Excuse me your dreadlocks smell: how to wash your dreadlocks properly

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Wonderful bookstore has manager with Dreadlocks

dreadlocks smellThere is a wonderful city that I visit from time to time here in Canada. In this wonderful city is a chain of bookstores. Well, there is one particular bookstore I visit from time to time. It is not my favorite, but if I am in the area I will stop by. From day one, many years ago,  there has been a woman (white) working there, with dreadlocks. She always wears them out. At the time her locks were down to her bum. Now they are way past her bum.

person has dreadlocks, and is white not relevant

The fact that she is white really doesn’t have anything to do with the story, because this could be anybody really. However I want to say, as Rastafari, one of our values, or principles, as they are known, is that we keep things as pure and as clean as possible. Especially when it comes to our dreadlocks. Disappointing permeating offensive odours coming from our hair is not allowed. Doing this would be to break one of our Rastafari beliefs. For this reason many Rastas choose to cover their hair. You can read more about why Rastafarians cover their hair here.

The smell in the air!

So what really is the issue? The issue is I can tell where in the store this person has (past tense) been, even after she has left, because the smell of her dreadlocks are so strong that they leave a smell trail!” geesh! Now she is manager of the book store, (don’t ask me how that happened,) and to me her locks smell worse. Why wont one of her employees, or a customers say, “excuse me your dreadlocks smell, please wash your hair!!”

What do they actually  smell like?

Her hair smells as if she has been in a small room burning way too many inscensce, sitting on second-hand furniture, and hasn’t washed her dreads in a good 2 – 3 months. Yeah, not the best scent there is out there. She seems to have a good personality, just she has to be aware of this man. Somebody should alert here.

Just because you have dreads, that’s no excuse to be dirty

I want everybody to know, following the Rastafarian faith is no excuse to be dirty. I know many say, when you are starting your dreads you cannot wash your hair. This is a personal choice this is not part of our beliefs. We Rasta believe highly in cleanliness, especially Caribbean, jamaican rasta man and rasta woman. When I was just starting my dreads I was told not to was them for 2 months, I only lasted 3 and a half weeks, and I have dreadlocks today. So, starting dreads, or having dreads is certainly no excuse, we wash and shower daily just like everybody else.

dreadlocks are low maintenance in some ways but high maintenance in other ways


Dreadlocks are low maintenance, but in some other ways high maintenance. They are low maintenance in terms of being able to just get up in the morning and not having to style your hair. but they are high maintenance, in terms of keeping them lint free, keeping them neat, drying them, keeping them moisturized, and giving them lots of love, and attention. I suppose this is why many people with locks just keep them wrapped way up high in a hair wrap. This keeps things simple…I suppose.

If you have long dreads you can wear them up….or cover your dreadlocks.

how to wash your dread locks for maximum cleanliness.

To give your dreadlocks a good wash, you can use “apple cider vinegar” Many people think locks are dirty and cannot get clean. Dreadlocks do still absorb water. That is how they can stay locked and still be clean. People don’t get it. So, as I was mentioning,  the vinegar gets into the dreadlocks the same way as water but the apple cider is very cleansing. Thats why sometimes people use it to clean out their insides, too. So you can use it for your dreadlocks. I just use regular shampoo, and being african american, I apple cider vinageralso have to put the moisture back in. I don’t have the name with me right now of what I use, but I will post it here, once I get it so you can try it out. 3 things I love about my hair moisturizer I use on my dreadlocks are…

  • It smells amazing, in my dreadlocks
  • Its light and not greasy but still moisturizes my dreads
  • I can use it as lotion and I do, every time after moisturizing my scalp
  • my moisturizer is called castor oil…I dont remember the brand
  • The stuff I use is called “palmers” Olive oil Formula

apple cider vinager….please give your hair a nice smell if you are going to wear it out

hair picks up the odors around it and holds them

People with locks must remember, hair picks up odours very easily. Did you ever go to a night club, wake up the next morning to use the bathroom and smell your hair? It probably smelt like cigarette smoke right? This lady that manages the book store, needs to know that locks retain odours even easier than loose hair. Why? because they are thick and closed in.

people with locks must keep them clean, and if you have an off day and don’t feel like washing your dirty dreads, then please keep them covered! Geesh!

todreadlocks odouro much Dreddy product…?

Be sure not to use too much Dreddy product. Having too much product in your hair, loose hair or dreadlocks, can attract and hold odours too.

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