Lime Mixture.

Allow Locks to form on their own

– Now As a Rasta we never go tot hair dressers, we do not use  latchdreadlocks are sexy hooks to make lock, we do not use locking wax. We simply use our fingers to twist them, and time, to allow our dreadlocks to form. The whole meaning behind dreadlocks is to live  a fuss free, and vanity free, lifestyle. I hope this article was helpful in giving you tips on how to have locks like Bob Marley. Blessed Love.

One more thing.…cover your hair at night with a silk scarf so your locks don’t get lint in them. Blessed love. 

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